Monday, 13 July 2015

Promo Post - True Blue by Pat Spence

True Blue - Book 2 in The Blue Crystal Trilogy
by Pat Spence

As the word ‘tomb’ came into my head and my predicament hit home, I lost control and hammered on the lid, screaming ‘Help, get me out of here’ over and over, until my throat hurt... 

In just two weeks, Emily must undergo the blue crystal initiation ceremony or face death from the secret order that protects it. But is she ready to spend eternity with the beautiful and irresistible Theo de Lucis, or can best friend, Seth, offer an alternative? And can she stay alive long enough to make the decision? 
As Emily considers her future, she becomes an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game of life and death, caught up in a supernatural world of ancient enemies, old grievances and dark forces. Tested to the limit, she must draw deep to ensure her survival. 

An old enemy of the de Lucis family waits in the shadows, desperate for the crystal and preparing to exact a terrible price... 

Heart-rending and horrifying, True Blue is the second book in the ‘Blue Crystal’ trilogy, with a colourful cast of characters, a fast-moving plot and surprises at every turn. Keep turning the pages. You have to know what happens next…. 


True Blue is only 99p and Book 1 Blue Moon is currently FREE!

True Blue

Blue Moon - Free

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