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Review - Tattooed Hearts by Mika Jolie - Review done by Jill


Being someone's first love is unforgettable. Being their last is immeasurable.

Claire Peters should be on top of the world. She owns the radio waves and has a budding movie career. But her heart longs to be rooted. Ten years ago, she fled Martha's Vineyard to pursue her dream and to make something of herself. But there’s still a void. After a decade of running, she returns to the island hoping to find her happiness with the man she’s loved all her life.

When a tragic event shatters Dr. Forrest Desvareaux’ well-balance world, the Vineyard’s hometown good guy discovers everything in his life is based on lies. Angry and betrayed, he turns to Claire - the one woman who has indelibly marked him.

Is it possible to run back to the person who broke you? Forever linked, Forrest and Claire are an unending continuum. But she’s a wildflower and Forrest’s roots run deep on the Vineyard. Can they accept home is not a place but a feeling?

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Jill's Review

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”
I received an ARC from the author, Mika Jolie, for Tattooed Hearts. This is my first time having read one of her works, and I cannot wait to read more! Though this is the third book in her Martha’s Way series, it was easy to read this as a stand-alone novel.

This full-length erotic romance kept me fascinated until the very end. The characters were well developed, with details being revealed throughout the book. The location was perfect, and the plot was different from anything that I have read yet! I loved that the reader is able to see into both sides of the relationship with the author giving us chapters, or at least portions of chapters in the minds of both of the main characters. The supporting characters, a shared group of alpha “big brothers” (and later their love interests), and the other members of the family provide wonderful background and keep the two love birds connected over the years.

Forrest is a “have”, Claire is a “have not”. Though they’ve grown up together on the vineyard, Claire is the high school-aged daughter of the Montgomery family’s maid. Forrest is the son of a prominent family, and he’s leaving for Med School. Can they make a relationship work? Claire decides that after running off 10 years early, it’s time to figure out if the feelings that she’s had for the past decade are worth fighting for. “Sometimes not being in control is the most beautiful thing in the world.” First loves, young love, loss, coming of age and finding oneself. These are just a few of the themes found in this wonderful romance.

5 Stars and highly recommended

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