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Fightng Fate by Barbara Speak Review 14/12

What Marissa Johnson never expected when she came to Illinois to tour her brother's Alma mater was meet the man who would haunt her dreams.
Once introduced, she knew she would do anything to stay close to him and hope for a chance.

Mike Harrison never expected to fall for his old college friends little sister. Defending his heavy weight title and having any woman he wanted wasn't enough to keep him away any longer.

Two years came and went while neither of them acted on their wants or desires. All of that changes when someone's grief brings the two together into a situation they can't ignore any longer.

But what happens when insecurity, jealousy, and lack of faith come into play? Can these two overcome the obstacles thrown in their path or will it all come crashing down around them?
Natalie's Review
I was given an arc for a honest review.

I love this series,  I have been invested in the characters from the beginning and have loved each book as it went on.

We have met a lot of the characters from previous books this is Marissa and Mike's story.  This book was a bit dfferent from the others,  from the beginning it was battle after battle for these two,  so many heartbreaking situations happend.

The story starts with a sad situation which brings Mike and Daisy (marissa) together.  after spending two years avoiding each other and mike not giving Marissa a second glance, she is ready to give up on anything happening between them.

the cat and mouse chase between the two was great,  i liked it more when marrisa stood up for what she wanted and didnt take any crap from mike. 

I liked the banter between the two,  mike sometimes on occasion came accross as a complete ass and Marissa came accross as a bit immature but then things changed and as much as they annoyed me in the beginning i couldnt help falling n love with them.  i just wanted them to be happy.

The way a difficult situation was handled in the book was fantastic,  i was bawling my eyes out and all i wanted was for them to be happy (lol can you tell i really wanted them to be happy haha)

I give this book 4 stars, its a great read and a fab continuation of the series   

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