Monday, 17 March 2014

COVER REVEAL - Beautiful Broken Promise by Kimberly Lauren 3/17

Beautiful Broken Promise Blurb - 
Every day you stay gone
I die a thousand more deaths

Lane Parker has secrets he hasn’t even told his closest friends. He may have earned their respect but it’s undeserved. He may seem genuine but he’s a total fraud. He may look strong, but on the inside he’s weak and drowning with no chance of catching his breath any time soon.

After four years, Lane finally gets the call he’s been waiting for. Given the opportunity to live the life he’s been fighting so hard to get back, will he be able to make things right? And if so, can all of his broken promises be forgiven?

So, I don’t give up and I won’t let them win 
I will find you and I will make sure that you know
We aren't over. 

*This book can be read as a standalone. 
*No exact release date yet, but expecting to release in May. 

Kimberly Lauren
Author of The Broken Series
Beautiful Broken Rules
Beautiful Broken Mess 

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