Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review - Finding Solace by Barbara Speak

About The Book 

Sadie Warren is a walking contradiction. The confidence she wears on the outside is only to cover the scars that are imbedded on her soul. Coming out of an abusive relationship where she was stripped of her security and confidence, she chooses to bury it under every man she gives her body to. 
After one intoxicated night that she will never remember in its entirety, everything begins to change. Being seen more for her positive attributes and less for her faults, Sadie arises from the dark and into a place she feels safe. But with that comes a chain of events that blur the lines of everything she thought she needed and everything she's beginning to want. 

Will fear keep her from the one thing she believes she desires most or will fate take a turn unexpectedly and change everything? 

Natalie's Review 

Oh man what a freaking rollercoaster this book is, and not like the one that goes up and down no this one has you going through twists and turns and sent you through every loop de loop so your belly does somersaults, you never know when it's going to end and when you think that's it another sneaky drop is put there. 

I was asked to read this book for a honest review, I hadn't seen the book previously, reviews on amazon were good so I give it a go, I'm so glad I did!!!

Ok let's start with Sadie, man that girl is effed up, her past is still what determines who she is, coming from an abusive relationship she vows never to trust a man, she uses them as a escape, to give her a release she craves, except one night she meets Colt. 

from the very beginning these two were toxic for each other for every inch that Sadie give Colt to ok from her and threw it in her face, when they were together they were good, but colt makes it clear he can never be more than who he is. Sadie has to deal with this or let him go.

Then there is Ash, he is perfect in every way, dependable, caring, trustworthy and hung like a horse, Sadie knows that ash is just what she needs he can make her feel good about herself, what you see is what you get, he absolutely adores her, but he won't be what she settles for, she has to be his and only his, he won't share

So Sadie has to decide what she wants from her life will it be Colt or will it be Ash, she knows whoever she chooses will change her life forever.

I love Colt he has joined ranks in the Book Boyfriend department, he is all shades of effed up, but you see glimpses of vulnerability in him, ones that help you get attached to the characters, each one play great roles in setting up the whole book, I have my faves I love Colt, Mike and Tony not so keen on James, Geoff and Cindy (massive Bitch) and well ash is kind of Neutral for me sometimes he just seemed too perfect and I kept waiting for him to be a bastard lol

Ok after massive thought because the book was fab I will give this book 4.5 Stars, a really good read, it's quite a long book though so be warned

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About The Author 

I have a mad passion for books. It could be considered an addiction by some. After the responsibilities of work, being a mother and a wife are  fulfilled each day, I escape in a book. I never really thought of myself as a writer before. My true passion was as a reader. One day an idea came to me and I could not stop after that first thought. I hope you all will enjoy the journey that took me through this book. If all goes well, and you enjoy it, I have plenty more of ideas to go from here

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