Tuesday, 7 January 2014

BLOG TOUR - Ransom by Denise Mathew 1/7

Ransom Blog Tour Banner Synopsis Two tragedies miles apart, a chance meeting, one running toward the truth the other running away. And in the ruins of devastation love grows… When one selfish choice leads to a lifetime of regret, twenty-year-old Lexie Adams struggles to survive in her new reality. Unable to move forward, she searches for answers and meaning in a tragedy that stripped her of the life she had once taken for granted. There’s nothing she wishes for more than a chance to go back in time, to change the fateful night that left her broken. Now faced with the stark truth that she needs to move forward, or be crushed by the past, she pins all her hopes and dreams on one person saving her, famed child faith healer and medium, Gabriel Sanders. Slippery handsome Ransom Sanders loves his brother Gabriel as much as he despises his domineering father. From as far back as Ransom can remember, his days have been an endless string of venues, hotel rooms, and cheap diner food, his nights filled with as many women as he can get into his bed. But when everything he has built his life on is ripped away, he searches for meaning in the chaos that follows . When a chance meeting pushes Lexie and Ransom’s paths together, neither of them can trust enough to be honest about their intentions and needs. But what begins as a Pandora’s box of secrets, lies, and deceit, soon becomes something much more than either Ransom or Lexie thought they could have. Where fate offers them a chance at something that is uniquely their own, a safe place where their broken spirits can be healed, and where love isn’t just a word, it’s a reality.

Jess's Review:
4 out of 5 stars

Yay!!! Ransom is the first book in the Holding Ransom Series and I'm excited about this series. So you have a great story line with good flow, little to no error is spelling and grammar, which has been bugging me with most books recently. Poor Lexie is dealt with such ruin that you really want to just give her a hug and make it all better. We all have regrets and sadly one choice changed everything for her and at such a young age, she just wants to be saved! Enter the Sanders family! Ransom is delicious! I wanted to switch places with Lexie at some points and gladly take the burden! This is DEFINITELY an 18 and over book, incredibly steamy and I would hands down recommend this to all my girl friends and a GREAT read in winter, I'm just glad there was snow to dive into to cool me down! Great story, great twists and turns, and an all around good start to the series I can't wait to read more!

18+ for sexual content Meet the Author
Denise Mathew loves good chocolate, lots of coffee, her kids and husband, when they behave, and of course writing stories. She believes that housework should be banned and wishes that potato chips were the most healthy and nutritious food on the planet. She worked as a pediatric nurse for eleven years, once owned an online jewelry business and even taught English in Thailand. She plans on writing until the stories run out, something she hopes never happens. Social Links
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