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Banished From Grace by Aria Williams Blog Tour

Banished From Grace
By Aria Williams

Life should be easy for this attractive (not to mention, immortal) woman, but throw in two handsome men, a coffee addiction and memory loss that dates back to the medieval ages, and you've got a life that's more than complicated...

Nardia is a very special nurse, one with a unique gift. With the touch of her bare hands, she can heal any physical ailment. With the help of her angel guide, Benilde, Nardia has healed her way through countless centuries.

When she meets AJ at her favorite coffee shop, she can't help but feel an immediate attraction to him. At the same time, she knows there's more to his story than what he's letting on. And then there's the handsome Doctor Regan, who she feels a connection with, but is she trying to make it more than is really there in order to spare her the heartbreak of being with AJ?

Only adding to her problems is the new resident, Dr. Jeffries, who seems out to get her from day one, and a murder case she can't help solve without revealing her own secrets.

Can Nardia uncover the secrets of her own past while still moving forward and saving those in need of her help in the present?

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Natalie's Review

WOW!! As soon as i started to read this book i couldnt put it down, i just wanted to read and read and read so thats what i did, I LOVE ARIA WILLIAMS i first met AJ in heavenly hell and while i thought that book was fab it was nothing compared to Banished From Grace, which had more of a grown up feel to it,  The story started with impact with Nardia sitting on a pregnant woman's chest doing compressions as she slowly lays dying, Nardia is immortal and a healer but she is usually given a sign from her guide angel Benilde who she must step in and save from death. This time there is nothing, except when the child is born he advises her she must save him (i think this will be explored more in future books).  

After this tough day at work Nardia heads to her favorite coffee shop where she meats the gorgeous AJ,  she is instantly attracted to him and he makes her feel a way no human man has ever done before. The relationship between Nardia and AJ takes a few twists and turns and when you throw in a dishy doctor Nardia is torn with what to do. soon she find out AJ is not all that he seems and while trying to figure out her place.

The story is fab,  and the ending OH MY GOLLY GOSH i cant believe it ended like that, i need the next book right now

I give this book a massive 5***** it was Amazeballs


I touched the door. His strides were erratic as he moved toward me, and with one quick turn of the lock, he pulled me inside, sliding his lips onto mine. I met his lips with the same ferocious impact, parting my mouth, tangling his tongue with mine, and sending spikes of fire up my spine. AJ’s hand went behind me, pulling the cord of the blinds closed. This desire was intense. I felt the softness of the corner chaise lounge against my back. I ripped off his shirt, trailing my hands up and down his back. I could feel how hard he was against my leg. My own shirt hugged his on the ground. Undoing his pants, I thought how they would complement the already growing pile. Before I could throw his pants, my own pair joined the pile. We only had our underwear on when AJ pulled back and lightly kissed my neck, slowly stroking my thigh.

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Author Bio

Aria was born in the large county town of Orange situated in NSW, Australia. In 2011 she moved to Forest Reefs NSW and settled on nine acres with her husband and young family. 

Aria completed her Enrolled Endorsed Nursing studies over a year ago, while completing this course the idea for first novel came to her. This dream was put on hold till she finished her studies and settled into her new life in Forest Reefs.

Aria travels to a residential care facility and cares for the disabled during the day and at night enjoys her passion of writing YA and paranormal romances. In her spare time she loves to play with her five Siberian huskies who give her great joy.

Aria novels are being represented by Limitless publishing, with two current series in the works , she has brought us, Banished from grace and Heavenly hell in 2013. Heavenly Hunted second in the heavenly hell series is coming very soon.

During 2014 Aria hopes to delight us with two contemporary romance series.  

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