Friday, 20 December 2013

Review - A Filmstar, A Baby and a Proposal - CC Mackenzie

About The Book

Spend Christmas at Ludlow Hall. 
It's the time of year for friends and families, love and laughter... and romance. All burned-out film star Mathias Carter wants for Christmas is peace and a quiet place to brood on the disaster of his love-life. But when that disaster in the shape of Eve Langan arrives on his doorstep, Matt finds one kiss rocks his world... and now he has a fight on his hands to convince Eve he's the man of her dreams. 
As Christmas approaches all Bronte Ferranti wants is to spend it with Nico and her twins, while she awaits the birth of her third child... everything is going to plan... until her baby decides to be born too soon... is Bronte and Nico's Christmas going to be filled with heartbreak? Or will the magic of the festive season create a miracle? 
Meanwhile Rosie is having fun preparing for her first Christmas as Mrs. Alexander Ludlow... she's got everything organised and ready for the festivities... except she's forgotten something crucial... Rosie's going to give Alexander a Christmas he'll never forget. 

Natalie's Review

Ok I think I may have just found another book boyfriend and his name is Mathias or Matt for short.

Matt is your typical playboy actor, he is a love em (very little) and leave em (quite a lot) type of guy, he doesn't do love, he does hot pasionate sex, well he did until the day he looked into Eve's eyes and finally saw the love in them were reflected in his own, so he does the only thing he knows, he runs and hides and refuses to take her calls.

Several weeks later Matt with the help of the beautiful Nico realises that he has been fooling himself, no matter how hard he tries he knows he is in love with Eve and has to do everything he can to try and get her back... However when she turns up on his doorstep his life will not be the same again. 

I loved this book, I love the whole Ludlow hall series and I can't wait for the next book

I give this book 5 glorious stars 

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