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REVIEW - Big Girls Box Set Jasinda Wilder

Boxset synopsis

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Don't miss the sequel to this series Big Girls Do It Married.*

***Enjoy all four of the Big Girls Do It stories in one volume, with special expanded scenes available only in this collection!***

~Big Girls Do It Better

Gorgeous, rock-star guys like Chase Delany don't go for girls like me. They go for supermodels and actresses, skinny-girls who never eat and spend all day working out. I'm not that girl. So when he locked his fiery brown eyes on me for the first time, I couldn't quite believe it was really happening to me. 

It was the second night I spent with him that I'll never forget. 

~The Long Drive Home (bonus short story)

~Big Girls Do It Wetter
Chase went to New York...without me. It was only one night, one delicious, sinful night, but it awakened something within me, and now, with him gone, I have no one to satiate my sudden, ferocious hunger. Then I woke up one day and looked at someone near and dear to me in a whole new light. And my world was rocked once again.

~Big Girls Do It Wilder
I'm going. Going to New York City to be with gorgeous, mysterious, rockstar Chase Delany seemed like a crazy dream, a fantasy come true. The bright lights and music, and his tight, sexy leather pants called to me...and I answered. Chase might want more and I just might give it to him, if I could only forget what I started with Jeff back in Detroit.

I thought I had my love life all figured out, I thought I knew what I wanted, and then things went and changed on me all over again...

~Big Girls Do It On Top
I fled New York with my heart breaking and a million questions. Foremost in my mind was whether Jeff would even see me after the colossal mess that New York turned out to be. 

I discovered the answer, but that only spawned even more questions, many of the yes or no variety...

Natalie's Review

Oh my golly gosh this series is fab, I have had this Boxset on my kindle for ages and have been meaning to read for a while, well I finally managed to get to it of the Christmas holidays and I am kicking myself i waited so long! Why did I wait so long! 

Oh man I have never changed my mind so much when reading a book, chase had my vajaja doing the conga I wanted him he is perfection(although what's with the leather pants? Think Ms Wilder has a fetish) I wanted Anna to pick him, then you meet jeff and Chase gets on your nerves and you want her to pick Dependable loyal jeff, but then chase has your vajaja dancing  again and you just wish you could have them both lol ohhhhh my mind is going to the gutter.

Anyway the story goes from one decision to another and you can never quite decide what you want 

I give this Boxset 5 Stars what a fab read 

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Book Synopsis

Life was finally starting to make sense. And then he showed up...again. Now, I have to make the biggest decision of my life, and someone will end up heartbroken. I can only hope that someone isn't me.

Natalie's Review

This book starts where the las one ended, Chase shows up and asks her to marry him, two days after Jeff asks her to marry him, Anna is so confused she isn't sure who she loves or who she will choose and spends her time thinking of why she loves each of them and what her future will hold with whoever she picks.

jasinda wilder knows how to keep you gripped with her books, you constantly change your mind with who you want Anna to pick

Another 5star from me 

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This is a short story to be read after Big Girls do it married and is currently free on Amazon

***** warning below review contains a slight spoiler so if you havnt read the big girls books don't read any further*******

About the book

***Rock Stars Do It Harder is the pilot story for a Big Girls spinoff-sequel series. It is best to read this after the Big Girls Do It books 1-5 to avoid major spoilers.***

Chase Delany is a rock star. Rock stars are expected to rock hard onstage and party even harder offstage. Chase is living up to those expectations, and then some. He leaves everything he's got onstage, and drowns the ache in his soul at the bottom of a tequila bottle. And then there are the girls. They throw themselves at him nonstop, a never-ending train of hot girls who want in his signature tight leather pants. The problem? Nothing, no amount of booze and no amount of backstage sex can heal the cracks in his heart left by Anna's rejection. And then he runs into Jamie. Anna's best friend. The one girl in the whole world who is off limits to him. The one girl who happens to be the one thing that seems to soothe the hurt inside him. Forgetting her proves to be impossible.

Jamie Dunleavy has always been an enthusiastic practitioner of the sexual arts. She's never apologized for it, and she owns it. She's been known to admit--to her best friend Anna Devine, at least--that she's a bit of a slut. Her deep, dark secret? She's tired of it. She doesn't want to be that girl anymore. She wants love, now more than ever, having watching Anna find her own happily-ever-after. So who does she find herself falling for? Chase Delany. Anna's very recent ex. A rockstar, and the one guy she knows she can't ever, ever be with. You don't bang your best friend's ex. You just don't. It's the one hard and fast rule of best friendship. Except, no matter how hard she tries to forget him, she can't seem to shake the image of his dark eyes and sexy tattoos and those lips she wants so badly to kiss and kiss until neither of them can breathe. She can't forget him, and she can't ever have him. 

** This 22,000 word romance novella is for adults.**

Natalie's Review

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm one word Chase, oh boy if you thought chase was hot in the big girls books, you ain't seen anything, Chase is HOTTTTTTTTTT, he is panty dripping, knicker wetting toe curling smoking hot and I want one.  I think I love this series more than the big girl one. 

We start this book where married finished, and chase is drowning in self pity after he has had his heart broken, so the last thing he expects is to feel a connection with Anna's best friend Jamie 

He knows that nothing can ever happen between them, but everything about her draws him in and he finds it hard to resist what he can't have

Another fantastic book 5 sexy stars

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About The Book

***Rock Stars Do It is a Big Girls spinoff-sequel series. It is best to read this after Big Girls Do It books 1-5 to avoid major spoilers.***

Falling in love with your best friend's ex sucks. It isn't fair to want the one thing you can't have. But the kind of soul-deep need Chase and Jamie felt for each other wasn't concerned with whether it was a good idea to be together or not. Should they fight for a relationship that came with a tangled web of broken hearts and complications, or should they just let it go, despite knowing that forgetting each other would prove painful and impossible?

This romance novella is book 2 in the Rock Stars Do It series.

Big Girls full series reading order: 


Big Girls Do It (#1 Better, #2 Wetter, #3 Wilder and #4 On

Big Girls Do It Married

Big Girls Do It On Christmas 

Rock Stars Do It Harder

Rock Stars Do It Dirty

Rock Stars Do It Forever

Big Girls Do It Pregnant
Natalie's Review

Ohhh this book was great, Chase and Jamie have fought their attraction towards each other but can't fight it any longer. But what will Anna say when she finds out, will their friendship survive.

As much as I wanted Chase and Anna together I was rooting for Chase and Jamie from the very beginning! they just seem to work and the chemistry is off the scales

Fantastic book sets the whole series off and makes a fantastic series even stronger 

Fantastic 5 Stars

Well this is as far as I have read in the series all of these books are five star and well worth the read

Big Girls full series reading order: 

Big Girls Do It (#1 Better, #2 Wetter, #3 Wilder and #4 On Top) 

Big Girls Do It Married

Big Girls Do It On Christmas 

Rock Stars Do It Harder

Rock Stars Do It Dirty

Rock Stars Do It Forever

Big Girls Do It Pregnant

About The Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she's not writing, she's probably shopping, baking, or reading.

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