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Note to Self

Love is patient; love is kind.
Love doesn't boast or brag.
There's no arrogance in love;
it's never rude, crude, or indecent-it's not self absorbed.
Love isn't easily upset.
Love doesn't tally wrongs.
Love trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what.
Love will never become obsolete.
I'll fight for her.


Caleb Drake never got over his first love. Not when he got married. Not when she got married. When life suddenly comes full circle Caleb must decide how how far he is willing to go to get the aloof and alluring Olivia Kaspen back. But for every action in life there is a consequence, and soon Caleb finds out that sometimes love comes at an unbearably high price.


Gardenia Bush
Once, during her senior year, she bought a gardenia bush to put outside her apartment. She fawned over that thing like it was a dog; googled ways to take care of it and then made notes in one of those spiral notebooks. She’d even named it-Patricia-I think.  Every day she’d squat on her haunches outside her front door, and examine Patricia to see  if it had bloomed a flower. I’d watch her face when she came back inside, she always wore this look of hopeful determination. Not yet-she’d say to me, as if all of her hope for life was tied in to that gardenia plant blooming a flower.  That’s what I loved about her; that grim determination to survive even though the odds seemed to always be against her. Despite all of Olivia’s plant nurturing, Patricia had slowly started to fade away; her leaves curling at the tips and turning brown. Olivia would stare at that plant, a crease forming between her eyebrows and her little mouth puckered in a frown worth kissing. Florida had an especially cold winter the year. One morning when I got to her apartment Patricia was clearly dead. I’d jumped into my car and sped off to Home Depot where I’d seen them selling the same bushes. Before my little love cracked her eyes open, I’d replaced her dead plant with a healthy one, repotting it over the grass in front of her building. I’d thrown the old one in the dumpster and washed my hands in the pool before knocking on her door. She’d checked on it when she opened the door for me that morning, her eyes lighting up when she saw the healthy green leaves. I don’t know if she ever suspected what I’d done, she’d never said anything. I took take of it without her knowing. Sticking plant food into the pot before I knocked on her door. My mother always put used tea bags in the soil around her rose bushes. I did that a couple times too. Right before we broke up that damn plant bloomed a flower. I’d never seen her so excited. The look on her face was the same as when I’d missed the shot for her.

Alicia's Review:

WOW. Roller coaster ride of my life. When I started Thief i figured we knew most of everything that went on in Caleb's story, just from reading The Opportunist and Dirty Red. How wrong was I! There is so much more you find out that I just didn't see coming. I should have expected them with all the shocking twists we've already read in book 1 & 2 but I didn't.

Emotions run high in this book and I found myself, at times, just wanting to shake my kindle... you know just wishing it was Leah, and occasionally Olivia.

The twists and turns in this series will blow you away. You just won't see them coming. As you read on in the series and get all three of their POV's you will see how different the story actually is. It's not as straightforward as you will think. I think with each book I lost a little bit of hope that everything would plan out. There was just too much pain caused for me to think of them getting everything I hoped they would.

The pain the characters go through just to get what they want is amazing. I don't think a book has been titled as good as Thief has before. It's true. They all do get bits of their hearts stolen. Caleb and Olivia stole a piece of each others hearts when they met. Caleb stole Leah's heart without wanting or realising he had. Olivia and Noah gave pieces of each others hearts only for Caleb to come in and try to steal Olivia back. Leah stole Caleb so many times by lies. They each steal bits of each other, whether its their hearts or souls.

Tarryn Fisher won't just flip your world upside down. She'll give it a good shake, then maybe a bounce it followed by a throw and finally spin it so fast that you will be dizzy. I don't think you will ever find a series that breaks you again and again, puts you back together again and again and just simply rocks your world.

I give Thief 5 Twisted stars!!

Author Bio:

I am a real life villain, truly. I drink sick amounts of Starbucks. Most of the time my hair smells like coffee. I was born in South Africa, and lived there for most of my childhood. I moved to Seattle just for the rain. Rome is my favorite place in the world so far, Paris comes in at a close second. I read and write more than I sleep. When I was eleven, I wrote an entire novel about runaway orphans, using only purple ink. I am addicted to Florence and the Machine and will travel to see concerts. I love scary movies and giraffes. I spend way too much time on Facebook. Meet you there?…

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Ask Tarryn any questions you have!  There will be some trivia questions for giveaways so come prepared with your copy of Thief!  We look forward to chatting with you!
November 10th 9pm-10pm EST

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