Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Review - Tempted - Brenda Tetreault

He spotted her in club Nightshade, a beautiful goddess among the mortals, and from that moment on she was his everything. She tempted him. She intrigued him. He wanted her. 
Sabrina Donahue knew she was playing with fire from the moment their lips met, but something about Roman Arceneaux made it difficult for her to care. 
Sensual and darkly intense, Roman is every woman’s fantasy come to life. One by one, Sabrina’s reservations fall prey to his skilled seduction, leaving her dreaming of a future she never imagined. 
When monsters and mayhem intrude upon their lives, Sabrina’s fragile existence is threatened and Roman is left to wonder if their love will survive. 
*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*

Jessica's review

Tempted is Tempting and Fresh!!! 

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my!  Let me just say that Tempted by Brenda Tetreault is a wicked good read! When you start to read about Sabrina and Roman you feel like you know where they are headed, sort of the normal paranormal romance, but then the book takes and unexpected twist!!! We follow Sabrina in all her glory and all her flaws, and trust me all her flaws are out for all to see. Brenda has a great way of describing her in a way that you feel for the character but not to where the character feels pathetic and scripted. She uses a great way of detailing the characters life to where you really feel like you can relate in some way or another to the people in these worlds. You can feel the pain, see the determination in the reasons of actions. You add in a BIG dose of hot steamy romance, a pinch of real world danger, and you have a hit! The added characters and split segments gets you excited for the next book in the series and really draws you into the series as a whole without taking away from the original story. All in all this book left me begging for more and really excited for what this author has coming up. Great read, great flow, and a definite recommendation from me!

I give this book 4.5 stars

Author's Bio: 

Brenda Tetreault grew up on the southern Oregon coast. All through school she wrote but then put it aside when a school counselor informed her that, while she had a nice little hobby, she would never be good enough at it to pay the bills. After a short stint in the Air Force, during which she met and married her husband, Brenda settled down to be a military wife and the mother of a precocious little boy. She began writing again in her mid-thirties and in 2009 her first book, The Witcher Legacy: Book One of The Bounty Cove Chronicles, was finally published. Today, Brenda is enjoying a small amount of success, and though she's not yet paying the bills with her writing, she's looking forward to the day she does.
In 2012 Brenda completed her first paranormal romance series, The Bounty Cove Chronicles. She is currently working on an entirely new series and on September 23, 2013, 'Tempted', the first book in The Nightshade Series was released through Kindle Direct Publishing. While she is unsure how many adventures there will be in this new series, Brenda does promise that it will feature all of the fun, adventure, love, steamy sex, and happily ever afters that have been the hallmarks of her writing from the beginning!

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