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Cody Garrett, a former Navy SEAL, has never met a skirt he didn’t fancy. His six-pack, rugged looks and bad boy image ensures a steady stream of hot babes waiting to slip him their phone numbers wherever he goes. 
So, he is confused when Bridie Barker refuses to go on a date with him. 
It’s not like she’s a stunning beauty or something. According to him, her ears are big, she’s well-rounded and she’s not even a D-cup. 
In spite of her shortcomings, the more she pushes him away, the more he finds himself thinking of her. 

Twenty-year-old Bridie Barker has control issues. Every detail in her life is planned. 
Her closet is color-coded and she has an array of storage containers, to ensure that everything is in its correct place. 
Her whole world is black and white, and grey areas are a no-no. 

When she meets the warm and grounded Scott Garrett, she thinks she has found her soul mate. Unfortunately, and to her disappointment, things don’t pan out with Scott. 
While waiting tables, she has a disastrous run-in with his brother, Wild Boy Cody Garrett, King of Body Shots, who parties every night with a different girl. 
Even though he’s good to look at and makes her laugh, she turns down his advances as he’s clearly the tag-and-release kind of guy. 
Besides, she is pretty sure he owns not a single storage container, and she’s certain that his closet is not color-coded. 
Problem is, Cody Garrett finds her rejection an aphrodisiac and pursues her. 

My Brother, My Rival is a sexy, modern-day, drama-filled love story. 
Warning: sex scenes, violence, racial themes and coarse language. 

My Brother My Rival Book 1

Bridie, the heroine of this story, lives in the “hood” with her adopted brothers and sisters.  All 5 of them are from different ethnic backgrounds but they have something in common, their birth parents were addicts who did not want them.  Even though their adopted month has passed away they all still live together and are a very close family.  Bridie is the youngest and is known as Baby to everyone.  She is working two and sometimes three jobs to pay her way through college.  Her night job at the bar, Shot Down, is where she first meets Cody when one of the guys he is with tries harassing her.  Bridie doesn’t take any shit off of anyone and quickly puts the drunk, Boner, back in his place.  Next we meet Scott, a sext Navy Seal.  Bridie meets Scott at her day job waitressing and accidently spills coffee on him.  Scott talks Bridie into a coffee date to make up for the spill and they really hit it off.  Scott is exactly what Bridie is looking for in a man, but as it often happens fate has other ideas.  Over time Bridie and Cody keep crossing paths and Cody decides that he has to have her.  Bridie likes Cody but she knows that he is just a “playa” and that he is not the kind of guy who will be happy with just one woman.  However, she eventually gives in and they begin dating.  Cody tells Bridie that she has changed him and that he is not the man that he used to be, of course only time will tell if he is really telling the truth or if he is still the immature jerk that he seems to be at times.  

Eve Rabi has created a very interesting storyline with this book that really kept me intrigued from the start.  She has created a great storyline and some amazing characters.  This was the first book that I had read by Eve Rabi and I know I will be reading many more of her books.  This book was packed with emotion and was so descriptive that it was easy for the reader to picture everything that was happening in it.

  I give this book a solid 4 ½ stars and now I am off to read part 2 cause I am dying to know what happens!!!!!!!!!!

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Years ago, Cody Garrett’s heart was ripped to shreds when Bridie ditched him and married his brother, Scott. 
With great difficulty, he moved on and rebuilt his life without her, severing all ties with his brother because of their betrayal. 
Now, Scott, his brother, is ill and a threat to his wife and children. 
Cody is forced to step in and move them into his house. 
Being physically so close to Bridie, and spending time alone with her, brings back a flood of memories, and he finds it a daily struggle to contain his feelings for his brother’s wife. 

To Bridie, who likes to put things (and people) in perspective, Cody Garrett was filed under ‘Cheat’ and she too moved on with her life. 
But while living with him, she stumbles upon secrets involving Cody and her, that changes everything. 
Now, she must fight her feeling for Cody and remain true to her marriage. 

My Brother My Rival Book 2 review

This book has got more twists and turns than a roller coaster at 6 Flags!   I started reading this and I was immediately sucked right into it, dishes piled up in the sink, supper didn’t get cooked, absolutely NOTHING got done until I finished this book.  I mean it was like a drug and I was the addict, there was no way in hell I was could lay my Kindle down until I knew what was gonna happen!  After reading the first book we all know the main characters so there is no need in me introducing you to all of them again so here we go on the roller coaster ride of My Brother My Rival Book 2.

This book starts out 5 years after the first one ended, and I will admit I didn’t like this fact at first.  I mean come one, I wanted to know all about what happened with Bridie marrying Scott and Cody marrying Nicole but Eve Rabi does not disappoint.  We get to see snippets of what happened in the 5 years that we missed so it all works out good.  Scott and Bridie have had a happy marriage even though they started out as just friends and have been raising Cody’s son Samuel as their own and they now have a little girl named Katie. However, Cody still does not know that Samuel is really his son.   Scott and Cody’s mother is still pretty much constantly a bitch to Bridie.  Jenna is still the hard as of the family and Cody has basically cut off all ties with Scott and Bridie since their marriage.  So as this book begins and  we are reunite with our characters we find out that Scott has been captured in Iraq and is being held by Iraqi militants!  Of course Bridie is an emotional wreck at the thought of never seeing her husband again.  The family has to come together at a time like this and this brings Cody back into Bridie’s life once again.  As soon as Cody and Bridie see each other they both realize that the attraction is still there between them and is just as strong as it ever was.  Amazingly everyone’s prayers are answered when Scott calls and tells them that he has escaped and he is coming home.  However, the tough times are just beginning for Bridie and the Garrett family.  When Scott returned home Bridie notices that something has changed in her husband, he is not the loving man that he used to be.  At first she attributes it to having to him having to readjust after spending so much time locked up in captivity and the terrible things that he had to see but soon she begins to notice things that really begin to scare her.  This is where the roller coaster ride really begins!!!  When Bridie confronts Scott with her fears and suspicions he goes freaking CRAZY and proceeds to attack her.  Bridie turns to the only person that she can, which is Cody, to help her get herself and the kids out of the danger that they are in.  When Scott’s family sees what is going on they realize that he is suffering from PTSD and step in to get him the help that he needs.   Bridie and the kids move in with Cody while Scott is in treatment but Bridie soon learns that Scott has checked himself out of the program.  Sparks are flying between Bridie and Cody like sparklers at a 4th of July celebration but they both try their best to hold their emotions in check and do the right thing by Scott, until a weekend at the cabin changes everything.  Finally they both realize that they cannot fight the feelings that they have for one another any longer and they give into the passion that has been building like a forest fire between them.  Soon Bridie, Cody, Samuel, and Katie are like one happy family, that is until more twist and turns come there way once again.  Bridie finds out that Scott really has been in treatment and now he is getting out and wants his family back.  Now her heart is pulled in two different directions.  She loves both men, just in different way.  So does she choose Cody, who holds her heart in his hand, or does she choose Scott, who she vowed to love in sickness and in health?  What’s a girl to do when her heart is being torn in two???????

Eve Rami has another super amazing hit with this book!!!!  I give it a solid 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Author Photo
 Eve Rabi lives in Australia, but she was born in South Africa. She is the author of 20 books and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, alpha males and no holes-barred love stories. Oh, and let’s not forget about humour, it’s a must in her books. To quote a reviewer: “When you pick up an Eve Rabi book, forget sleep. She writes gripping page turners that will keep you reading till the very end.” 

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