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Punished into submission by Holly Carter

 August 30, 2013
Growing up with a drug dealer and a whore was never easy. I saw things that a child should never see. I felt things as a teenager that one should never feel and there are things that I heard that one should never hear. I was grateful when Sailor saved my life.”

Kat was determined to get away and become someone else after her tragic childhood. Become someone people would fear. Become invincible. Incredible. Painful. Harmful. Playful. Dangerous……..

When Kat breaks the law in her adopted club, she is sent to trial where the jury demands obedience, training, and a punishment she will never forget. They force her to become a submissive to none other than Hunter Ford, Master of Masters and Mistresses Palace, the most notorious BDSM club in the city.

Hunter is wanted by all and feare
d by many. He’s dark, dangerous, and sexy as sin. He’s the master. When he is handed a Switch to play with and teach, he thinks life couldn’t get much easier. How wrong he was. His life was about to get explosive.

Hunter has thirty days to make Kat obey him, respect him, want him, and kneel to him. Hunter’s methods are savage, sexy, and mind blowing. The feelings between this Dom and sub are never meant to be anything more than pleasure and pain. But when you mix pleasure, lies, and an earth shattering need there are arousing yet devastating consequences.

Will Hunter let his guard down? Can the Master be mastered? Or, will Kat give up control after her moment of clarity? Can Hunter succeed and punish her into submission?

Alicia's review:

Wow, this book is HOT! Its 'need to change your panties' hot!!

Okay so we have Kat who is a Mistress. Se is broken from a bad past and was 'saved' by Sailor. Sailor owns a club and Kat works there but she goes into a zone and takes out her pain on her subs in a way. As a punishment, Sailor sends her to Masters and Mistresses Palace. She is to stay there and submit to Hunter for 30 days.

Masters and Mistresses Palace is owned and run by the hardest and badass, hot hunk, Master Hunter. Hunter is smoking hot. He's every subs fantasy! lol. 

Kat, being the Mistress she is, refuses to submit to Hunter. She doesn't Submit, she is the Mistress that people submit to so why would she want to switch? She wouldn't but there is something about Hunter that makes her body submit when her mind won't. 

Hunter refuses to let Kat get away. He wants to do his job and will make sure she submits to him... By any means possible. He uses the sins from the bible to teach her lessons. Lessons that will have you all hot and bothered. These are meant to be punishments to make her see the errors of her ways but let me tell you... Ain't no punishment if you ask me! It's all pleasure baby!

Hunter begins crumbling the walls that Kat has built around herself but at the same time, Kat worms her way into Hunters heart. 

Throw in plenty of twists, turns and hot sex! Yep, very hot sex! One of the twists had me thinking, holy shit! That did not just happen but yep, yep it did.

The secondary characters are fab! There is some great members at Masters and Mistresses Palace that we get to know. These characters became a big part of the story in a way of release. They helped Kat in many ways that we saw through her behaviour change. 

I have to say that the ending threw me. Secrets was revealed but it wasn't that bad if you ask me but it changed everything. I'm a little confused by the ending but I can't wait to read the next book to find out what happens!  

There is a cliffhanger, lovelies! If you don't like books with a cliffhanger then I suggest waiting until book two is released!!

Amazing book that I know I will re read!!

I give this book 4.5 stars. It was going to be 5 but the ending secrets that changed everything just confused me. I don't think they was that big of a deal!

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