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Broken Pieces 10/11

Broken Pieces (Broken, #1)
B.E. Laine
Broken Pieces (Broken, #1)
Book Description
Karaline Brooks has accepted her past and who she has become because of it. She has worked hard to put on a façade as she strides to accomplish her goals in life. When her last semester of college rolls around, everything changes. Andrew Evans comes into her life. After she has accepted that no man would ever want her again, he does.
Kara falls into Drew’s simple life he has made for himself, after the difficult childhood he endured. He finds that he is determined to keep her, no matter what it takes. His goal is to stand by her and prove to her that she is worthy.
They could never imagine what else life has to throw their way. Is their connection strong enough to handle reality?
Brittany's Review
I dove straight into this book with no expectations. When I first started reading this I wasn't so sure if  I was going to enjoy this book or not. It has some rough storyline which always tugs on my heart for a character, but I felt like there was something missing. I told myself that I was going to read the entire book and that the beginning did not matter. Personally, I am a reader that is all about how a book ends.
The story line was really good. I did however feel that I would have liked to see more from the main characters when they interacted. I just felt as if there wasn't enough emotion. Kara tended to doubt herself a little too much for my taste. I am all for someone who needs reassurance but there were times I found myself want to slap her. Now for Drew,. I was a little confused at times with him, he would be the sweetest man around, but it was like a switch would go off, and he was suddenly Mr. controlling and I am not sure how I feel about it still after finishing the book.
I will admit, I grew to like the characters. I do wish there was a little more passion and fire between the two because you could certainly feel it when they were around each other.
Towards the end of the book when a little drama came in, I found myself becoming more wrapped in the book and wanting to know what was going to happen next. I was slowly beginning to feel for the characters. I really did like this book, just think it needed a little more something to it. I will admit, I do plan to read book two. I must know what is going to happen between Drew and Kara especially with all that has happened in the end. I hope that the connection between the characters will spark and become everything that I know they are possible for.
I give this book 3.5 Stars!
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