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Trun Towards the Sun Book Two Review.

Turn Towards the Sun: After the Rain (Sunflower Trilogy #2)
Jennifer Domenico
Turn Towards the Sun: After the Rain (Sunflower Trilogy, #2)
Book Description
The story continues…

Four months after meeting devastatingly handsome and intensely passionate Enzo Milano, Ava is sure her fairy tale has come true. But how well can you know a man after just a few months?

Enzo’s womanizing past is just something she can’t ignore, as much as she would like to. Faced with a delusional former employee on her wedding day, Ava thinks it couldn’t possibly get crazier than that. But it does.

His secretive past comes to light in the most public way, and Ava gets a glimpse into the cold, dark man he was before her love opened him up. Will this new information change her feelings towards her prince charming?

Ava and Enzo must tackle the past as they prepare for the future. Jealousy, insecurity, secrets, and even lies come between them and their blissful happiness. Will it all be too much for a new relationship to bear? Or will their intense love for each other endure any trial?

After the Rain is book two in the Sunflower Trilogy.

Due to explicit language, adult themes, and sexual content, this book is intended for mature audiences.
Brittany's Review
4.5 Amazing Stars!!!

What can I say about this book other than the fact that I loved it!! I absolutely have fallen for Enzo as well. What woman wouldn't love a sexy, rich Italian man who oozes with romance.

This book allows us to follow Ava and Enzo's relationship. They are going into a marriage after only knowing each other a few short months. They feel that their love for one another is so strong that getting to know one another can happen after they have said their "I do's". The only problem with jumping into a marriage so fast without really knowing someone, is the fact that they are now thrown head first into any baggage the other might have hiding in their closest.

Is the love Ava and Enzo share strong enough to make it through all the up's and down's along the way. You will find out in this book more about Ava as an individual, a more in depth look into Enzo's past, and just how far love can carry them.

Jennifer Dommenico wrote this book in such a great depth. She really allowed us to see how much the couple love one another but as well as how they handle each others demons and work through the problems as a couple. When reading this book, I really felt like I was reading a fairytale and being pulled so deep into the story, that I wasn't ready for it to end.

Luckily for me there is a book 3 and I am so excited to get my hands ahold of the final book of Ava and Enzo's fairytale. I would highly recommend this book, and series to everyone who loves a good love story with some added hot and passionate sex. ;)
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