Monday, 12 August 2013


Wow. 2,000 likes. This is madness. Not once did we think we would get over 100 followers so we are blown away by our support. Without all you lovelies, we wouldn't have a page to run so Thank You lovelies!!

Natalie's birthday. Woohoo. Ahem... OK singing voice at the ready... all together now!!


Well here it is lovelies our fab giveaway is now LIVE whoop whoop whoop,  thank you so much for our support. Who thought we would be at 2000 likes when we started the page 6 MONTHS AGO!!!!

you are all awesome!!!!

Thank you so much from all of us at Island Lovelies xx

OK so here is what you've been waiting for! Here are the prize packs:

The first two are for US only but dont worry we still have 12 other prize packs that are international.

Prize pack 1 US only

Signed book Anna Kristell - sunny's love
Signed book Liberty Blake
Signed book Jennifer Domenico - Turn towards the sun
Kristine Cayne - Six Alarm Sexy Tshirt
Brandy Rivers -  ebook

Prize pack 2 US only

Katie Ashley signed book
Beverley Preston signed book
Konstanz silverbow book charm
Becky McGraw T- shirt
Christine Major DePetrillo, firefly mountain ebook
Melanie Dawn - Ebook

Prize pack 3

Ruth cardello complete signed collection books 1-5
Aria Williams charm bracelet and swag
Aj lape swag
Cr Everett - Winstons Wish ebook
Jettie Woodruff - TBA
Natalie G Owens- Winners Choice ebook

Prize pack 4

Melody Anne signed submit and surrender
Elaine raco chase e book and $10 giftcard
Kristine cayne deadly obsession & six alarm sexy volume 1 e books
Christine Mackenzie ebook set of Ludlow hall series
J.M La Rocca - E copy of Lifeless
Mary Campisi - Winners choice ebook

Prize pack 5

Sandy Sullivan -  signed book
Elaine Raco chase e book and $10 giftcard
Cali mackay e book
Zee monodee, walking the edge, before the morning, calling home ebooks
Kirsty Still - Ebook a fire that burns
Mary Campisis - winners Choice ebook

Prize pack 6

Kelly Elliot signed book
Elaine Raco chase e book
Cali mackay ebook
Lisa Suzanne - ebook of how he really feels
Sarah Daltry, ebook
Mary Campisi - ebook
Lexi Buchanan - signed copy of Sizzle & swag

Prize pack 7

Christina Tetreault signed book
Elaine Raco chase e book
Cali mackay e book
Mercy Amare - ebook of jaded, faded and arc of hated and the fab life
Shannora Williams Signed book of Who he is
Mary Campisis - Winners Choice ebook

Prize pack 8

Laura Barnard - Signed book
Terri Marie signed book
Eris Kelli signed book
Author BE Laine $5 gift card
Erika ashby winners choice ebook
Mary Campisi - Winners Choice ebook

Prize pack 9

Lisa hobman signed book
Eris Kelli e book
Aj lape grade a and no brainier e books
Sherry stanfield ebook
Aneesa price ebook
Jb Mcgee - Signed book

Prize pack 10

Bj Harvey signed book
Lc giroux complete set (ten ebooks wow wow wow)
Marie Astor ebook
Aneesa prise ebook
Jodie Ellen malpas signed bookmark and postcard
N.M Silber - ARC copy of her book

Prize pack 11

Laura Barnard - Signed book
Natasha Boyd signed book
Kathleen brooks e book
Kelley Grealis ebook
Aria Williams ebook
Jodie Ellen malpas signed bookmark and postcard

Prize pack 12

Laura Barnard - Signed book
Dani Lovell signed book
Michelle valentine black falcon series complete ebook set
Elizabeth James books 1-3 by design series
Jodie Ellen malpas signed bookmark and postcard
Mel Ballew - ebook Winners Choice

Prize pack 13

Laura Barnard - Signed book
Jodie Ellen malpas signed bookmark and postcard
Marie Astor ebook
Merylyn dignum ebook
Sable hunter cowboy heat (s)ebook
Jess hunter ebook
Natalie Anderson, ebook of flirting to win and breath for me

Prize pack 14

Laura Barnard - Signed book
Jodie Ellen malpas signed bookmark and postcard
Marie Astor ebook
Sable hunter cowboy heat (e) and burning love, finding dandi ebooks
Lisa Harley ebook winners choice
Sarah cradit e book of storm and the darkness

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A huge THANK YOU to all the authors who have so generously given to our giveaway! They really amazing amazing ladies and have time for everyone and anyone. Don't forget to thank them too lovelies!! GOOD LUCK ALL xx


  1. Happy Birthday Natty Noo!!
    Congrats to you on all your hard work to get this awesome blog up and running and keep it running!! Hope you have an amazing birthday!
    Love ya!! xoxo Em :D

  2. Happy Birthday Nat xoxoxoxoxox

  3. ‵⁀). *¨`*•.
    ☻ღ˚ •* ♥♥ ˚ ˚˚ *¨`*•.˛* ღ˛°♥♥ * °♥ ˚ • *˚ .ღ *¨`*•.
    /▌*˛˚ ░♥♥ H░A░P░P░Y░ - ░B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░ ˚ *
    / \ ˚. ♥♥ *˛ ˚♥♥* *¨`*•.˚ ˚ღ♥♥* ˛˚ ♥♥ *¨`*•.˚* ˚ ღ ˚*¨`*•. •* ˚ ♥♥"

    hugs n love Natalie.. congratulations on all your hard work getting this up and running paying off.. WTG Girlfriend

  4. Happy Birthday Natalie ! :)
    Congratulations and you are amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday Natalie <3 <3 <3
    just to let you guys know I already have the following
    Pck 4 = Signed book of Surrender by Melody Anne
    pck 7 = Mercy Anne - Jaded & Faded
    pck 11 = All Aria Williams ebooks
    pck 12 = Elizabeth James - Love by Design ebook

    Thank You for the giveaway xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. ohhhh you dont need to win then lol if you win a pack that you already have pay it forward lol xx

      thanks for birthday wishes xx

  6. Happy birthday, Natalie! And congrats to all of you on the success of your blog! ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Natalie ������and congrats on the six month anniversary.

  8. Happy Birthday Natalie...2000 likes is just the start!!!

  9. Happy Birthday congrats on 2000 plus likes

  10. Happy birthday Natalie. Congrats ladies. Thanks for the giveaway. I found several new to me authors to check out :-)

  11. Happy Birthday, Natalie!!!! Congrats to you all on 2000 plus likes, that's awesome and well deserved!!

  12. Happy Birthday Congrats Thank you for the giveaway and Thank you to all the authors who gave to make this a great giveaway :)

  13. Happy bday! Thanks for sharing it with us with this great giveaway!

  14. NATALIE...FIRST OFF ....CONGRATS ON THE 2000 LIKES..I KNEW YOU GUYS WOULD DO IT..YOU RUN YOUR BLOG WITH CLASS.. and Happy Birthday (when it comes) to one of my favorite facebook friends..Girl You Rock!! Love Ya!!

  15. Natalie Happy Happy Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful one, congrats Island Lovelies for 2000 likes you guys rock and and thanks for all you do, love the reviews here is a wish for you all and Natalie's bday I hope you get to 3000 likes soon

  16. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Natalie, Happy Birthday to you. . I hope you get everything that you want.. have a great day.. and Congrats on 2000 likes.

  17. Happy Birthday! Congrats on all the likes and what an awesome giveaway!!! Glad I can help you celebrate just a little :) Have a great week! (Birthdays should always be week long celebrations I reckon)

  18. Happy birthday Natalie! Congrats on 2000 likes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Happy Birthday, Natalie and congrats on reaching your amazing milestone! Thx for the FAB and VERY generous giveaway!! :)

  20. Happy Birthday Nat! Great contest and so many great and talented authors have donated thanks you girls and also thanks to everyone who donated prizes

  21. Happy Birthday Natalie and CONGRATS ladies on 2000 likes!!!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Natalie!! A huge thank you to Island Lovelies and to all the wonderful authors!

  23. Happy Birthday Natalie - love your site!!

  24. Happy birthday, Nat. May your day be filled with all your favorites.