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Blog Tour - A fire that burns - Kirsty Still

Blog Tour Review - A Fire That Burns - Kirsty Still


After running from the truth for six years of her life, Austin Pearson decides it’s time to come home to life in Point Arena. What she finds is broken relationships and broken hearts and the same love that consumed her years ago.
When confronted with the love of her life, Austin has to decide between giving in, giving up or hiding all over again.
Will Tyler Armstrong be enough to crack the secrets that drove the woman he loved away when they were nineteen or are they destined to love other people? What happens when he finds himself living everyday with Austin and realising that feelings he thought had diminished flame up and take a hold of his life? What happens when fires burn brighter than ever and the secrets of the past come tumbling out?
Is love enough to get them through what life has in store for them?

Natalie's Review

This is probably the first review i have written where i have struggled with my feelings, i really like the author Kirsty and was sooo looking forward to this book after previously Reading the first ten chapters, i really wanted to love the book, and i did right up until the ending.

The story was written well, and the characters were very well developed, and overall it was a good read. Austin has been through so much pain and heartache and has run away from her problems for 6 years, however when she comes home she is faced with the only man who has ever held her heart and doesn't know how to react to him, especially as his words say one thing yet his reactions to her say something else.
Tyler has spent 6 years dealing with the pain he felt when Austin left him, he has moved forward in his life and doesn't know how he feels when she turns up.What follows is the unfolding of the secrets that they have kept hidden, and lies that could destroy their relationship forever.

The emotion that was portrayed in the book was so intense, i was bawling my eyes out in some scenes. and i think for a first book Kirsty got the emotion so right, in fact she got quite a lot of the book right, the Anger the intensity the love, it was all there in abundance.

Austin sometime seemed selfish with Tyler however this did not take away from the story although at times made it harder to connect with her.

Ok now on to the ending, I didn't like it, I feel awful for saying this but i just thought that it left you hanging. I wouldn't mind this is if i felt the story could be continued but i feel that all the issues had been resolved. I think as this was Kirsty's First book it would have been better to have finished Austin and Tyler's story - She had more than enough of a story with Austins brothers and sister to continue the series.

If it hadn't have been for the ending i would have given the book 5* however I have to be true to how I feel as Kirsty has asked for a honest review and give the book 4****.

Author Bio
I’ve lived actually quite a boring life- LOL – I’m only twenty-two and did all the things a normal person my age has done. I’ve grown up in a family with two brothers and my mum and always feel like I have to match up to them with my successes in life! After finishing at school, I went to University to become a teacher. That never happened! In my second year I realised I didn’t want to be a teacher, but still wanted to work closely with children. In my final year, I finally wanted to take my writing further, but I had to be realistic and so have worked as a nanny as well as kept a steady job in a shop for nearly three years. Took me until I was like 19 to find out I could actually write, took me until last year to realise I had a talent actually worth pursuing and all because I stumbled across fanfiction! Apparently that website is a godsend!


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