Saturday, 8 June 2013

Book Review 
 Temptation Unleashed
Sherry Stanfield


About The Book 

A biblical secret of paramount significance… A deceptive encounter that breeds darkness… A choice that will determine the fate of humanity… Enigmatic and sexy, Benjamin is a college student haunted by dark, uninhibited dreams. That is until his awakening when his visions turn into his own personal hell. Benjamin is a revenant, a reincarnated soul with a deep, consequential past. His return was not only destined but cursed, sending him on a sinful exploration of seduction and survival. Now, he must remedy his past and fulfill his destiny before it’s too late. Roch is an intuitive plagued by an unrelenting succubus. And though he is not a revenant, his connection to Benjamin is no coincidence. When Benjamin, his new roommate, saves him from the soul-stealing sex demon, they are thrust into a battle against the forces of evil and the most ancient of conspiracies rear up. As they are drawn deeper into the dangerous and enticing world of temptation, forbidden desire and retaliation, they must fight the demons within or risk losing everything, including their souls. Temptation Unleashed is the beginning of The Temptation Trilogy, a darkly erotic series that will take hold of you, send your mind racing, and never let you go.

Natalie's Review

I really enjoyed this book,  the way the story unfolds is interesting and the way the characters all link in is fab.  I love all books with sexy vampires in and this one is no different.  Ben ooozes sex appeal and the sex scenes in the book are scorching hot.  the story is also quite dark and sometimes for a lead male in the book Ben can be quite a pig with the way he talks/describes/reacts to women and that did put me off him a little,  i was expecting more Edward Cullen in the days before he was lovely but what i got was more Eric Northman from True Blood, Ben is actually quite a dark character and for the intensity it was fab although for the romance side of it i missed me some Edward but i think that's because im a romantic at heart.  But for what it lacked in romance it deffinately made up in other areas.  the suspence as to where the story was going kept you gripped, and every page left you wanting more.

In the book the author metions Robert Pattinson and when i started reading i was confused because as a massive hardcore fan of Rpatz (he is my head husband shhhh dont tell my husband) i just couldnt place him to ben,  it was only as i started reading i found him a lot like Roch so for me Roch was the one who caught my eye.
I give this book 4**** which i still think is a pretty good review,  i think if i was able to swoon a bit more over Ben it would have been five stars.

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