Monday, 17 June 2013

Author Interview Ryan O'Leary 


Ok! We recently got the chance to interview the man himself, Mr Ryan O'Leary and I tell you he can make a tomato blush! Here it is my Lovelies! Hope you enjoy it!  Be warned..... its quite rude!

Ryan was interviewed by Natalie, Alicia and Emma

Nat: Ask him Alicia do it in a sexy way lol he wont say no then

Alicia: Mwhahaha Ryan, can we dirty interview you??? Please?

Nat: Ryan top or bottom?

We had to wait a while for him to reply 

Alicia: Sir poke-a-lot, it's rude to keep ladies waiting!!! We need a dirty interview for the blog and ultimately YOU fit that!

Ryan: What's a "dirty interview"?

Emma: Any interview with Alicia! lol

Alicia: We ask you some dirty questions... You answer honestly!! you game???

Nat: hahahaha oh my god! Ryan you need to think through this carefully as Alicia is involved you will be tied to her bed before you know it!

Alicia: Lol Em! There is an extra chain???... 

Nat: We will ask some proper questions as well. We won't make you sound all horny lol

Ryan - I'm game.

Alicia: Just make us sound horny......but with J's Closet being sexy, it's only right we do a sexy interview! Yay!!

Ryan - Hockey game starts in 35 minutes, girls. Better hurry

Nat: Give us your full attention then Mr

Alicia: Ryan, your books are full of sex... are we reading about your own sexcapades?
PS: 35 mins is plenty of time!!

Ryan - Hmmm. They aren't all based on actual events, but a few are.

Alicia: Which few?

Ryan - Nice try

Nat: Hahaha! You said you were game...

Nat: Why did you decide to become a romance writer or rephrase a filthy writer! lol

Ryan: I liek sex and I liek writing, so it was only natural to combine the 2 so I threw my hat into the erotic literature world.

Alicia: Ok next, can we expect a longer book in J's closet that gives a lady time to get off on it before its all over?

Ryan - There is a full-length J and Travis book in the works, its about half done, but I'm a streaky writer, so it will either be done in the next 3 weeks or the next 3 months.

Alicia: did you spend a lot of time doing research for you book lol bet it was fun research

Ryan: No need to do research. Its all been done already and the rest is imagination.

Alicia: Top or bottom?

Ryan: Tough one. Really, really tough one. Gun to my head? I choose bottom. I love being able to look up at her and watch her face. Watch her play with her breasts for me and I practically lose my mind when her hands find the wall above my head and she leans down so I can kiss and lick her tits.

Alicia - Nice answer!

Nat - Naughty

Emma - Love it!

Alicia: Favourite item of clothing on a lady... you can't choose thigh highs or any of the items previously used in J's closet!!

Nat: You seem to love the clothes aspect of sex when writing, why certain clothes? do you like a lady that dresses in certain items of clothing?

Ryan: I liek the way a dress looks on a woman, but I also enjoy a girl in a pair of jeans. Depends on the woman of course. Thigh high socks, the ones that stop a few inches above the knee. I went to a catholic high school, so I developed an affinity for them.

Alicia: You cant choose them!!!

Nat: lol Why not alicia

Alicia: Because I already know he loves them and it needs to be another item of clothing lol
Favourite sexy outfit... police woman, sailor girl, school girl, little red riding hood etc?

Ryan - If I couldn't choose thigh highs I'd have to say, "Fuck! I don't want to live anymore." Hmmmm. Tough call. I guess if just one, I'd pick a nice formfitting sweater. Snug, God gave you the curves for a reason, ladies, so let us men enjoy them.

Emma: J is quite a strong character do you like women who know their own mind and take control or do you like to be in control?

Ryan: You always hear how women love confident men, but it goes both ways. A confident woman is a huge turn on, any guy will tell you that. J is the kind of girl I'd want to hangout with. She's flawed, but knows herself. I'll be in control, but I don't need to be.

Nat: Do you prefer writing with jess and sable or on your own?

Ryan - I liek writing with Sable. Our styles compliment each other well I think. But she's soooooooooooo fucking good at what she does that I have difficulty keeping up sometimes. So as much as I love writing with her, I'm sure most writers would say they prefer to write alone.

Nat: Why romance? Its usually hard for a guy to show a romantic side yet you seem to have women who constantly want to talk to you? Do you love the attention you get from facebook etc or is it a front are you really shy Ryan who wouldnt say boo to a sheep? lol

Ryan - Am i shy in real life? Extremely. I go bright red when I feel liek everyone is looking at me, but I'm good with women once I get comfortable. I'm a huge flirt when I want to be, so to me, writing the romantic stuff is flirting, so I'm pretty good at it and I do it well.

Alicia: Whats your favourite taste?

Ryan: If we're talking taste as in food, then I guess watermelon or strawberries. I love fresh juicy fruit. If we're talking taste, then it'd be this weird faint mixture of beer and cigarettes. Every so often I'll kiss a girl who's been drinking and smoking and it conjures up memories of kissing girls at parties in high school, when it was all new and exciting!

Nat:  ewww thats grose

Ryan: I hate cigarette smoke, but its this funny taste that makes my head swim.

Ryan: Women taste divine, you should try one!

Alicia: NO THANK YOU! I like me some man meat!!

Nat: lol I will stick with the hubby he tastes devine also!

Alicia: What age did you lose your virginity?

RYAN: A few weeks before my 17th Birthday.

Alicia: How many lovers have you had?

Ryan: Give me sec to add it up.

Nat -  hahaha Take your shoes off and use your toes, it may help you can count in twenties then!

Ryan: 10 - 12
Ryan: I live by a simple rule when it comes to women : Do them right the first time and they'll come back.

Alicia - Dream girl?

RYAN - Dream girl? Damn. I love me some Diane Lane!

Emma - Shes pretty!

Nat: Wow!! Not what i thought you would go for pmsl

Alicia: Blonde or Brunette?

Ryan: Blonde, but hair colour doesnt really matter to me, so either one really.

Alicia - Skinny or Curves?

Ryan - Curves. But liek hair colour, its not that vital.

Nat: I like romantic Ryan. I will leave dirty Ryan to Em & Alicia!

Nat: Ha ha! Hey Ryan, what's your most embarrassing sexual experience?

Ryan: Some things are secrets.....

Alicia: Oh no! You can't say that!! Tell us!

Ryan: Gotta keep some mystery don't I?

Nat: Do you have a girlfriend?

Ryan: Secrets Natalie!

Nat: Or do you keep your fingers in all the pies?
Oh everything I ask is a secret.

Alicia: Ok to finish lets do a quick fire round:

Tits or Arse? - RYAN -  Tits

Hard & fast or Soft & Slow? - RYAN - Soft & Slow

Favourite Smell? - RYAN - Coolwater by Davidoff.

Blonde or Brunette? -  RYAN - Blonde, but hair colour doesnt really matter to me, so either one really.

English - Welsh or Australian?

RYAN - Ummmm. My high school girlfriend was from Runcorn, but the Australian accent turns me inside out and renders me pretty much powerless ;)

Nat - Ohhhhhh noooooo Emma you win!

Emma - LMAO!

Ok thats where we ended the interview (it got a bit tooooo naughty to print) but can we say a massive THANK YOU to Ryan for taking the time to chat with us we loved having you with us

You can contact Ryan on Facebook

Natalie, Alicia & Emma xxx


  1. Haha!! THIS interview is fantastic, hot and naughty!! The way it should be!! Seriously awesome for Ryan to go along for the ride *no pun intended*......okay maybe just a little!! Thank you for sharing and ummmmm..... Yeah it got me worked up, lol!! Just sayin' ;)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Melissa!
    Ryan is a lot of fun so doing an interview with him was a no brainer!! His stories are amazing too so if you haven't read them....check them out!

  3. OMG, Emma you all did great, loved the interview with our own CB......Just made me want to squeeze him....I love the fact that there are still secrets. A little mystery is a good thing.....say hi to the girls and tell them I said they did good with this one!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much Elaine! Ryan was a great sport about the whole interview! I'm sure he wouldn't mind being squeezed a little ;)