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Author Interview J.L. Monro

With the launch of her new series The Daniels Sisters, we caught up with Author J.L. Monro to see how she got on the crazy path or writing here is what she had to say.

If you could work with any author who would it be?
The first book I ever fell in love with was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Who doesn’t love Mr Darcy??? I would love to write a historical romance at some point. I love the way she wrote and I would have loved the opportunity to write something with her.

Who is your favourite author and is you writing style similar to theirs?
This is a tough one because I’m in love with a few authors at the moment. I think Kresley Cole is pipping the post at the moment. Lothaire was amazeballs. I’m not sure that my writing style is similar to hers but I think we both write with strong females at the centre of the story.

What's your favorite part of a book?
I love romance stories above everything and my favourite part is always where the characters realise they are in love with each other. It’s usually not at a convenient moment, which just adds to the drama. I also love when authors put a chapter at the end of the book that is in the future so you can see exactly what the happily ever after consisted of.

When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?
I think picking a name is really hard. I picked the name Dana, who is the main character, because it meant God is my judge. I think people reading the book may really disagree with some of her thoughts and actions but you can’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. I decided to have fun with her sisters thereafter and picked ones that I felt suited their characters.

Who Are your target readers
I guess my target readers are anyone who loves romance but as the book does touch on domestic violence I hope that it appeals to those who have maybe encountered that in some shape or form in their lives. I specifically picked slightly older characters because I didn’t want this book to be confused with Young Adult, which is usually about the characters finding themselves.

What are the major themes of your work
The major theme in this book surrounds an abusive relationship. It’s verbally and physically abusive. It’s about overcoming a traumatic experience and taking your life forward after escaping it.

Any recent works that you admire
The last book that I would say I admired was Fate and Fury by Quinn Loftis. I usually get a little bored with a series of books after the third one as it sometimes gets repetitive or I find they are dragging out the storyline for the sake of it but this series is amazing. Each book has me hooked and I admire her for being able to keep it so interesting to read. I will be sad when the series has finished.

What do you think people search for in a book
Essentially I think we’re all looking to lose ourselves. So we’re looking for a story that is written well enough that we believe it could happen and that goes for the paranormal stories as well. Personally I’m looking for the book that pulls me in and makes me feel like I’m one of the characters. Books are my escapism mechanism from my daily life so I read a lot of paranormal books so I can get as far away from reality as possible. The more the description there is the better. Hot alphas help as well. I’m always looking for my next alpha to drool over!

How have your personal experiences affected your writing?
My personal experiences have affected this book a great deal. Before anyone asks…I am not Dana! Lol. There are bits of me in her and some of the other characters. There are some things that she describes that have really happened and some of those events were really funny to write about as I remembered what happened.

What genre of books do you like to read? do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?
I’m a big paranormal romance fan and I read those books above anything else. I will usually only read something contemporary to bring back to reality if I’ve been off with the vamps and werewolves for too long. I’ve written a contemporary romance and the simple reason is that the story popped into my head and I thought it would be really fun to tell the stories of the different sisters. I will get round to writing something paranormal though at some point. I love Greek mythology. I actually studied ancient Greek at school although I’m quite rusty at reading it. So I think that may be involved in the next series I write.

Were you always good at writing?
I’m not going to be presumptuous and assume that I am good at writing. I’ll wait to read some reviews first. I’ve always enjoyed writing though especially poetry.

How do you get started with writing a story (as in, how do you start developing the story, how do you get inspired for it)
I think it’s possibly easier for me than most because my life is pretty dramatic. You could probably make several films out of my life that could cover every genre going. I pick an event and run with it. All you have to do then is fabricate the hell out of it and embellish here and there to make it a bit more fun and interesting to read for someone else.

What advice would you give to people who "run out of creativity" when writing?
I think it’s important to take a break. I got stuck a few times and had to walk away and it would be when I’m relaxing that I would create the idea of where I wanted the story to go next.

If you had to compare yourself to a Character in your books, who would it be?
Out of the Daniels sisters I am probably most like Dana but I see a little of myself in all of them. Even their grandparents. I’m super sarcastic (in a comical way) which I think will come across in the book.

Book one in the Daniels Sisters Series is The Perfection Of Love.

Book Blurb 

When Dana Daniels first falls in love all she can picture is a wonderful future with a man she believes is perfect. Dana soon learns that love isn’t perfect and vows to herself she’ll never leave her heart vulnerable to another man.

That is until she meets Dr. Deacon Greenwood.

Deacon lets Dana know from the start that he wants more from her than she’s willing give and he won’t stop until her walls are broken down and she lets him into her life and her heart.

Can Dana embrace something new with Deacon or will her past keep haunting her? 

The Perfection of Love (The Daniels Sisters Series) 

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