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Exclusive excerpt.

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Ari didn’t want to feel the sweet anticipation of what was to come, but she couldn’t control her hormones. She wanted to hate Rafe, she even plannedon hating him, but as he opened the door to their suite, all she felt was lust — pure unadulterated lust.
How far she’d descended from the prim, repressed, bookish female she’d been not a year ago, someone who’d worried that she might be frigid. He’d opened a door that she couldn’t shut no matter how hard she tried, and now it seemed her appetite was insatiable. The clicking of the hotel room door made her jump. Nerves began to take complete mastery over her body as she made her way across the entryway into the huge living room area.
Her tiny apartment wouldn’t fill even a quarter of the space of the giant suite. Ari understood Rafe’s desire to have the best in life, but wasn’t this a bit pretentious for a temporary visit? Sheesh!
Yet the huge windows were calling her name as she made her way across the plush carpet, and she couldn’t contain a gasp at the view. Central Park!
Especially after her mother’s grave injuries and then near-fatal cancer, this was a place Ari had thought she’d see only in the movies. And yet, here she was, almost in touching distance. She noticed a telescope to her right and quickly put the eyepiece over her eye, clueless to what she’d see, but not caring. She just wanted to feel truly in New York City for the first time.
Ari squinted as she peered out at the park and to her delight saw a few people strolling down the walk, several couples walking hand in hand, and a group of kids with glow sticks all over their clothes performing a dance. She wanted to run down the stairs and join in, but she knew there was no way Rafe was leaving the room now.
Rafe watched with amusement as Ari’s enthusiasm for a city he’d been to numerous times practically leapt off her. She pivoted from one foot to the other, and held on tightly to the telescope as she did her best to see everything at once. After pouring himself a glass of bourbon, he sat on the couch and watched her play with the telescope until she was satisfied with the settings.
He found himself smiling when she gasped over something she’d spotted. What was it that she found so fascinating? She had piqued his curiosity, but he stayed seated. He had big plans for them that night, and he needed to take a few minutes to calm himself.
If he took her too soon, his pleasure would end far too quickly, and he certainly didn’t want that. Considering how well she responded to him, they could play all night and it still wouldn’t be enough. He drank the amber liquid, enjoying the burn as it glided down his throat and entered his bloodstream. But not even the potent liquor was helping him tamp down his raging lust.
His patience was up. He needed to take Ari — and he needed her to knowhe was in charge from here on out.
“Ari.”He left no doubt by the command in his voice that he wanted, andexpected, her attention. Now. Pleasure filled him as she let go of the telescope and slowly turned around, her expressive eyes widening at the unveiled desire in his own.
He had not a single doubt as he watched her quiver before him: she could fight him all she wanted, but in the end she was his to command — and pleasure.

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