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Relentless Pursuit is the fourth novel in the Bluegrass Brothers series.

Pierce Davies watched as his older siblings fell in love – something this bachelor was not ready for. After all, he was now the most eligible man in all of Keeneston! Though Pierce enjoys the playboy lifestyle, his life is his work and that hard work is set to pay off big time with the unveiling of a big secret. However, this work hard, play hard attitude may have also landed him in hot water as he finds himself arrested for a brutal murder with all evidence pointing to him.

Tammy Fields has been suffering from the crush to end all crushes. But her flirtations have fallen short as Pierce Davies always ended up in the arms of a Keeneston Belle. Having waited long enough, Tammy decides now is the time to grow up and move on. She has a good job as a paralegal and a hot new boyfriend. But everything changes quickly when Pierce is arrested and Tammy is called upon to help with his case. While working closely with Pierce to prove his innocence, she realizes her crush is something far more meaningful as she risks everything to save him.

Will they finally find love or will the increasing danger prevent their happily ever after?


Relentless Pursuit is fantastic. I absolutely love the Bluegrass Series and Pierce and Tammy's story has just topped my list of favourites for this series. 

We know both Pierce and Tammy from the previous books and know that Tammy has been after Pierce for the last two years... ever since she saw him riding a bull! 

Pierce has always seen Tammy but knows she's a girl who deserves to have it all, the perfect Husband, the house, the family and he's just enjoying himself whilst he's young. Pierce is a genius and has made an invention that could change the ways of farming.

With a lot of Romance, lots for giggles and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat this book has thoroughly made its way to my heart. I couldn't put it down from page one!

I love a series where I can revisit with characters I love and thats why the Keeneston gang are a favourite of mine. 

You guys that know me know I've got a thing for Ahmed. Oh he's dreamy. I love a good mystery and he is full of it! I love how much Ahmed we get in this book and the bits of information about who he is. Henry is his classic self, with the chat up lines and the shiny suits. Only difference this time is we see how much both Ahmed and Henry care for Tammy. 

Love, Love, Love it. Thank you Kathleen Brooks for delivering another amazing book!



Kathleen Brooks has done it again! Her Bluegrass Brothers series never fail to entertain or keep one from turning the pages!

In Relentless Pursuit, we get to ride along with Pierce, the youngest of the Davies boys, as he finds himself not only falling for Tammy (finally!) but in a lot of hot water too! Of course, the rest of the Davies family and the community of Keeneston are there too! Where would these books be without these townsfolk!

A sexy, fun and suspenseful read which I found it so hard to put down! Awesome work again Kathleen! 

5 stars all the way!


How did the Bluegrass Series first come to you?

I daydream a lot. I have so many stories, or at least the beginnings of stories, rolling around in my head. I always wondered how odd it must be for someone to come into some of these small Southern towns. The way we talk, the food, the pace of life - it’s just so different. The character Kenna was born first, so to say, and then Keeneston.

Did you initially have all the characters planned out? If not did some develop in unusual ways? 

I do and I don’t. For the main characters, I have a loose outline of what I want them to be (their strengths, their weaknesses and their fun quirks). The secondary characters come more as I start writing and see what kind of support the main characters need.
I’ve thought of characters while driving (thank goodness I can talk into my phone and it takes notes for me!), I’ve dreamed about them, promptly woken up, and written like a woman possessed. And some have come to me just from listening to the people around me. We went to dinner one night at a great southern restaurant in Lexington. I overheard women talking about the county fair and suddenly a scene popped in my mind!

Was it your plan to always continue the Keeneston books with the Bluegrass Brothers series? 

Actually, no. I had come up with Kenna’s and Dani’s books (Bluegrass State of Mind and Risky Shot). As I started working on Risky Shot, the story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It was then I knew I couldn’t say goodbye to Keeneston yet. Paige’s brothers had to have their stories too!

Do you plan out each of your books or do you just see where they lead you?

I plan my books. All my books are somewhat connected. I keep up with all the old characters and the changes in their lives, as well as the new main characters. In order to keep things straight, I have to plan it out. I keep my options open though and only plot out life events. Then I let the story take me. When that happens, I find myself crying, laughing, or holding my breath as I write. I just hope those emotions carry from my fingers to the words on the page and on to the readers.

Keeping track of all of your characters and their families must be challenging. Do you have a family tree so you remember who belongs to and with whom?

It is very hard, and especially keeping track of the small details. I have a master list and before I start typing I always go back and review that list and make sure I describe everyone the correct way.

Did you always want to write romantic suspense books? 

Actually, I started off reading murder mysteries. I was a big Agatha Christie and Murder She Wrote fan when I was young. When I got older and needed an escape from studying or working, I discovered romance novels. Romantic Suspense is the best of both worlds!

Ahmed, Mo’s head of security, has a bit of a cult following! Did you originally intend for his character to be a feature in the books like he has or has he developed more than first thought? 

He’s definitely developed. I thought he’d be a great secondary character. But the more I wrote about him and really developed his past and his secrets, I knew he had to have his own book. I am so looking forward to his story. To tell about his dark side and how, even through all he's experienced, he is a man just wanting to be loved.

I am a huge fan of the way you write your sex scenes, and don’t actually go into detail about the act itself. Was this a conscious decision for how you wanted to write these scenes? (I love it myself as it makes you use your imagination a LOT more!!)

It was a conscious decision. I love leading the reader to that point, but then letting them use their imagination to finish the scene.

In your new release ‘Relentless Pursuit’, we get to read about Pierce and Tammy’s love story. Can you give us a quick run down about their relationship and their story? 

Pierce and Tammy have been a long time coming. The question has always been if Pierce would grow up enough to realize the wonderful woman he had in front of him the whole time.
Tammy knew Pierce in high school when he was a skinny, lanky geek. She meets him again while he’s getting his Masters Degree and she’s the secretary at the local law firm, but they still have some growing up to do.
While Pierce dates the president of the Keeneston Belles, the local social elite club, his life is really his work. He is set to unveil a huge secret he’s been working on and finds himself arrested for a brutal murder with all evidence pointing to him. The trouble is he doesn’t remember anything they are accusing him of.
Having waited long enough for Pierce, Tammy decides now is the time to grow up and move on. She has a good job as a paralegal and a hot new boyfriend. But everything changes quickly when Pierce is arrested and Tammy is called upon to help with his case. While working closely with Pierce to prove his innocence, she realizes her crush is something far more meaningful as she risks everything to save him.

How much research do you do for your books, especially into the law enforcement side of them?

I do quite a bit. I am lucky that I have a contact person in law enforcement to ask questions to. For Relentless Pursuit, I talked with a wonderful female dog trainer. She served multiple tours in Iraq and now teaches military and police teams how to handle their K-9s.

Family is a key in all of your books. Was this one of your original ideas and are you lucky enough to have a similar support system in your life? 

Yes. Since Kenna (from Bluegrass State of Mind) lost her parents, I wanted to give her that feeling of family that she missed. It was important to show that family can come in all shapes and sizes - a best friend, a large group of brothers and sisters, or even your neighbors.
While I am an only child, my mother was very close to her brother - in fact Rising Storm was dedicated to him. My father is also the oldest of five boys and I love their dynamic together. I am fortunate enough to have very a supportive husband, parents, and in-laws in addition to my large extended family.

The community of Keeneston is an obvious character in this book. Did you grow up in a town similar? If not, how did you come about the idea of this small and close-knit town?

I grew up in Nicholasville, Kentucky. It had a population of around 17,000 and I went to Centre College in Danville, Kentucky – recently voted one of the best small towns in America! I drew from them and a lot of the small towns around Lexington.
In my previous life, I was an attorney and hung out at these small courthouses and had lunch at these small cafes. I loved that feeling of everyone knowing not only you, but your whole family tree!

Are any of the characters based on people that you know or have met during your life or are they just imagined by you? 

The characters themselves are made up. However I take note of some quirks from my experience with people in the real world. Those waitresses that knew your whole family history, the clerk that wouldn’t put up with anything, the busy know-it-all - I took those personality traits and built characters around them.

What are you working on currently? 

I am currently working on the last in the Bluegrass Brothers series. Cy’s book should be out in October. I have had lots of questions about the series - the main one being about Ahmed. So, don’t worry, Ahmed will get his own book in the new year!



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