Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Natalie's Review of 
The Trouble With Coco Monroe,
A Ludlow Hall Story - CC Mackenzie

About The Book
Coco Monroe narrowly escaped with her life after being attacked by a stalker.
Six months later, Coco's decided to take control of her future from her over-protective father. She's convinced herself to devote her time and energy to a secret project, running the charitable trust for victims of domestic violence, First Step.
However, helping a woman and her baby flee from her powerful husband once again brings danger to Coco's door.
Rafael Cavendish, head of security for Monroe Industries, regards Coco as nothing more than a magnet for trouble. When he receives a tip-off that Coco's in danger, he's determined to take her to safety, whether she likes it or not.
But Rafael soon finds uncovering the truth about Coco is unsettling, exciting and dangerous to his heart.
A truth that will change their lives for ever.

The Trouble With Coco Monroe is a fun, page turning, sexy read that also asks questions about trust and relying on others.
Natalie's Review

I have read ALL of CC Mackenzie's books and love them all but this book was something else, it was amazing, I love Rafe, I love Coco, I love everything about this book.

CC has never been shy when it comes to sex scenes but this book was scorching hot, i think because she constantly builds the sexual chemistry between Rafe and coco your piratically screaming just get on with it and by the time they do your gagging lol

oh wheres the fan, calm down. ok back to my review, it was so great to see all the characters from the previous books and how their lives are now firmly entwined, the friendships as with the previous books are important and it was lovely to see how they all stood by each other, even during some difficult situations

Rafe is Strong the whole image of him is GOD yet coco reduces him to his knees with just a look,  the attraction between the two is fantastic,  even though Coco is portrayed as a spoilt princess she really isn't she is Strong, Independent and capable of doing things for herself which lands her in Hot water (more than once).  

I think what was nice about this book is that both of them are scared to admit that they cannot live without each other, so end up making lots of mistakes,  i think the relationship felt real,  i dunno maybe that's why i felt i connected with this book so much more than the other.

so to finish i completely loved this book,  it is for me the best book CC has written and I'm so excited to read Jacobs story 

I give this book 5***** i think it actually deserves so much more

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