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Natalies Review of Guilded Destiny by Nola Sarina

About The Book 

       GILDED DESTINY: A Vesper Novella by Nola Sarina
A woman's memory returns when she falls in love with the monster who took it from her.

Calli tattoos her skin to fill the holes in her memory, thanks to an accident that left her mind damaged and empty. But a nasty encounter with a fired employee leaves her in the arms of her unlikely savior: Nycholas, a predatory, serpentine Vesper on the run from his brutal master.

Nycholas’ clandestine world holds the secrets to mankind’s origin and survival… but he only wants one thing before his time is up: a few colorful nights with Calli, the fragile, tattooed, human woman he pursued and saved.

The more Calli learns about Nycholas, the more her own darkened memories return to her. Despite her haunted past, she loses herself to passion and desire with her immortal captor.

Now, Calli must overcome the demons of her past, or allow Nycholas to kiss her memories away and spare her the trauma of loving a doomed immortal. But each choice comes with dire consequences – some that endanger not only herself, but her family as well.
Natalie's Review
Right from the start the book drew you into the story, and i was quite keen to see how the story played out,  Calli is a tattooist and runs her own shop,  one night when she is closing in walks the most beautiful man she has ever seen its only when he looks up at her she knows he is not Human he is a vesper,  A immortal, Calli runs away however it doesn't matter where she goes he is always one step ahead of her,  so why is it when he catches her she isn't frightened?
The next thing Calli is being shaken to wake up, why is it that she cant remember who HE was yet she knows there was someone.
When He turns up again it is to save Calli and she runs away with him,  its here she finds that Nycholas has some secrets,  ones that she shouldn't know. but the attraction between the two is so strong that she just cant keep away. 
While i thought this book was fab it was so SHORT!!! i so wish it had been longer, it had the possibility to be so fantastic as a full length novel,  The actual plot and story was brilliant and the twist and turns had you wanting to whizz through the pages as it was so fast paced. Although nothing was left unexplained and i didn't feel like i had any questions unanswered,  i wish i was able to connect with the characters a bit more,  hopefully the author will write a coninuation of the story 
I give this book 4****
I recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick read while being drawn into the story
Nycholas stripped off his wet clothes in the living room and I gasped at the sight of him naked. He heard me gasp and swore under his breath, and then quickly tugged on a pair of sweatpants from the back of the sofa.
“Sorry,” he muttered, refusing to look at me as he tied the drawstring. “I forgot you might watch me.”

Hell, yeah, I was watching him, holy shit! Take those off, dammit! He was as glorious naked as clothed, and even more so, his thighs so muscled I could make out the definition of each layer of solid strength beneath his skin. I slipped out of Nycholas’ trench coat and hung it on the coat rack, and then found the bathroom down the only hallway and checked myself out in the mirror.

Ew. My lower lip was twice its normal size from Nycholas’ massive palm slamming it into my teeth as he silenced me on the boat. Blood had dried from a cut on my forehead in a mass of mud and hair, so I found a towel, wet it – no hot water – and pressed it gently to the wound. Tiny rocks and sand scraped away with the blood, and I was happy I felt so frozen that there wasn’t much pain to experience, only cold.

“May I show you something… strange?” Nycholas asked from the doorway.

I glanced at him – shirtless and fucking immaculate, not a speck of body hair – and nodded.

Nycholas stepped into the bathroom. Close to me. Really close... practically looming over me. For a heartbeat, I wondered if he’d decided to eat me after all. But the heartbeat passed as he pushed gently on my shoulders and spun me around to face the mirror, and I gasped.

He was gone. I did a double-take, stunned, and looked at him over my shoulder to make sure he was still there. In the mirror, Nycholas was invisible.

I reached out and stroked the vacant glass where I stood alone, muddied and bloodied, staring with shock.

“Vanity,” Nycholas whispered in my ear, the hint of his voice in his breath low and nothing but sexy. “We’re not allowed vanity, sunlight, freedom, or death.”

“You’re not allowed to die?” I whispered to the voice that hovered on my shoulder, the breath on my cheek, the lack of reflection in the mirror.

Nycholas chuckled and swept my hair away from my throat, and then his lips grazed my skin as he inhaled of my scent. Oh. My. God. Terror and lust warred between my legs, and the feeling was like morphine in my veins, swirling my vision before me. I wanted more.

“We can die. If we lose track of our heads.”

I tilted my cheek to my shoulder to let him inhale at my neck again, and couldn’t stifle a giggle. “Should make sure you don’t lose track of yours, then.”

Nycholas hesitated, and then I felt his breath rush along my skin in a rhythm that pricked goosebumps from my scalp to my hips, lower, deeper. Nycholas’ laugh. Oh, God, I wanted more of that laugh.

“We sinned first,” he said. “Not you. We took the apple in the garden. We cursed ourselves to night, and to protecting you.”

“How do you protect us?” I dared to stretch my fingers out at my side, reach back, and touch his thigh, the muscles cut and sharp beneath the thin layer of stolen flannel.

Nycholas responded by resting both of his hands on my hips and squeezing just a little too hard. I knew I might have a bruise on each of my hips in the morning, but I didn’t care, as long as this being, this predator, protector, immortal and friend, didn’t let go, didn’t stop touching me.

“It doesn’t matter, anymore. I ran away. I don’t want that life; I don’t want them and their cruelty.”

The longing in his voice rocked my heart, and I turned to see his expression, since the mirror refused to show me this beautiful, tortured man who devoured my human friend right in front of me and made me row a damn boat. His eyes were narrow as he watched me, and I rested my palms on his chest, touching his skin, feeling the softness over steel, his whole body velvety and solid, the best of delicacy and strength.

“Your brothers. I saw them. Do they care about you?”

Nycholas watched my lips as I spoke, and licked one of his fangs before he answered me. “As much as they can. The master doesn’t let us remember anything for long. He kills our memories to keep us obedient.”

“Yet you broke away from him.”

Nycholas nodded. “No choice. I’m displeased to be a slave in any way.”

“You’re a free spirit.” A smile warmed my cheeks and I grimaced at the pain in my lip.

Nycholas’ cold finger stroked my lower lip. “I broke you,” he said.

That earned a full-blown burst of a laugh from my mouth and Nycholas startled at my volume. “Sorry,” I said. “I love the way you talk.”

Nycholas cracked a crooked, half-grin. “I didn’t mean to break you. And I’m sorry I’m a little bit stupid when I talk.”

I shook my head and touched his chin with my fingertips. “You’re not stupid, Nycholas. Not even a little bit. You’re… breathtaking.”

He pulled back just a bit, puzzling at me, his eyes never tearing from my lips. “Breathtaking?”

I rested my palm against his chest and felt the thick thud of his heart, slower and heavier than mine, as though his black blood ran more like glue than water. His fingers roamed over my forehead, picking off bits of grass and dirt. I turned back to the sink and washed my face thoroughly, ignoring the intensity of my throbbing head, even though all my body wanted to do was sleep.

I didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to miss a second of this night – this impossible encounter with an immortal, a man-eating snake… I had to be insane.

No part of my body cared if I was insane. I squeezed my thighs together as I toweled my face, feeling Nycholas still behind me, watching me.

About the Author 
Nola is a mother, wife, writer, and giggle-a-holic, living in Canada and raising a pack of kids. In her spare time she can be found geocaching, guzzling coffee, or tending to her garden. Her VESPER series is on submission by her agent to publishers, along with WILD HYACINTHE, a paranormal romance co-authored with Emily Faith.

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