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Healers Review - Lynsie Buchanan

During the reign of the Greek Gods, there was Asclepius, the God of Healing. Upon his death two groups battled, the Healers and the Hunters. Healers, those with true healing magic, scattered among the continents for safety from the Hunters. Now, in present day, the Healers are searching to find all of their blood line. The Hunters are searching, too.

Magic flows from Layna’s hands, but trusting anyone with her secret is not possible. Leo, her longtime friend, is determined to become more and Layna believes she wants that. Everything changes when she meets Alexander, the guard supposedly sent for her. There is something that draws them together, but is it real? Faced with a new reality of what her magic means and threats on her life, Layna must choose where her loyalties lie. Who is out to hurt her and who can she trust?

Natalie's Review

Although for me the book started a little slow after a couple of chapters it soon picked up and turned into a good read,  Layna knows that she is different she seems to be able to help people with the touch of her hand and doesn't understand how she does it,  just when her relationship with her Friend Leo takes a turn in walks Alexander,  the instant their hands touch Layna feels a Spark and knows there is more to him than meets the eye,  with her New feelings for Leo unfolding and the strong connection she has with Alexander, Layna isn't sure how she feels especially as she feels she is only just starting to figure out who she is.

You never quite know how it was going to end as it kept you guessing throughout,  The two lead males are Smoking hot, you spend the whole book not sure who you are rooting for and Layna seems to bring out the best and worst in both of the male characters which was great to read.  

I did find it very hard to get into the story,  maybe because the author is very descriptive in her writing and this can sometimes make it go on a little for my liking however the actual storyline was good and there was a lot of detail so in some parts you felt like you were there and were pulled along with the story.  

If you are not into paranormal romance then this book is not for you but when i did get into the story i enjoyed it and actually hope that there is a second book so i can see how it plays out.

Overall a good first book from the author,  i really want to give it 4* however because i really did find it quite hard to get into i will give it a high 3.5* im sure this author will just get better and better.


There would be no sex party with me and James ever. I would release magic without caution before it came to that. Everyone would be here in seconds—I just had to stall him. Full movement had come back to my body, but I continued to lie limp, tied in the chair.
“How long have you been planning this, James?” He quickly got in my face again and started with the zipper. If he really thought to force that on me I would have to bite if off.
“The only thing I want to see those plump lips open for is to be wrapped around my hard-on.”
And there it was, small and rigid in all its glory in my face. Really, how does a man of such insignificant size even attempt to show that thing to people?
It touched my lips and I lost all my apprehension about using magic.
The words spoke only in my mind this time, but it did not lessen the power. I knew the intent of the words, death. James meant to violate me and I would kill him for it.
A horrid expression crossed his face and he stepped back a few paces.
“Witch.” Then he exploded.
Blood and body parts bathed the room and me. There I sat, tied to a chair, and I realised how ridiculous that looked. I had blown a man to bits, but couldn’t untie myself. All reason escaped my thoughts.

About the Author 

beach picI’m a red headed Texan girl that writes adult romance novels. After spending way too much money on getting degrees in education (bachelors, masters, no ph.D yet), I realized that while I loved teaching, I needed a creative outlet for my smuttiness ;) Somehow, I have struck a chaotic balance. Teacher by day…steamy romance writer by night. I daydream a lot, drink wine, gossip about juicy plots with my friends and obsessively read. Check my blog for my latest favorite reads, what I’m writing, and other crazy things I encounter. My debut novel, The Healers, hits the digital Amazon shelves on April 26 and will be on Barnes and Noble soon after.

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