Thursday, 9 May 2013

from the soon to be released
'Relentless Pursuit'
by Kathleen Brooks

**As one of our favourite authors here on the Island, we hoped that with a little persuasion (and a glass of The Rose Sister's Special Iced Tea!) Kathleen would given us a taste of what is coming up in Pierce and Tammy's story! Look's like it worked! Enjoy Lovelies!**

Tammy had driven home while a battle raged in her mind. Would Pierce have
kissed her if she hadn’t left? Was Pierce even going to kiss her? It was
too much. She shook her head. If it were meant to be, it would have
happened by now. She had already sacrificed Demetri. It was time to grow
up and end this fascination.
Tammy tried to push it from her mind as she had stood under the hot spray
in her shower. After scrubbing herself clean, she finally felt like
herself again. She had slipped into a pink camisole nightshirt with
matching shorts and was heading to bed when she heard a soft knock at the
Figuring Miss Violet was sending up some breakfast, Tammy didn’t bother
with her robe and just opened the door. She instantly started breathing
heavily when she saw Pierce leaning against the doorframe. He had
showered and was wearing a black shirt that looked to be painted across
his chest and shoulders. His jeans hugged his thighs and suddenly Tammy
had a whole series of very naughty thoughts go through her mind. Way to
grow up, she thought.
“Pierce!” Tammy gasped. “What are you doing here?”
“I didn’t get my kiss.” Pierce leaned down and captured her lips in his.
Tammy’s head fell back as she let him ravish her mouth. His lips were
soft and melded to hers with confidence as Pierce stoked the fire within
her. She shuddered as Pierce cupped her face in his hand and deepened the
Pierce pulled away way too soon. He left with a smile that said it all.
Tammy was rooted to the floor and watched with a mixture of confusion and
utter satisfaction as his perfectly shaped bottom faded from view.


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  1. it the 20th yet? I can't wait to read this book!!

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  5. You can bet Pearce will have every woman who read this book, on fire... He is just so HOT.

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