Friday, 10 May 2013

Cover Reveal - Jeanene Mainville 

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Book Blurb

Would you move halfway across the world for love? Rory Evers did. Meeting Graham Dey was one of the best things that could have happened to Rory or so she thought. She gave up everything including a comfortable life where she never wanted for anything and had a nonstop ticket into medschool. Was this a bad decision for Rory? When she gets to London she finds that Graham hasn't been completly honest with her. When she decides to stay in London she realizes that in life you have to take a rough path to find a hidden medow. Does Rory forgive Graham or is there someone else more suited for her? Find out in "All For You"

Sneaky Teaser 
**Rough Draft with Little to no Edits**

So I slam into this wall and fall straight on my butt and to make matters worse everything and I do mean everything goes scattering across the floor of the underground. So as I begin the embarrassing gathering of all my belongings, I go to reach for a tampon only to meet another hand. " You sure did take quite a fall, are you alright love?" I quickly grabbed the tampon before he realized what exactly he had in his hand and jump back to my feet and in one sold motion I knocked my head to his nose.
" I am so sorry" I said to the stranger as I looked up at a bloody face. " Oh s'quiet alright, I was due for a good nose bleed." he said as he pinched his nose and held his head back. " Um , here" I handed him my emergency shirt I always kept in my bag, or at least I thought it was my emergency shirt. " Here sit...just pinch the bridge of your nose and put your head forward. You don't want to gag on your own blood do you?" I led him over to a bench, while again apologizing a thousand times. "What are you a doctor?" he said as he leaned forward. "Not yet, I'm not even finished with my prerequisites" I said with a nervous giggle. " Oh god, so you are going to be a doctor?" " Well, I'm in my senior year at UCLA, and have been accepted into the medical school program,so yea kind of" I shrugged my shoulders. Choosing to be a doctor wasn't much of a choice or really my decision, I come from a line full of doctors and when your in my family its just "what we do, and we do it damn well" as my Dad would put it. " Lets hope you don't pick surgery. Your just a bit clumsy." " Excuse you, you cant just go around judging people in the first ten minutes of meeting them." He removed the " thought to be shirt" from his nose." Well lets state the facts, you get off of a train with your nose stuck in a book, run into a wall, head butt the nice gentleman trying to help you gather your things and then hand him your panties when I'm sure you meant to hand him something else, that about cover it? I would say this is not your first brush with clumsiness. He was right, I did find myself in these situations a lot, maybe I shou- wait ....did he just say I handed him my panties? " Give those back!" I snatched my now covered in blood silk panties who were no longer just mine and Victoria's secret and threw them in the garbage.
"OK, lets try this again" after catching his confused look I gathered my belongings and walked up to the train. I took a deep breath counted to ten and turned around and walked back up to this man who was now blood free. Getting a better look at him I notice he has the most gorgeous green eyes and the cutest dimple on the right side of his face. OK....this guy was trouble. " Hi, I'm Aurora Evers but everyone just calls me Rory, its so nice to meet you." he grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it. " Lovely to meet you as well, Rory, My name is Graham, Graham Dey" Oh yea...big time trouble.

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