Monday, 13 May 2013

Book Review - Forever By Design (book three) by Elizabeth James 


Natalie's Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!! i had been waiting for this book for what seemed like forever, and was so excited when i was able to get it yesterday,  the book started pretty much where Life By Design finished with Jane being served paternity papers, and just continued from there.
from the first page i was pulled in,  i am a massive fan of this series so was excited and sad that this was the final instalment.   

I love the friendship that is in this book and as with all of the books in the series a strong sense of family is ooozing from the pages,  it is a perfect romance book although not to heavy everything is implied and not written in detail,  which actually is quite refreshing  (lol i sound prude) it was quite nice not to read a book full of angst and over the top declarations of love,  i even burst out laughing at the line "rode the waves of Ecstasy",  i know this author, and that sentence me laugh hysterically even got a elbow from the husband for being too noisy (it was past midnight). 

The characters seemed more grown up in this book compared to the others,  and a few tough topics were covered,  the pressure to look great after child birth, alcoholism, Post Natal Depression.  it was all there and it was written in such a delicate way you actually felt the pain of those it was happened too.

Ok enough with the serious stuff lets talk about JAY!!!!! oh my i want to lick him, and kiss him and..... well we wont go there oh my this man is AMAZEBALLS, what i want to know is where can i purchase one. or two there is just something about him,  Justin is fit but oh my Jay is HOTTTT yum yum yum he makes me hungry lol dribling all over the computer with drool 

This is Jay (or in my head anyway)

Anyway lovelies,  im not going to say any more you just have to go get it wont you,  the book is available on Amazon and Smashwords. you will not be dissapointed 

I give this book a MASSIVE ***** you will love it 

Natalie xx

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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review Natalie...I kinda think you liked it! :) Love you!