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Blog Tour: Forgiven by J.B McGee

Forgiven by J.B McGee.

Review and Giveaway.

Title: Forgiven (This #3) 
Author: J.B. McGee 
Genre: New Adult 
Publication Date: May 16, 2013 
Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers 

Everyone has a past…good or bad, they are always there. They lurk and linger in the shadows, sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient times. 

Gabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain dormant, that happiness was theirs for the taking. Still the strongest of relationships can be rocked by the ugliness from a previous life, even if it seems to be a world away. The fact remains an ugly past is never distant. It taints everything it touches, drives permanent rifts between loved ones, and sometimes can ruin everything. Gabby and Bradley must find the only way to battle the past. Forgiveness becomes a light through the darkness, a guide for the lost, and hope for the hopeless. With forgiveness comes bright, new beginnings 


Alicia's Review:

I absolutely LOVE this series! I love the different POV's we get from a selection of different characters. Gabby and Bradley are both really easy to connect with emotionally and that's something that I need in a book to thoroughly enjoy it.

Bradley had me at his first appearance in Broken. He is just delicious! Ian was also someone who I thought was wonderful in Broken at the beginning but I guess you don't truly know somebody until there are issues. Gabby and Bradley face huge issues in Forgiven and something take a lot to forgive.  

Bradley is torn between the woman he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with and an ex who has come back on the scene claiming to be pregnant with his child. I think as a couple they handle this situation brilliantly at times but also don't communicate at other times. 

Gabby has issues and when things get tough, she takes flight. She's off out of there but in Forgiven she starts to realise she can't keep running. I think she makes huge progress in Forgiven and considering the circumstances, deals with things that mess with her head very well. 

However, Bradley has some character adjustments in Forgiven and suddenly becomes insecure. I can understand why he would become insecure with him never having a relationship that wasn't just casual in the past. I didn't like some of the things Bradley did, it was too far out of character for me. 

There is some really emotional things that happen in Forgiven and they made me sob... real hard, takes-my-breath-away sobs. 

I can't wait for the next installment of 'This' series.

I give Forgiven 4.5 STARS!! 

About the Author:

J.B. McGee was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. After graduating from South Aiken High School, she toured Europe as a member of the 1999 International Bands of America Tour, playing the clarinet. While attending Converse College, an all-girls school in Spartanburg, South Carolina, she visited Charleston often. It quickly became one of her favorite vacation spots. She met her husband, Chad, during Christmas break her freshman year, and they married in 2001 and she moved back to her home town. 

In 2005, the couple welcomed their first son, Noah. J.B. finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of South Carolina-Aiken in 2006. During her time 
studying children's literature, a professor had encouraged her to become a writer. 

In 2007, she welcomed their second child, Jonah, and she became a stay at home mom/entrepreneur. In 2009, the found out their two children and J.B. have Mitochondrial Disease. In 2011, a diagnosis also was given to Chad. Please take a moment and learn more about Mitochondrial Disease. Awareness is key to this disease that has no cure or treatments. 

J.B. McGee and her family now reside in Buford, Georgia, to be closer to their children's medical team. After a passion for reading had been re-ignited, J.B. decided to finally give writing a shot. Broken (This Series), is her first book and first series 

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Wow we have been lucky enough to get a exclusive excerpt from CC Mackenzie's The Trouble With Coco,  hope you all enjoy lovelies,  i have read the whole book and its scorching 

Stunned by his brutal arousal, Rafe watched her face.
A tiny tremble of her bottom lip, full and pouty, attracted his attention.
Her breathing was shallow and too fast.
He bent his head towards her mouth.
The light floral perfume she wore mingled with a scent that was pure Coco. It spun around him, wonderful and hot.
Heat pulsed from the frantic beat under her ear.
He tried again to see through those damn bangs to her eyes.
A quick flick of a pink tongue on her top lip gave his cock a sharp jolt.
Body held utterly still, she studied his face.
Rafe laid the palm of his hand on her cheek.
God, her skin was so soft and smooth.
And all the time she watched him.
Not once did he ask himself what the hell he was doing.
Not once did he wonder what might the consequences of his actions be?
It didn’t matter.
Because he simply couldn’t stop himself.
The look in those wide violet eyes, wary, needy, did something to him.
His eyes never left hers as his head dipped and his mouth met hers.
He kept the kiss soft on her tremulous mouth as he enjoyed the warm, sweet flavour of her and slowly and gently pulled her closer, body to body.
Her hand lay flat on his chest, then it slid up to his shoulder, around the back of his neck, and those beautiful eyes went hazy.
The way she was trembling in his arms warned him to take it nice and easy.
She tasted fucking amazing.
His tongue traced her bottom lip, slid into her warm mouth and did the dance of love with hers.

For a first kiss it was incredible.
Her mouth was so exquisitely soft and adorably hesitant, lips that quivered under his in anticipation.
God knew he wanted her.
And he might not like having it thrust down his throat by gossip columnists, but he knew sex was nothing new to Coco.
But the way she kissed him, so intimately, so passionate in her response to him disguised nothing. She was kissing him as if she was pouring her heart, her soul into the act. Her physical need of him obvious by the way her breath shivered in and out of her lungs, by the way her pelvis tilted, pressing and rubbing her mound against his rock hard shaft.
Her fingers dug into his neck as she clung to him.
Then she sucked his tongue between her lips.
The long, low moan from her throat went straight to a titanic erection that was fast getting out of control.
Testing, his knuckles gently caressed the tip of her breast through the silk of her dress.
Her nipple went so tight so fast it had her gasping into his mouth.
Christ, she was so terribly responsive to him.
He did it again and she whimpered.
Sliding a hand under her skirt he lifted the expensive fabric, pressed his leg between hers and pulled her tight silk clad bottom into him.
And she rode his thigh in a way that rubbed his aching cock against the friction of her silk dress.
God, her moans were killing him.
One hand gripped the back of her neck to keep her still while he devoured her warm and willing mouth.
His other hand slid over her silk clad bottom then under the elastic to find her.

This was wrong.
Coco knew it but simply couldn’t stop herself. One part of her brain was screaming, begging to know what the hell she was doing? Was she crazy? The other part simply gave in. His mouth devoured her. She’d been kissed before, too many times to count, but she’d never been kissed like this. He used his tongue like a weapon of pleasure. And she had no trouble imagining what that tongue would do to her secret places. The mere thought made her moan out loud and push her pelvis into his searching fingers as they slid into her wetness and she spread her legs wider surrendering herself completely to his clever caress. Oh, yes! Her clitoris swelled, rising erotically out of it’s silky sheath to meet him. How many times had she wondered, dreamed, what it would be like to have his clever hands touch her like this?

Tearing his mouth away, Rafe’s forehead rested on hers and he took a shuddering inhale.
‘Brazilian. Very nice. Very soft. Very hot,’ he muttered.
The way her breath was sawing in and out of her throat, the way her whole body shuddered with pleasure, had him close his eyes tight. With great care he slid his fingers through her tender flesh to find the tiny jewel of delight.
‘Look at me,’ he whispered. ‘Look at me when I touch you here.’ She did. And his fingertip skimmed over her delicate sex, so moist for him, and her eyes went wide. Her breath shivered in her throat. ‘You’re trembling. I need you to.’ Her brow creased as a low moan escaped. ‘I need you to come in my hand.’
‘Oh, God.’
‘I need you to take nice deep breaths, baby. That’s it. Jesus, you’re so wet.’
Her heart was pounding.
He could feel it beating in her clitoris against his thumb.
‘Rafe...’ His name was a plea for more even as her mouth went wide in the shape of an O.
And all the time his thumb slid rhythmically round and round as her clitoris swelled, went too hard and all the while he watched her.
He’d never seen anything so hot in his life as Coco crying out loud and coming apart in his arms.
‘Shh, deep breaths in and out. In and out. There you go.’
Her sensitive flesh was so smooth so soft and so terribly, terribly slick, for him.
And all the time he knew she was close, so very close, to losing it.
His thumb flicked the swollen cherry of her clitoris as one long finger entered her then another.
The stunned cry of her orgasm, the way her whole body went rigid in his arms, had his breath shudder into her mouth.
Jesus, he’d nearly come in his pants like some out of control pubescent boy.
Never had a woman shattered in his arms like this.
His need for her was a wild and wicked thing, as it burned low in his belly, clawing his loins.
At last common sense demanded to know what the hell he was doing?
Today was not the time or the place for this.
She was too delicate, too fragile under his hands.
When he took Coco, and by God he would have her, she wouldn’t be humping his leg. And he wouldn’t be behaving like a randy teenager with no control, no finesse.

By the time he eased back, she was shivering.
He stared into eyes dazed and dark with arousal and knew the feeling.
That didn’t mean he had to like it.
‘Well, well, well,’ he said in a soft voice. ‘Who’s got a little trigger happy girl boner?’
The flash in those violet eyes was the only warning he received and it coincided with the crack of her hand on his cheek.
Since she had the muscle tone of a tealeaf it didn’t hurt.
He could tell by the too wide eyes, the jerky inhale of breath, that she’d shocked herself.
And that was Coco all over.
No restraint.
All temper and tantrums.
Her hand fisted.
He gripped her slim wrist and he could feel the too hectic pulse under his fingers.
‘Lift your hand to me again I’ll have you over my knee and give you the thorough spanking you deserve.’
Heat flashed into her cheeks, and then slid away leaving her bone white.
She tried to jerk free but he held her delicate wrist tight, just in case.
But then that mouth went mutinous and her chin jerked up.
Little cat.
His lips were still glistening wet from hers.
Then he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, as if tasting her. A move so erotic it made her sex clench, and Coco knew she’d never been kissed like that, touched like that, before.
And the liquidly empty ache in her womb was a wild and wicked thing. A need that made her clench her jaw.
‘We,’ she said in a tone that would melt solid steel. ‘Are not having sex.’

Natalie's Review of 
The Trouble With Coco Monroe,
A Ludlow Hall Story - CC Mackenzie

About The Book
Coco Monroe narrowly escaped with her life after being attacked by a stalker.
Six months later, Coco's decided to take control of her future from her over-protective father. She's convinced herself to devote her time and energy to a secret project, running the charitable trust for victims of domestic violence, First Step.
However, helping a woman and her baby flee from her powerful husband once again brings danger to Coco's door.
Rafael Cavendish, head of security for Monroe Industries, regards Coco as nothing more than a magnet for trouble. When he receives a tip-off that Coco's in danger, he's determined to take her to safety, whether she likes it or not.
But Rafael soon finds uncovering the truth about Coco is unsettling, exciting and dangerous to his heart.
A truth that will change their lives for ever.

The Trouble With Coco Monroe is a fun, page turning, sexy read that also asks questions about trust and relying on others.
Natalie's Review

I have read ALL of CC Mackenzie's books and love them all but this book was something else, it was amazing, I love Rafe, I love Coco, I love everything about this book.

CC has never been shy when it comes to sex scenes but this book was scorching hot, i think because she constantly builds the sexual chemistry between Rafe and coco your piratically screaming just get on with it and by the time they do your gagging lol

oh wheres the fan, calm down. ok back to my review, it was so great to see all the characters from the previous books and how their lives are now firmly entwined, the friendships as with the previous books are important and it was lovely to see how they all stood by each other, even during some difficult situations

Rafe is Strong the whole image of him is GOD yet coco reduces him to his knees with just a look,  the attraction between the two is fantastic,  even though Coco is portrayed as a spoilt princess she really isn't she is Strong, Independent and capable of doing things for herself which lands her in Hot water (more than once).  

I think what was nice about this book is that both of them are scared to admit that they cannot live without each other, so end up making lots of mistakes,  i think the relationship felt real,  i dunno maybe that's why i felt i connected with this book so much more than the other.

so to finish i completely loved this book,  it is for me the best book CC has written and I'm so excited to read Jacobs story 

I give this book 5***** i think it actually deserves so much more

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Natalie's Review of Piper LeVine - 
The Path Of Betrayal 
by Eris Kelli

Piper LeVine, The Path of Betrayal 

About The Book

Piper made a promise, one that holds Baobhans and Gypsies from finishing the war they’ve begun. She must learn the ways of these Scottish Vampires, but is that all they will require of her?

Nicholas of the Gypsies and werewolves loves her but is he strong enough to protect her? His love for her is boundless. There is no creature he would not fight to save her. Is his love powerful enough to save Piper from herself? They are going to find out whether they want to or not.

Everyone must choose on which path of life they will tread. When Piper LeVine looks back at the stones of her path, will they be of honor or betrayal? 

Natalie's Review

The book starts pretty much where the first left off, with Piper having recently met her father very confused as to what she has to do next, she knows that the choices she makes will put everyone she loves in danger so doesn't take the choice lightly.

The relationship between Piper and Nicholas is as intense as it is the first book but i think what makes this book stand out from the first is the exploration of the secondary characters, and for everyone who hates Brynn in the first will like me actually start to like her. 

I loved how Evil the Boabhans were as it made this book feel a little more darker which i found quite exciting, as much as i loved the Romance side to the first book the intensity in the second was even better.

i felt like this book was a fantastic continuation of the first with a climatic buildup to the final book for which i cannot wait to read i am so excited.

I give this book a massive 5***** well done Eris on yet another fantastic read 


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Reviews & Author Interview.


Relentless Pursuit is the fourth novel in the Bluegrass Brothers series.

Pierce Davies watched as his older siblings fell in love – something this bachelor was not ready for. After all, he was now the most eligible man in all of Keeneston! Though Pierce enjoys the playboy lifestyle, his life is his work and that hard work is set to pay off big time with the unveiling of a big secret. However, this work hard, play hard attitude may have also landed him in hot water as he finds himself arrested for a brutal murder with all evidence pointing to him.

Tammy Fields has been suffering from the crush to end all crushes. But her flirtations have fallen short as Pierce Davies always ended up in the arms of a Keeneston Belle. Having waited long enough, Tammy decides now is the time to grow up and move on. She has a good job as a paralegal and a hot new boyfriend. But everything changes quickly when Pierce is arrested and Tammy is called upon to help with his case. While working closely with Pierce to prove his innocence, she realizes her crush is something far more meaningful as she risks everything to save him.

Will they finally find love or will the increasing danger prevent their happily ever after?


Relentless Pursuit is fantastic. I absolutely love the Bluegrass Series and Pierce and Tammy's story has just topped my list of favourites for this series. 

We know both Pierce and Tammy from the previous books and know that Tammy has been after Pierce for the last two years... ever since she saw him riding a bull! 

Pierce has always seen Tammy but knows she's a girl who deserves to have it all, the perfect Husband, the house, the family and he's just enjoying himself whilst he's young. Pierce is a genius and has made an invention that could change the ways of farming.

With a lot of Romance, lots for giggles and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat this book has thoroughly made its way to my heart. I couldn't put it down from page one!

I love a series where I can revisit with characters I love and thats why the Keeneston gang are a favourite of mine. 

You guys that know me know I've got a thing for Ahmed. Oh he's dreamy. I love a good mystery and he is full of it! I love how much Ahmed we get in this book and the bits of information about who he is. Henry is his classic self, with the chat up lines and the shiny suits. Only difference this time is we see how much both Ahmed and Henry care for Tammy. 

Love, Love, Love it. Thank you Kathleen Brooks for delivering another amazing book!



Kathleen Brooks has done it again! Her Bluegrass Brothers series never fail to entertain or keep one from turning the pages!

In Relentless Pursuit, we get to ride along with Pierce, the youngest of the Davies boys, as he finds himself not only falling for Tammy (finally!) but in a lot of hot water too! Of course, the rest of the Davies family and the community of Keeneston are there too! Where would these books be without these townsfolk!

A sexy, fun and suspenseful read which I found it so hard to put down! Awesome work again Kathleen! 

5 stars all the way!


How did the Bluegrass Series first come to you?

I daydream a lot. I have so many stories, or at least the beginnings of stories, rolling around in my head. I always wondered how odd it must be for someone to come into some of these small Southern towns. The way we talk, the food, the pace of life - it’s just so different. The character Kenna was born first, so to say, and then Keeneston.

Did you initially have all the characters planned out? If not did some develop in unusual ways? 

I do and I don’t. For the main characters, I have a loose outline of what I want them to be (their strengths, their weaknesses and their fun quirks). The secondary characters come more as I start writing and see what kind of support the main characters need.
I’ve thought of characters while driving (thank goodness I can talk into my phone and it takes notes for me!), I’ve dreamed about them, promptly woken up, and written like a woman possessed. And some have come to me just from listening to the people around me. We went to dinner one night at a great southern restaurant in Lexington. I overheard women talking about the county fair and suddenly a scene popped in my mind!

Was it your plan to always continue the Keeneston books with the Bluegrass Brothers series? 

Actually, no. I had come up with Kenna’s and Dani’s books (Bluegrass State of Mind and Risky Shot). As I started working on Risky Shot, the story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It was then I knew I couldn’t say goodbye to Keeneston yet. Paige’s brothers had to have their stories too!

Do you plan out each of your books or do you just see where they lead you?

I plan my books. All my books are somewhat connected. I keep up with all the old characters and the changes in their lives, as well as the new main characters. In order to keep things straight, I have to plan it out. I keep my options open though and only plot out life events. Then I let the story take me. When that happens, I find myself crying, laughing, or holding my breath as I write. I just hope those emotions carry from my fingers to the words on the page and on to the readers.

Keeping track of all of your characters and their families must be challenging. Do you have a family tree so you remember who belongs to and with whom?

It is very hard, and especially keeping track of the small details. I have a master list and before I start typing I always go back and review that list and make sure I describe everyone the correct way.

Did you always want to write romantic suspense books? 

Actually, I started off reading murder mysteries. I was a big Agatha Christie and Murder She Wrote fan when I was young. When I got older and needed an escape from studying or working, I discovered romance novels. Romantic Suspense is the best of both worlds!

Ahmed, Mo’s head of security, has a bit of a cult following! Did you originally intend for his character to be a feature in the books like he has or has he developed more than first thought? 

He’s definitely developed. I thought he’d be a great secondary character. But the more I wrote about him and really developed his past and his secrets, I knew he had to have his own book. I am so looking forward to his story. To tell about his dark side and how, even through all he's experienced, he is a man just wanting to be loved.

I am a huge fan of the way you write your sex scenes, and don’t actually go into detail about the act itself. Was this a conscious decision for how you wanted to write these scenes? (I love it myself as it makes you use your imagination a LOT more!!)

It was a conscious decision. I love leading the reader to that point, but then letting them use their imagination to finish the scene.

In your new release ‘Relentless Pursuit’, we get to read about Pierce and Tammy’s love story. Can you give us a quick run down about their relationship and their story? 

Pierce and Tammy have been a long time coming. The question has always been if Pierce would grow up enough to realize the wonderful woman he had in front of him the whole time.
Tammy knew Pierce in high school when he was a skinny, lanky geek. She meets him again while he’s getting his Masters Degree and she’s the secretary at the local law firm, but they still have some growing up to do.
While Pierce dates the president of the Keeneston Belles, the local social elite club, his life is really his work. He is set to unveil a huge secret he’s been working on and finds himself arrested for a brutal murder with all evidence pointing to him. The trouble is he doesn’t remember anything they are accusing him of.
Having waited long enough for Pierce, Tammy decides now is the time to grow up and move on. She has a good job as a paralegal and a hot new boyfriend. But everything changes quickly when Pierce is arrested and Tammy is called upon to help with his case. While working closely with Pierce to prove his innocence, she realizes her crush is something far more meaningful as she risks everything to save him.

How much research do you do for your books, especially into the law enforcement side of them?

I do quite a bit. I am lucky that I have a contact person in law enforcement to ask questions to. For Relentless Pursuit, I talked with a wonderful female dog trainer. She served multiple tours in Iraq and now teaches military and police teams how to handle their K-9s.

Family is a key in all of your books. Was this one of your original ideas and are you lucky enough to have a similar support system in your life? 

Yes. Since Kenna (from Bluegrass State of Mind) lost her parents, I wanted to give her that feeling of family that she missed. It was important to show that family can come in all shapes and sizes - a best friend, a large group of brothers and sisters, or even your neighbors.
While I am an only child, my mother was very close to her brother - in fact Rising Storm was dedicated to him. My father is also the oldest of five boys and I love their dynamic together. I am fortunate enough to have very a supportive husband, parents, and in-laws in addition to my large extended family.

The community of Keeneston is an obvious character in this book. Did you grow up in a town similar? If not, how did you come about the idea of this small and close-knit town?

I grew up in Nicholasville, Kentucky. It had a population of around 17,000 and I went to Centre College in Danville, Kentucky – recently voted one of the best small towns in America! I drew from them and a lot of the small towns around Lexington.
In my previous life, I was an attorney and hung out at these small courthouses and had lunch at these small cafes. I loved that feeling of everyone knowing not only you, but your whole family tree!

Are any of the characters based on people that you know or have met during your life or are they just imagined by you? 

The characters themselves are made up. However I take note of some quirks from my experience with people in the real world. Those waitresses that knew your whole family history, the clerk that wouldn’t put up with anything, the busy know-it-all - I took those personality traits and built characters around them.

What are you working on currently? 

I am currently working on the last in the Bluegrass Brothers series. Cy’s book should be out in October. I have had lots of questions about the series - the main one being about Ahmed. So, don’t worry, Ahmed will get his own book in the new year!



Bluegrass State of Mind: Amazon US | Amazon UK FREE!!
Risky Shot: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Dead Heat: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Bluegrass Undercover: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Rising Storm: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Secret Santa, A Bluegrass Series Novella: Amazon US | Amazon UK FREE!!
Acquiring Trouble: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Relentless Pursuit: Amazon US | Amazon UK

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Luck of Love by Tiffany Aleman and Ashley Poch
 Release Event hosted by The Boyfriend Bookmark 


Blake Riley thought she could leave her traumatic past behind when she left for college. Starting a new life and moving forward never sounded so good. Living carefree with her best friend in Ocean City New Jersey gave her the freedom she had always hoped for.

But sometimes life isn’t so carefree.

When Blake finds herself torn between the affections of two men, emotions that have been buried for years will be exposed. Derrick, a powerful CEO of a popular casino resort, instantly captivates her. Being drawn into his domineering passion, she bares herself to him in a way she least expected. With Landon, a successful attorney, she can be someone new; someone free from her haunting past. Each man evokes a different side of Blake. As both relationships grow stronger, walls will slowly begin to crack.

What will happen when the past slowly creeps its way into the present?

With two worlds filled with secrets and lies, it’s only a matter of time before they crash and truths are revealed.



2 eBooks of Luck of Love plus signed swag!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Standing on the landing in front of Blake’s door knocking, my cell phone vibrates. Reaching in and pulling it out of my pocket, I open a text from Blake.

Blake: It’s open. Come in and find me ;) 

With a smile spreading across my face, I open the door walking in. Closing it behind me, I walk past the couch, tossing my bag on it.

Searching for Blake, I go to the last room I haven’t looked in yet. Opening her door I’m frozen in place when I see a very sexy Blake standing in front of me, wearing a pair of black stilettos, black stockings with garter belts attached to a pair of lacy boy shorts, and a black bra that has me salivating at the sight of her. My dick jumps to attention, as a white satin tie hangs around her neck and over her breasts, the tip skims above her belly button. Her wavy hair hangs freely down her back. A pair of scarlet red square framed glasses rests on her face completing her look. Spinning around slowly letting me take in the full effect of this vixen who is Blake Riley, I say huskily, “Well this is a nice surprise.”

Sauntering towards me, swaying her hips back and forth, I clear my throat when she reaches me. Tracing her finger along my collarbone and up my neck, she leans into me and whispers seductively, “Well hello Mr. James. I see you got my text. I seem to be in need of some assistance tonight.” Tracing the shell of my ear with the tip of her tongue, my body stiffens, as the bulge in my pants grows harder. Grabbing my hand, Blake guides me towards a chair that sits in the middle of her room surrounded by the soft glow of candles placed sporadically throughout. Sitting down, I rest my arms on the armrests of the chair. With hooded eyes, I ask Blake, “Are you sure you want to play this game with me?”

Her eyebrow lifts as she answers, “This is my game Mr. James and you have to follow the rules, or else you don’t get to play.” She leaves me sitting in the chair as she walks across the room. With her back to me, she says, “There are two rules, and if you break either of them there will be consequences. I’ll tell you when the rules no longer apply, then and only then are you allowed to do what you want to me. Rule number one: Do not touch me at all; if you do, I’ll restrain you. Rule number two: Don’t speak. If you say one word, well, you’ll miss one hell of a show.” Fiddling with her iPod, Beyonce’s “Dance for You,” comes over the speakers.

Walking back to me and standing within my reach, she leans down so that we’re eye to eye, asking, “Do you understand my rules?”


I am 27 years old, with a wonderful family. My husband is in the Army, and we have two wonderful children. Ashley and I have been best of friends since we were 13. I recently graduated from South University with my Associate's Degree as a Paralegal. I enjoy listening to music, playing with my kids, and going to the beach, and anything that has to do with the outdoors pretty much.

I’ve always liked to write, but never really had an interest in reading until the summer of 2012. I am so excited to be taking my writing journey with Ashley, and we cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on Luck of Love, which is the first installment in the Luck Series. I have many authors that I consider my favorite so I’ll just name a few: E.L. James, SC Stephens, Molly McAdams, Rebecca Donovan, K.A Linde, Marie Coulson, and S.H. Kolee.


Ashley grew up in Texas but now has joined her husband to reside in North Dakota. She is a military wife and mother to two adorable children. She’s always wanted to travel having grown up in a small town. Her interest in reading sparked last summer and now she’s a lost cause without her e-reader. Since she loves to travel, the places she gets to go in her fictional books are what any girl could ask for.
When Ashley isn’t glued to her computer you can find her outdoors either playing with her children or relaxing and enjoying the sun reading a good romance novel. 


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***Em's Birthday Bash!***

Here it is Lovelies!

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Blog Tour Review of Tangled By Emma Chase

Tangled (Tangled, #1)

About The Book

Drew Evans is a winner. Handsome and arrogant, he makes multimillion dollar business deals and seduces New York’s most beautiful women with just a smile. He has loyal friends and an indulgent family. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable and depressed? 

He’ll tell you he has the flu.

But we all know that’s not really true.

Katherine Brooks is brilliant, beautiful and ambitious. She refuses to let anything - or anyone - derail her path to success. When Kate is hired as the new associate at Drew’s father’s investment banking firm, every aspect of the dashing playboy’s life is thrown into a tailspin. The professional competition she brings is unnerving, his attraction to her is distracting, his failure to entice her into his bed is exasperating. 

Then, just when Drew is on the cusp of having everything he wants, his overblown confidence threatens to ruin it all. Will he be able untangle his feelings of lust and tenderness, frustration and fulfillment? Will he rise to the most important challenge of his life? 

Can Drew Evans win at love? 

Tangled is not your mother’s romance novel. It is an outrageous, passionate, witty narrative about a man who knows a lot about women…just not as much as he thinks he knows. As he tells his story, Drew learns the one thing he never wanted in life, is the only thing he can’t live without.

Natalie's Review

Oh i really enjoyed this book,  it was FAB!! what a fantastic read, the whole book is in male POV but i think that's what made it so much more hilarious.  The lead character Drew thinks he is gods gift to women,  and to the type of women he attracts, he is just that.

“For many men, their car is equivalent to the perfect woman. We can build her to look exactly how we want, we can ride her hard and she won’t complain, and we can easily trade in when a newer, younger model comes along. It’s pretty much the ideal relationship.” 

 however when he meets the beautiful brunette at the club why cant he stop thinking about her,  he has to have her, however what drew didn't count on is that she would say NO!!

The book starts with Drew in his apartment,  he hasn't moved from his couch in days and thinks if he just sleeps it will just go away,  except he hasn't got flu drew is in love!!

What follows is a cat and mouse game,  when his father throws a unexpected spanner in the works, Drew will stop at nothing to get what he wants even if that means hurting the only woman who has kept his attention long enough to find out her first name.

“Yeah I do have ‘a thing’ for her. An extreme dislike of her. We can’t stand each other. She’s a pill. I wouldn’t fuck her with a ten foot dildo.” (Okay that’s not true. I’d so fuck her. But I wouldn’t like it. Yeah you’re right. That’s not true either.) 

This is a game that Drew has never played and when you win at everything,  how can you accept losing the most important game of all.

“Edward Cullen can take his stupid heroin and OD on it. Kate is my own personal brand of Viagra.”

I didn't want this book to end i loved it,  i could have read and read,  the banter between Drew and Kate is hilarious and the sex, oh boy its scorching,  i only have one negative about this book and that is i wish it had a bit more of a epilogue,  i wanted to see how it all turned out. OK make that two negatives, WHY DID IT HAVE TO END AT ALL!!!!!! i want more

OK hissy fit over, so to summarise I LOVED IT, I WANT MORE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, AND I CANT PRAISE IT ENOUGH, i give this book a Mahoooosive *****

About The Author 

Emma Chase, author of TANGLED

By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother who resides in a small town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.

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