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BLOG TOUR Lethal Obsession by Shandra Miller


**BLOG TOUR** Review of Lethal Obsession by Shandra Miller
About the Book 

Angela Martin is like everyone else. She wants acceptance. Love. Passion.

For five years she’s lived with the pain of knowing her husband cheats on her. She’s dealt with the heart-rending rejection by rebuilding her life around her work, becoming the first woman detective in the history of the Moose Creek, N.C., police department.

Then she stumbles upon him. A man who reawakens desire, who makes her feel more alive than she believed possible by pulling her into a world of bondage and dominance, devotion and trust taken to a new level, fear mingling with desire, a craving stronger than any drug.

Soon women start turning up dead in Moose Creek, bound and tortured, tied in ways that Angela finds startling familiar. Angela’s heart tells her that her newfound love cannot be the killer, her detective instincts tell her otherwise, and her obsession with this new lifestyle draws her back to him, even at the risk of her life.

LETHAL OBSESSION is a tale of sex and bondage, love and fear, desire and suspicion, with an ending that will leave you breathless, craving more.
Natalie's Review
I was really looking forward to reading this book as the synopsis sounded quite interesting, and when i started to read the first couple of pages i was really keen to see where the story went,  on the outside Angela was a confident police officer who was very respected by her colleagues and friends,  however she hid a secret,  her marriage is a sham and she has just embarked on a steamy affair with a man she has never seen, However things soon turn wrong when after she leaves this man she is called to a murder scene and too her horror the victims are found in the exact same sexual position that she had just encountered leaving her to wonder if the man she had met could be a killer.

The sexual tension between the two characters was high, the sex was hot and story was good, although i felt a little rushed,  i wish it had been developed a bit more because it was quite hard to connect with Angela and i thought that it could have been paced a little slower,  what i think this book needed was the male characters point of view,  i think that would have been great,, and would have made the ending so much more climatic.

This book is quite a quick read and if your into BDSM you will love it, at first i wasn't sure if i liked the book but i have realised that i actually did, what i didn't like was the ending, it left you hanging and i felt like a LOT of questions were left unanswered.

I would give this book 3.5* i hope there is a second book just so i can get over that hanger of a ending

Thanks Lovelies

Natalie xx

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