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'Kill Shot' Review & Interview with Liliana Hart

About the Book
Grace Meredith is the CIA’s most deadly assassin. Too bad she’s gone off the grid and become a mercenary for hire. After the death of her daughter by a sniper’s bullet, Grace can no longer stomach the demands of agency life or keep herself from blaming the only man she’s ever loved. Her mind and body are fragile, and she knows she’s just a step away from breaking down completely.

Gabe Brennan holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. As one of the most brilliant black ops agents the CIA has ever employed, he knows it’s no one’s fault but his own that his child was gunned down in cold blood. He might not have been able to save his daughter, but he’s determined to save his wife. He only has to find her first.

Sexual tension crackles between Gabe and Grace from the moment they’re reunited, but between the man who is hunting them, a secret that’s been buried for eighty years, and a turbulent past—the odds are stacked against them.
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Emma’s Review of “Kill Shot”

Liliana Hart’s new book, ‘Kill Shot’, had me hooked from the first chapter and by the time I had finished it, I could not stop thinking about it (even dreaming about the characters one night!) This book was like an action/suspense movie mashed up with a romantic drama! It had it all!

Grace Meredith is an ex-CIA agent. She is smart, stubborn and tough. She is also a shell of her former self. Having had the things taken from her that she most cares about in the world, she hires herself out as a mercenary to get to the people who too her life away. She doesn’t want to look back at the past but she needs the closure from it to move forward. But then the past sneaks up behind her while she is on a job and it’s none other than her ex-husband, Gabe Brennan.

Gabe was a top black ops agent in the CIA and seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. After having his life turned upside down too, this strong and confident Alpha male, has started his own private sector agency ‘The Collective’ and he wants Grace to join him and his band of equally talented (and sexy) men! Under Gabe’s tough exterior is a sweet and sensitive side and he is hoping that he can help his ex-wife and if he’s lucky, win her back.

While trying to stop the people who are after them, Gabe and Grace struggle to work through the issues from their past. This makes for some hot and steamy scenes!! Feelings that had been deeply buried for so long have been reignited and both have to search their hearts and work together to resolve their future.

Liliana was able to show the emotions and sensitivity of love lost, anger and betrayal without it being overly corny. Grace and Gabe’s personalities complemented one another and they were well rounded characters. The story kept you thinking and was well paced. It had me giggling in parts and blotting my tears in others. Who needs movies when a books author can give you all you need with the help of your imagination.


Q & A with Liliana Hart

Q - If you could work with another author, who would it be?
A - Lee Child. He's such a great writer, and I love the Jack Reacher series. I think we could team up and write a great story that would appeal to his thriller readers and my romance readers.

Q - Who is your favourite author and is your writing style similar to theirs?
A - My favorite author is Diana Gabaldon, and I only wish I could write like her. She knows how to craft a story with such detail, so every word on the page is integral to the scene. She has an amazing gift.

Q - What is your favourite part of the book (Kill Shot)?
A - My favorite scene is where Grace and Gabe are sparring with each other in the gym. I love the sexual tension that crackles between them, but at the same time you really get a good first glimpse at how vulnerable Grace is. At the same time we really get to see how the two years they've spent apart has changed them and how Gabe is struggling with the best way to help his wife.

Q - When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?
A - Not really. When a character pops into my brain, they usually come with a name attached. The only time I've ever researched the meaning of names is with my Urban Fantasy, BREATH OF FIRE. And that's because there's so much legend and lore involved in the dragon race that I wanted the names to reflect the abilities of my characters.

Q - Who are your target readers?
A - Everyone! I have a great mix of readers from all age groups. I have both male and female readers, and readers of all shapes, sizes, and color. I think that's the great thing about romance--love and hope are a universal language.

Q - What are the major themes of your work?
A - Family is always a big theme in all of my books. That no matter what happens or the mistakes you make, your family will be there no matter what. I also use betrayal a lot in my books because it really gives my hero/heroine something they have to work through and get past before they can have a happily-ever-after. I really like using an H/h that already have a bit of a past because I can really move the story forward because they already know each other. 

Q - Any recent works that you admire?
A - I recently read Jasinda Wilder's FALLING INTO YOU, and any book that can make me cry means the person who wrote it has a real talent. I'm not a cryer.

Q - What do you think people search for in a book?
A - As a reader, I'm always looking for great characters. It's their chemistry and their journey that are going to make me keep reading and keep me invested. That's what I try to bring to my own readers.

Q - How have your personal experiences affected your writing?
A - I don't really use emotional personal experiences in my books because I don't want to open a lot of those wounds. I do use personal funny stories from family and friends when I write my Addison Holmes books though. I will say that my last two MacKenzie books, SINS AND SCARLET LACE and SECRETS AND SATIN, were the hardest books I've ever had to write because my dad had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment while I was writing these books. It was a struggle to sit down and get words on the page every day, and I do think both of those books are much more emotional that my other books.

Q - What genre of books do you like to read? Do you limit yourself to only the genre that
you write yourself?
A - I will read absolutely anything, including cereal boxes and obituaries. I love to read, so if the story is good I could care less what the genre is. I read a lot of historical romances, thrillers, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, comedy, epic fantasy...pretty much everything.

Q - Were you always good at writing?
A - I would say instead that I've always written, even when I was a small child. I think you get better at the craft the more you do something. I know the books I write today are better than the ones I wrote 10 years ago, and the books I write 10 years from now will be better than the books I write today. At least I hope.

Q - How do you get started with writing a story? (as in, how do you start developing the
story, how do you get inspired for it?)
A - A major scene or a character will just pop into my head and I go from there. It happens all the time, so I have a notepad filled with future story ideas or characters. Once I sit down to start writing it I just let it happen. I'm not a plotter, so every day at the keyboard is a new adventure. I'm always just as surprised as my readers.

Q - What advice would you give people who run “out of creativity” when writing?
A - I'd say mix things up. Read newspaper headlines, watch TV, read a book outside your genre, spend a few days going out and watching people. Ideas come from everywhere. I honestly don't believe writers run out of creativity or ideas. Sometimes you get tired or overworked or burned out, but that just means you need to take a break. The ideas will come back once you're rested.

About the Author

Liliana Hart is a bestselling and award-winning author in both the mystery and romance genres. After starting her first novel her freshman year of college, she immediately became addicted to writing and knew she'd found what she was meant to do with her life. She has no idea why she majored in music.

Liliana is an avid reader and a believer in all things romance. Her books are filled with witty dialogue, steamy sex, and the all-important happily-ever-afters her romantic soul craves. Since self-publishing in June of 2011, she's sold more than half a million ebooks all over the world. She lives in Texas with her husband and four children, and they occasionally let her meet her deadlines.


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