Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Keeneston Krew Interview.

Ever wonder what would happen if you ever met the Keeneston group? Well I decided it was time to finally meet Ahmed!! :)
Ladies Me, Natalie Townson and Samantha Pierrepont got to interview the Keeneston gang!! Here is what happened...

Keeneston Krew Interview.

Me, Nat and Samantha are on the drive to meet everyone at Keeneston.

“Oh-My-Freaking-God! Can you believe we’re about to meet everyone from Keeneston?” I squeal.
“Jesus Christ Alicia, you gave me a freaking heart attack! I could have crashed you fool!” Nat chastised me.
“Sorry. I’m just sooooo excited. Do I look ok? I hope Ahmed is there?” I giggle.
Nat rolls her eyes at me. “You and your Ahmed obsession is scary. Try not to be too flirty!” 
“Alicia, Ahmed will be guarding Mo and Dani, Of course he’ll be there!” Sammy chuckles.

I take a deep breath trying to calm myself. This interview can’t go down like the last one did. That was so embarrassing. I pretty much froze up and said some pretty bad things. Brain get in gear. We’re going to do this one right. Don’t let Ahmed muddle your head! Oh Ahmed. What am I going to do? I can already feel the butterflies at just the thought of meeting him. 

We arrive outside Blossom where we’ve arranged to meet everyone.

“Right girls, let’s do this. Alicia be on your best behaviour!” Nat reminds me.
I roll my eyes “Ok, I got this.” I smile.
Sammy laughs at me.
“What?” I ask her.
“Nat you know as soon as she sees Ahmed she’s going to go all girly don’t you?” Sammy speaks to Nat. Natalie sighs.
“Yeah. I do. Maybe we should have left her at home!” Nat says.
“Hey! I am right here you know! Right here!” I mutter.

We walk into Blossom and we’re immediately met by who I’m assuming is Daisy Mae.
Natalie puts her hand out to shake her hand. “Hi, we’re The Lovelies. Kathleen has sent us to do an interview with everyone. I know we’re half an hour early but we thought we could grab a bite to eat before.”
“And a Rose sister’s Iced Tea Special!” I add. Nat glares at me. 
“Alicia you need to keep your head clear.”
“I know Nat. I’m a little nervous and it will help calm my nerves. I don’t want to make myself look silly in front of everyone!” I reply.
Miss Rose looks between us with a big smile. “I’m Daisy Mae. It’s lovely to meet you all. Come this way and I’ll get you a menu.” She proceeds to walk to the other end of the café.
The whole place has gone quiet and everyone is staring. I feel a blush creeping up my cheeks. I knew we’d get stared at but I didn’t think I’d feel like a piece of meat.

Violet Fae pops out to say hello whilst dropping our lunch off.
“Oh my god the food here is amazing!” Sammy exclaims.
“This Iced – hic – tea is yummy!” I smile.
“Alicia, I told you not to have any of that. You’ll be slurring soon!” Natalie chastises me.
I roll my eyes. “I’m fine Nat, don’t worry about me – hic – I’m not nervous now!” 
“Right let’s get this straight, This interview has to go well. Alicia just leave the questions to me, We’ll be safer that way! I need this to go well. No author is ever going to let us do this again if it goes the same as the last interview.” Nat gives us a pep talk.
Sammy giggles “I’m glad you pair let me come along! This is going to be so much fun!”
“HEY! Nat I’m fine honestly. We can stick – hic – to the questions we planned and it should go – hic – without a hitch!” 
“No! If you want to ask question we’ll change this up. We’ll do some fire questions at the end.” 
“Ok Natalie but I’m not happy about this – hic – I’m completely fine.”

The door opens and in walks a group of hot, yes hot people. Wow these are… wow. Oh shit, maybe Nat was right. My brain is already feeling foggy. 
“We got this.” I say more to myself than to Natalie and Samantha.
The group walks to our table and a sexy man stick his hand our.
“Hi, I’m Will. This is my wife McKenna, Paige and Cole, Annie and Cade, Morgan and Miles and Katelyn. Marshall can’t make it but Kathleen told you that right?” Will introduces everyone.
“Hi” I squeak. Holy shit! Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys. These women are stunning and the men *sigh* Fuck they are hot as sin!! Head in the game Alicia, Nat is already done the introductions and I’m just staring like a fool. I get myself in order to concentrate on what is happening.
“Yes Dani and Mo will be here soon. They are just running a little late.” Paige informs us.
Oh yeah! They’re getting down and dirty. Ahmed will be here soon. Hmmm I can’t wait! I bet he’s sexy as fuck! I bet he has a huge.. 
“Alicia” Natalie snaps. 
I refocus and realise everyone is staring at me with grins… apart from Nat who is glaring. I guess I said that out loud. Oh No!
Katelyn giggles. “He is lovely isn’t he.”
“Yes he’s dreamy.” McKenna adds.
“He’s yumtastic from what I’ve heard. Any inside gossip on how to bag him?” I ask.
“How to what?” They both ask.
“You know, make him my husband!” I laugh.
Laughs and giggles go all around. “I don’t think Ahmed is on the market.” Paige says.
I pout. I’ve got to get a plan. Maybe get him drunk and work my magic. Not going to be easy! Think Alicia. Hmm…

“Right lets get this show on the road. Will, how did it feel to see Kenna again?” Nat asks.
“It felt amazing. She’s so beautiful and at first I didn’t recognise her but I definitely wanted to get to know this stunning lady. Once I realised who she was I was blown away. It had been so long since I’d seen her.”
“Aww that’s so sweet.” Sammy says. All the ladies nod in agreement.
“Cole, you and Paige always seemed to have a spark there but you both fought it. What made you realise you couldn’t fight the spark anymore?” I ask.
“Hmmm. I never wanted to fight it but my lady is head strong and feisty. She didn’t seem to want to know me but when she got herself in danger but chasing an attempted murderer” he stops to glare at Paige who in turn stares him down “I had this strong protective feeling come over me. I knew I had to protect her but she tried to not accept that!”
“Yes well I can take care of myself. I shoot better than you!” Paige replies to Cole with a smile.
“Hell yes she does” Cade and Miles add.
“Fan question by Ginny LaMere, Paige what went through your head when Cole got you the vacuum cleaner?” Natalie asks.
Cole groans at the same time Paige glares at him.
“I was furious. Not only had he decided he was moving in without asking me. He also felt I’d be happy he bought me a cleaning product. If I had my gun in my hand. I would have made him dance! Y’all know what it’s like. What women wants to get a vacuum as a gift?”
We’re all in agreement with her.

The door opens and in walks a handsome man with a beauty on his arm. It could only be Dani and Mo. OH MY FREAKING GOD. It’s Ahmed. AHMED!! I think I’m going to faint. He is hotter than I could have imagined. Kathleen has been holding out on us!! My mouth has gone dry. I’m panting Holy shit Alicia. Pull yourself together. You’re gonna make a fool of yourself. Act normal and don’t stare. Ha why am I even saying this to myself. It’s Ahmed! Ahmed the sex god. Ahmed the mysterious man whom is hotter than the surface of the Sun, Mars and a rocket explosion all in one. *SWOON* I can’t take my eyes from him.
Natalie groans and Sammy gives me a swift elbow to the ribs.
“Ouch! What was that for?” I demand.
Everyone has grins on their faces, including Dani and Mo, who must have seen me blatantly drooling over Ahmed. Ahmed just has a blank face staring at me. I thrust my chest out a little and put on my most seductive smile.
“Hey!” I say to Ahmed and Ahmed alone.
One of his eyebrows raises but he says nothing in return. I pout. This is going to be harder than I thought!
“Sorry we’re late. I’m Dani and this is my handsome husband Mo.” She smiles at Mo and he smiles back with such love I melt on the spot.
“Hello. Don’t worry about it.” Nat answers smoothly. “Good timing actually. Mo how did you feel when you first met Dani?”
“Yeah you know, you liked Kenna first then when she is only interested in Will and Danni turned up. You was all over her.” Holy shit. Did I just say that? Oh god way to go Alicia! I groan. Nat gasps and Sammy giggles.
“I can’t believe you just said that Alicia” Sammy whispers.
“Oh God. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to say that!” I mutter embarrassed.
Mo laughs. “No problem. It’s true I did like Kenna but it was nothing like how I felt when I set my eyes upon Dani. I already had strong feelings for her just from hearing about the type of person that she is from Kenna. I guess you could say it was love at first sight when I set my eyes upon this stunning lady.” Mo replies honestly. I melt again. He’s so sweet.
“Oh baby, you’re so sweet!” Dani kisses him.
“Ahmed.. erm.. eh.. huh.” I stammer.
“yes?” he questions.
Oh you have got to be shitting me. His voice, WOW his voice. Holy hotness, could he be any more perfect? I blush.
“I just wanted to feel you name roll off my tongue.” I say “Yeah along with his body rolling off my tongue” I add quietly. Fuck this is bad. I’m making a tit out of myself again! 
Everyone laughs. I guess I didn’t say it so quietly. I’m sure I’m as red as beetroot now!
Ahmed’s mouth twitches slightly, fighting a smile with that eyebrow raised again.
“Ahem, yeah ok time to swiftly move along!” Natalie adds.

“Ok we need to head home soon so can we do a quick fire round?” Natalie asks.
“Sure” A few say but I’m not sure who as I’m watching Ahmed again. I want to see a smile so bad! I’m imagining all the things I want to do with and to him! Hmmmm.
“Ahmed, Hard and fast or slow and soft?” I ask. WHAT THE HELL!! OH MY GOD. DID I JUST SAY THAT? FUCK, FUCKETY FUCK FUCK!! 
Everyone laughs, Natalie gasps, Sammy giggles.
“Both” Ahmed answers with a smirk. Wait what? Did he just answer? Oh I love him!
“Will… the Derby or Farm life?” Sammy asks.
“Farm life with my family”
“Rough or Gentle?” I ask directly to Ahmed.
He chuckles.
“I think maybe it’s best if we end the interview now. Alicia seems to be having a difficult time. Sorry guys” Natalie apologises. I gasp.
“NO! Wait I need to ask Ahmed one more question. It’s a fan question.” I shout. “Are you looking for love Ahmed. Or just some fun? I’ll divorce the hubster” I ask him hopeful.
Everyone, including Ahmed bursts into laughter.
Natalie stands, pulls me up and pushes me towards the door.
“I’m so sorry” she calls over her shoulder “Time to leave!” she growls at me.
Sammy is left behind saying goodbye and thank you.

“What the heck Alicia?! You said you wouldn’t do this. Kathleen is never EVER going to trust us again!” Natalie shouts.
“What? Everyone wants to know the same!” I reply quietly.
Silent treatment from both Natalie and Sammy is all I get on the long drive back home.

Sorry Lovelies. I did it again but you have to understand… Ahmed is better that I ever imagined!!

Hope you've enjoyed Lovelies! I did :) Alicia x

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