Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Book Review of Video Vixen - Elaine Raco Chase


Welcome to Sodom's Crossing, just south of the equator -- well actually
downtown Manhattan! From her billboard in Times Square to her rare
vertical photos in Playboy - the world was finding it easy to be Vixen-ized.

If you're missing your favorite soap - meet the zany cast of Always Tomorrow lead by Vixen Mallory! They are on a mission and Vixen is their bait!

"Good girls finish last, Daniel, and I've always been at the head of the class." That's what Vixen Mallory would say, and Vikki Kirkland was saying it now -- to Dan Falkner, ace reporter who'd come to do a story on the soap opera and the star that had taken the cable network and viewer-ship by storm.

Vikki had sworn to her fellow cast mates on Always Tomorrow that she would protect their secrets by being the sexy, unscrupulous siren on-camera and off - to the hilt. Making sure that investigative reporter Dan Falkner would focus on the illusion rather than the sweet, shy woman Vikki really was.

There was just one problem -- Vikki never imagined how easy it would be to enjoy being a vixen and take what she wanted. And she found she wanted Dan Falkner more than she had ever wanted any man.

I really enjoyed this book,  it was the first that i had read by Elaine Raco Chase, and i really enjoyed it,  although it started a little slowly it soon picked up pace.  The story is about Vikki and Dan, how they come to meet on the set of Always Tomorrow and soon a cat and mouse game pursues.  Dan wants to get to know the real Vikki but just when he gets close Vixen is always in the way,  you see him try to break down all the walls that Vikki has put up to protect her already fragile broken heart.  Vikki is keen to see how it plays out however isn't sure if its Vixen or Vikki that Dan wants and is surprised how when she is with Dan she actually likes the Vixen side of her that comes out to play.

The more that Vikki keeps Dan at arms lengths the more he is intrigued to find out why,  he has never met a girl like her before and the games that she plays is exciting and he soon finds its him that cant keep away.

Azure eyes slanted beguilingly into brown. "What exactly are you afraid of, Daniel?" Slender bare arms pressed against either side of her unbound breasts to provide an enticing uplift.
The smokey voice and pose was Vixen's, but the heart pounding beneath the overflowing bosom was Vikki's.  She knew what she was afraid of: her unreasonable fascination with this man.
His thumb bit through the styro-foam cup sending a spurt of black coffee over the open notebook. keep this up lady, and we'll soon find out if you're all talk and no action.  There's a game afoot here and I'm quite content playing until i find the answer. 

So there we have it,  i hope you enjoy this book as much as i did, keep an eye out for more reviews on Elaine Raco Chase over the next few days

What The Fans Say

Emily Turcotte Gadwah
I've read too many of Elaine's books to write individual reviews so I think I'll tell you what I like about her books in general: her female characters are always strong independent woman not afraid to take what they want, but they can also be vulnerable enough to need a strong man in their lives also. Her stories are humorous and very very sexy. They make me laugh and make me cry, just as any god book worth reading should be able to do!!! I know that any book by Elaine will not disappoint !!

Hope you enjoyed todays review
Thank You Natalie & Alicia xx


  1. Emma Fitzgerald9 April 2013 at 03:14

    OOHH! I like the sound of this one! Will put it on my TBR list (if it's not already there!!)

  2. Thank you so much for this great review of Vixen. I'd love to be on a soap!