Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Book Review - Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams

Heavenly Hell 

About The Book 

You'd think being stuck in the body of a beautiful seventeen year old girl forever would be a gift. But when you are fallen, it is more like a curse.

Indiana was a beautiful angel, enjoying the perks of Heaven, until she was tricked by a demon to fall in love with him. She was forced to fall from Heaven and remain in her seventeen year old form, banished to Earth, for all of eternity.

Now, unable to cope with her banishment, she is a seemingly normal seventeen year old girl by day, while she spends her nights punishing men for the wrongs they have committed against women.

Although Indiana has lived on Earth for thousands of years, she recently settled into a small town, where she has finally been able to make some lasting friendships. When a handsome, mysterious boy comes to town, Indiana knows something is not right. He might end up her ally, or she might end up in the fight of her life.

Natalie's Review 

This is the story if Indiana a fallen angel who was banished from heaven to remain on earth to spend eternity in a Seventeen year old's body,  Indi has spent hundreds of years roaming the earth vowing to protect any woman who has been mistreated by men, and this is making her heart dark,  Indi does not quite understand what is happening to her and why she feels such anger.

Sweat poured off his face, and blood seeped from his nose.
I kicked his ribs again, and the feeling of empowerment flowed through my veins, strengthening my soul. It healed the aching hole in my chest that my lover had left behind. This feeling never grew old, and my emotions called out to it.

Indi is content to spend the rest of her life dealing with these men who abuse their wives. She believes that she is doing good by hurting them, even though she is changing their lives,  she is also keeping any man at arms length as she has decided she will never let a man take advantage of her again like her lover did in heaven... That is until Nate walks in.

 His hair had fallen over his face, leaving only a glimpse of his smile, as he looked my direction. He whipped his hair back over. My knees went weak.
“Close your mouth, Indy.”

This is the first guy that Indi has taken notice of,  which isn't great because this guy knows who she is and is there to kill her!
This Young Adult book was really good,  i think it was very well written and has some very serious issues including Abuse, Sti's, Contraception and the pressure that is on young girls.  i loved the whole fallen angel storyline.  and i really enjoyed the friendships between all the characters and their actions at the beginning of the book were all explained by the end. 

About The Author 

Hi my name is Aria Williams, I am a new author who is now being publishing with Limitless publishing. I love to write Ya , paranormal and fantasy novels. I love all animals especially the magestic siberian husky.

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I really enjoyed this book,  if your a fan of Melody Anne's Midnight series you will love this i give this book 4.5* 

Natalie xx

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