Sunday, 14 April 2013

Book Review - Billionaire Princess by Christina Tetreault

The Billionaire Princess (The Sherbrookes of Newport)

About The Book 

She was raised as an American Princess

Following the betrayal of a former lover, Sara Sherbrooke swore off relationships, too afraid she would be used again. Instead she has devoted all her energy to succeeding in politics without relying on her family name. That is until one night in Hawaii with her brother's best friend Christopher Hall.

He is a self-made billionaire

Technological genius and CEO of Hall Technology, Christopher Hall first met Sara Sherbrooke when he and Jake Sherbrooke were college roommates. While attending Jake's wedding in Hawaii, Christopher is reintroduced to Sara, a beauty who was once way out of his league. But now as the most eligible bachelor in Silicon Valley, the only thing stopping Christopher from pursuing Sara is the thought of betraying his best friend.

As they work together to promote a new education initiative, neither can deny the attraction between them. But will their growing romance be worth all of the consequences? 

Natalie's Review

I love the Sherbrookes series, so i knew i would love this book.  This is Sara's story and anyone who has read the first two books in the series would remember that they disliked Sara quite a lot as she was quite frankly a BITCH.  
I had been looking forward to this book for ages as i am quite a fan of Christina and wait on tenterhooks waiting for her new release,  I was NOT disappointed again i was pulled into the story from the beginning and realise that actually Sara deep down is sensitive and is just guarded of her heart, until she meets Christopher, who is completely swoon worthy,  i loved Jake from book two but i think i LOVE LOVE Christopher,  i want one.

The sparks that fly between the two is romantic and entertaining its lovely to see Sara change before our eyes and become a very likable character,  i think they are now my favorite Sherbrookes couple. 

I cannot wait until Christina's next book i am such a huge fan of hers and will continue to read EVERYTHING that she publishes.

Thank you Lovelies hope you enjoy 

Natalie xx

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  1. Replies
    1. so do i kathleen i think christina is ace xx

  2. Emma Fitzgerald14 April 2013 at 15:55

    Great review Nat!
    I loved this book & series. I think Chris is now my favourite leading man! Can't wait for Christina's next book!

    1. Mine too Emma. I can't believe he has taken over from Jake lol x

  3. This is awesome ladies... thanks!