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Blog Tour: Seduce by Lexi Buchanan Review. 


Meet Michael, Sebastian, Ruben, Lucien and Ramon McKenzie.

Five hot brothers who are about to meet five equally hot partners.

Book 1 is Michael McKenzie’s story.

Michael is CEO of McKenzie Holdings and has a very bad habit of placing work before all else. His wife, Viv, had died in a car accident, with her current lover, on the way to meet with the divorce attorney’s six years ago. Michael was divorcing her because he’d discovered she’d had a stream of lovers during the course of their marriage. Since her death he’s had no wish to get involved with anyone, until Lily.

Lily, having lost her job at Oakfield Development gains employment at McKenzie Holdings thinking she’s going to work as the Assistant to Dale Roberts, but unbeknown to Lily she has been hired to work as Michael’s assistant. Lily is shocked, and disappointed to realize that the man she’s just been flirting with in the elevator is actually her boss.

Lily and Michael are instantly drawn to each other, but he’s her boss and Lily lives with her boyfriend of seven years. David, her boyfriend, has been acting strange for about five months which has caused Lily to re-evaluate her relationship with him and it comes up short, a lot. She had decided before meeting Michael that she wanted out of her relationship with David, but she has nowhere else to go, so she stays with him for now.

Michael and Lily finally start their relationship, which involves a lot of hot loving and scarves which Lily uses on Michael! Their relationship seems to be heading towards happily ever after, until Lily makes an announcement to Michael, which has him telling her to leave his home. She does, heartbroken, and runs to his brother Lucien.


Lily POV

“Sebastian, you look hot,” I replied and gave him a hug. He really did. He was wearing a dark grey suit with a black silk shirt and he had all the women from the company drooling. Since he had taken his jacket off, you could tell how tight his abs were, which I was positive he knew.
He grinned. “You eyeing me up?”

“Yep. I’m trying to decide who I need to introduce you to.”

“No, you’re not going to introduce me to….,” he trailed off, “her.”

I looked across and he had gone still, staring at Ramon’s date. “Ah, Sebastian.”

“Who’s she here with?” he asked, still stunned. “Lily, who is that bodacious babe with?”

I snickered. “You did not just call her a bodacious babe? How old are you? Seventeen!”

“Trust me, no horny seventeen year old boy would be thinking of doing what I’m thinking of doing to her.”

“Bodacious!” I still couldn’t get over him using that word.

“Bill and Teds.”


“Never mind. You haven’t said who she’s with.”

Crap, he was really taken with her. This wasn’t going to go down too well. “You need to keep your cock in your trousers. She’s here with Ramon.”

I heard a laugh behind us

Alicia's Review:

This is a Hot read with a capital H! If you love a good sexy read, this is the book for you. It's virtually sex on every page... which is never a bad thing lol.

Lily is in a passionless relationship with David, who she has been with for the last several years and he's been there for her through all her tough times. Things was going good up until 5 months ago. Lily and David still have a sex life but Lily finds it's more sex for David rather than herself... you know, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. She's not getting any O's. Lily suddenly finds herself without a job with David telling her she doesn't need to work. She wants something for herself so decides to get a job, which she doesn't tell David about. Dressing the part of successful and sexy, she heads to her new job. Turning heads... Well one in particular.

Michael is single, sexy and her new boss. Michael has been burned in the past, his wife cheated on him repeatedly and changed his whole outlook on relationships. That is until he met Lily on the elevator on her first day of work. They both had no clue that Michael was her new boss. The first impression they had of each other was explosive and there wasn't anything they could do about it. From his past experience in relationships, Michael is paranoid and very jealous. He even gets jealous of his brother just talking to her.

This story is written in alternating POVs which I always enjoy, it helps a story to develop when you can get into both character's heads. I also loved the secondary characters! Michael’s family was supportive, for both Lily and Michael. Plus, they weren't afraid to butt heads with Michael. Especially when he needed to get his head out of his @$$ and see that Lily is nothing like his ex wife! 

I did find the storyline to be a little rushed. They fell in love within 2 days and couldn't keep their hands off each other. Lily refers to Michael as a alpha male but I found him to be over sensitive and a little female-ish, you know, when you can tell its written from a female mind. There is high emotions with Lily crying a lot but I couldn't connect to her emotions, I love a book when I cry when the characters do! I know I've really connected with the characters then. The book is Humorous and I did enjoy it. I found I connected better with Michael's brothers a little more then Michael. I think it's because he wasn't alpha male enough for me.

I am looking forward to future installments from Lexi and seeing what Michael and Lily get up to past Seduce. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Michael's brothers get up to.

I give this book 4*s

About Lexi Buchanan:

I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived up until 3 years ago when I moved to Ireland with my husband, 4 kids and pack of animals. I can tell you it isn't pleasant travelling in a car with 5 cats in cat boxes in the back. Getting back into the car after the ferry journey to Ireland was the most unpleasant thing we had to do on moving day!!

Blog:            http://lexibuchanan.blogspot.com.au/

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