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Best Laid Plans by Elaine Raco Chase.

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Take a trip back to 1983. There was no TSA and people smoked on airplanes. (The airplane scene actually happened to me and the nun!)

This was New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina - a place I fell in love with and visited a half-dozen times. Alas, some of the restaurants I knew are no longer in business and menu prices certainly have changed.

Fashion - is still fashion! The styles come and go, but somehow are reborn again and again.

While it was a sensuous romance when it was first published, it was fun to amp things up!

Meet Amanda Wyatt - she had an eight year plan and accomplished so much more. Attractive, talented, she was a success whether she was designing high fashion or running her own elegant shop in New Orleans. And she had a friend with benefits relationship with -

Lucas Crosse, her lawyer and the brother she never had for twelve years. He knew her intimately - well almost. Now, he's decided he wants that, too. And he's ready to fight for Amanda with -

Wade Lloyd. He entered Amanda's life by accident. Now he wants to be a permanent fixture. But can he handle her success? Can he handle Amanda? Can he handle her friendship with Lucas Crosse?

As for Amanda - she has choices to make. A new, exciting love? Or a best friend whose benefits she's begun to dream about.

Alicia's Review.

This book is amazing. At first you'll get to see into the world of fashion shows and designers. The words used to describe the decadence of each of the renowned designer's creation during a fashion show makes you envision the glamorous scene, feel and hear every beat of the music used on the ramp. Your can just imaine it like you're there!

Amanda Wyatt and Lucas Crosse have been best friends since her freshman year at college. Lucas , as an upperclassman had been her mentor and the two of them hit it off. The story begins years later after she has become a successful business woman in her chosen field of fashion. She owns a very elegant dress shop in New Orleans. Lucas meanwhile has finished law school and has thriving practice in Texas. They have remained friends over the years and stayed in each others lives. 

Things change when Amanda reaches a point where she has to make some decisions about expanding her business or keeping it as it is. When she talks to Lucas he offers her the chance to take a vacation from her business to think things over;he has a new home in Texas and he would like for her to use her skills to decorate it and make his house a real home. 

Lucas has ulterior motives because over the years he has come to understand that he loves her and want's to present his case to her. When she arrives to begin work on the house, she begins to suspect that maybe her feelings for him is more than friendship. 

Enter Wade Loyd a Texan she meets at a party and to whom she takes an instant like. Amanda soon finds that she has to make big decisions about not only her business but which man she wants to spend her life with. 

She finally decides and for me the chose the right one. I loved the authors descriptions of New Orleans and I really liked Lucas and Amanda and adding Wade into the mix added just the right amount of tension. 

I'm very happy with the end decision and the book overall. Excellent read and thoroughly enjoyable. This is a Hot, sexy book and it's stunningly written.

We can plan all we want but sometimes fate intervenes to change everything; in love that change can be really great.

I give this book 5* 

This book is for mature audiences is the excerpt!

Her ancient cut-offs emphasized rounded buttocks and long, slender legs; the sleeveless cotton shirt was tied under full breasts to reveal a flat midriff and the delicate muscles that rippled along graceful, bare arms.

"Lucas-" Amanda's voice jarred his musings, his fork skidded against the syrup-slick plate, sending two squares of golden toast bread slopping onto the counter. "Sorry," she said and grimaced, turning her attention back to loading the dishwasher.

Her busy figure drew him like a magnet. His dark gaze flowed along her erogenous terrain, devouring each curve and soft swell. Hazel eyes traced the sinuous sweep of spine, the arched derriere and the firm thighs.

The pulse in his throat began to pound and grow, his breathing came rapid and shallow. The erotic atmosphere created by his mind began building tension again. His cock pushed hard against the zipper on his jeans. He desired her as a man desires a woman. While Lucas knew Amanda's mind, he had little knowledge of her body. Suddenly that was what he craved most. He wanted more. More than holiday kisses. More than casual hand-holding and brother-sister tussles.

He was anxious to taste and explore every inch of her. His tongue wanted to start its sensual tasting by outlining her full lips then dipping inside her mouth. From there he would blaze a slow nibbling trail down her neck, across her gorgeous breasts to suck the hardened peaks that were highlighted by the light cotton covering of her T-shirt. Oh, yeah, he knew he could spend hours lightly biting, licking, sucking those nipples. Before moving lower to taste and torment her clit with both tongue and fingers.

He'd take his time. It would be all about her. He'd make her forget any other man. And he knew there had been damn few. But he was determined to be the last. He'd make sure of that.

If you like sassy, laugh out loud, contemporary romances - some more explicit than others - you have found the right author!
Reviewers have called them: "cat & mouse" - "slow burn" - "hot and steamy" - "highly addicting" - "solid characters & lots of humor" - "amazing reads!"
I call them fun! My heroines are NOT: thin, petite, clueless or submissive. They are strong women who aren't looking for a man - until the right one comes along!
And those men! Tough-guy, alpha males who don't know what hit them! But do know they want MORE!
I also write erotic mystery/thriller's and the Agatha Christie nominated non-fiction "How to write the Amateur Detective Novel" which is in the FBI Forensic Library at Quantico.

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  1. Emma Fitzgerald11 April 2013 at 05:38

    Loved this book! Another wonderful read from Elaine Raco Chase! Great review too Alicia!

  2. Alicia - thank you so much for the 5 star review.. I love New Orleans...and Amanda...and of course Lucas and Wade too! Greedy I am - LOL!

    1. Haha it was hard to choose but I think Amanda made the right choice in the end! I would have picked him! The details into the fashion show at the beginning were amazing! I felt like I was there! I could see it all! Amazing book! :)

    2. Thank was fun to update some of the fashions oddly enough many were still being shown - what's old is new again!