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Author Appreciation Melody Anne!!

For Melody Anne 

As you all know we started Island Lovelies Book Club as a way of helping to promote authors work,  give our opinions on the books we have read but also so we could help spread the word about our favorite authors.
We have done a few spotlight authors, done many giveaways, told you when there is going to be events we think you should join,  however the one thing that we have not done is take the time to tell the wonderful authors, that we now call friends,  exactly what their work means to us all.
What we have decided to do is to do a very public display of affection to a author that means the world to us,  who has brought us all together and helped us to meet new friends, and that author is Melody Anne,  Melody, i don't think you quite know exactly what you mean to us all but this blog will leave you in no doubt that we all think that you are one very special person.

Why you deserve a Thank you!!

Alicia Taylor
I really hope she has loads of people buying her books from the promo we've been doing for surrender and previous books. Something to make it up to her. I don't know how she does it! She spends shit loads and is always giving things away! It's about time more people started doing things for her rather than the usual lot! I'd love to be able to give something special to her. That's why I promote as much as possible for her and like to do reviews straight away etc and I know you're the same x

Natalie Townson
Yeah I think I purchased the books straight away. I think she maybe doing too much
I don't want her to burn out

Alicia Taylor
I know poor soul but she likes to keep everyone happy. I can't believe she pushed the date forward on submit by 2 months. She takes on too much as it is! Then the release of the new Anderson book a month later! It makes her fans well happy but must be a strain for the family, her hardly sleeping or being able to see them all the time! I suppose she only does what she can. Hopefully she won't end up burning out and not wanting to continue writing because I love her books

Natalie Townson
Yeah me too I really appreciate everything she does for us. Wish I could help her more. Or do something for her

Alicia Taylor
We should do a thank you blog day from her fans and maybe a blog dedicated to all her books. Review each one, another character interview at the titans with Andersons as guests then Rafe and Shane. It's not much but drumming up as much promotions as we can, can only help.

Natalie Townson
That would be cool and get everyone we know who loves her to say something

Oh that would be cool. I'm going to message everyone and ask them to say a few words about melody then we can put it on our blog like a massive thank you she can print it out and keep

Alicia Taylor
Yeah a whole blog dedicated in thanks to her and their opinions on her! All nice of course but what a nice thing it would be for her to read! How much her fans truly appreciate her!

Natalie Townson
Ah it will be lovely

Alicia Taylor
Include me in the message, I want to see what they say lol. Maybe include Jeffrey her brother in law in a separate message with just you and me and ask him to ask her sister to get a few family ones but not telling Mel! X

Natalie Townson
That's a fab idea. I'm going to get on to it x

Alicia Taylor
Ok babe. Don't forget to include me in the messages! x

Natalie Townson
i will do
who should i message x i get confused with whos in whos club lol

Alicia Taylor
Ginny, dot, Lucy, Rebecca, Emma, Melissa hmmm my mind is blank haha

Alicia Taylor
Do a separate one to her author friends too... Ruth and Terri etc x

Natalie Townson
ok x

So Here is what everyone replied and what lovely things they had to say x

Hi Melody
Mel, I think your amazing, you go above and beyond to connect with your fans, although I now think of you as my friend,  you brought my love of reading back, you are so kind and generous with not only gifts but your time,  every person that speaks to you,  you go out of your way to make sure you have replied.  You ask our opinions and take them on board and you carry us along with your excitement when you have new ideas.

You are an inspiration to many and I have spoken to so many authors who have told me you have taken them under your wing and shown guidance and helped them on their way,  many of which we are also now friends with.

I just want to say THANK YOU Melody,  for making me fall in love with a new man every time I read one of your books (Alex is still my favourite yum yum), for making me wait on tenterhooks every time I read your midnight series,  and for making me laugh out loud by just being you but mostly thank you so much Mel for being my Friend

Natalie xx


You are an angel sent from above. Everything you do, all you give, the time you take to respond to every one of your fans posts inspires people. You make people want to be better. Your writing makes people believe in love and passion and hope. 
Funnily enough I was never a big reader when I was younger but I came across The Billionaire Wins The Game one day and thought I’d give it a go. It was the best decision ever! I ‘met’ Joseph, Lucas and Amy and fell in love with them. Needless to say I went on to read the whole series then moved on to read the Tycoon series and Rise Of The Dark Angel series. I love them all. The passion you put into your books made me fall in love with reading. 
It wasn’t until I’d finished reading the whole Billionaire Bachelors series that I connected with you on facebook. I popped on to declare my love for you story’s and you responded straight away. It was so nice to have an author respond and thank me for my love of your work but it shouldn’t have been you thanking me, I was thanking you for writing these books. They brought me such joy. Ask me to pick a favourite hero.... I can't. I love them all and have most chained to my bed!! LOL. 
It’s unreal how excited you can make me by saying a sentence… 

“I have the final copy of the next Anderson book cover!!”

That cover was posted at 3.22am for me and I squealed with delight!! Literally squealed. I think the hubby is used to me waking him up screaming now! You’ve made me do it many times just by putting a status.
The gifts you have given out is unbelievable, You’re so giving but what we keep telling you is you give us enough by these AMAZING books you write and share with us. As if the books aren’t enough, you’ve also given me some amazing ladies that are now very close friends. We’re like a family, a book family!
Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say to someone as giving, caring and loving as you but I’d still like to say it…. Thank you Melody Anne.

Alicia xx P.S. Rafe is MINE!! ;)

you are such an amazing person and I told you this before, but it is so true it bears repeating lol thank you for your fine example of generosity and graciousness! Thank you also for all the support you have shown me and other new authors! Wishing you all the best your friend, 
Eris Kelli

Melody Anne you brought fun, laughter, reading back into my life again. I was searching on iBooks last year for new romances to read and came across your Billionaire Wins The Game and how I loved that book. And now having you as a friend is a great honour. Without your friendship I would not know so many other great people here, too many to say, but you are all so great.
 I also know that you will say to us who are giving you thanks in our own special way, that we shouldn't need to. But YES we do.
 Rebecca Lockhart xx

Speaking of Rebecca,  we had to threaten her to make sure she didn't spoil the surprise lol

Rebecca Lockhart
Hey Alicia so if I say to Mel would that mean I'd be "arrested" lol
Natalie Townson
we would all disown you rebecca and you wouldn't be our friend lol
Alicia Taylor
You will be unfriended and we won't let you take part and we'll postpone it so she thinks you made it up then spring it on Her at a later date mwahahaha
haha great mind Nat!
Tracy Riva
Good idea Alicia. I like the way your mind works.
Alicia Taylor
Plus we know you wouldn't do that as this will mean so much to her and a nice surprise is the best kind of thank you!
Rebecca Lockhart
I think I'm sad now really sad
I really like spoiling surprises lol
Alicia Taylor
But you won't do it so you need to be happy happy happy!!
Rebecca Lockhart
Secrets safe with me
Alicia Taylor
what? Remind me not to let you in on surprises again haha

Well done rebecca in keeping the secret xx

With Love, Denise Bush xx

I had had a tough first half of 2012 with a few close family passing away.To cheer me up, my husband Simon got me an iPad as a birthday gift in late May. The first app I downloaded was Kindle & the first book I got was "The Billionaire Wins the Game". I read it from cover to cover without a break! The kids were banished from my bedroom as I had been transported to Seattle, USA. I felt like I was there watching as Lucas & Amy found each other. I had also rediscovered my love of reading and then later in the year, my love of writing.
You and your books have helped inspire me to start writing again. The many stories that have been locked in my head for years, while I concentrated on my babies, started resurfacing. I began making notes & voice memos whenever I felt the urge to be creative. I no longer let the fact that being a busy mum is an excuse to forget about what I love. Your books continue to take me on travels, to places I may never visit, but with your words, I feel like I've been a regular visitor. I will continue to read your books and help support you, as your books supported me. Happy writing! Emma Fitzgerald x

 For Melody
You've been such an awesome inspiration for me and enabled me to have to courage to follow my dream of writing. Congratulations on your latest awesome release and I look forward to many more fantastic books from you! Love you Melody Anne! Elizabeth James
Melody Anne, you are such an AMAZING lady, not only are you a wife, mom, daughter and sister but you are a dear friend to many. i am so grateful you started your writing journey, that i found your books by chance and then found you too, i never in my wildest dream thought when i sent you a friend request for your facebook page that we would become friends, for that i am truly grateful for you are so kind, giving and loving, if i lived nearer i would give you a bear hug lol, you made me realise that not all people are bad in this world, i send you this message as a thank you for all you do for your fans and others, your one in a million
Lucy Wright xx 

Author Maeve Christopher
I just want Melody to know how much I appreciate all her help and support as a new author. It means a lot to me! Thank you! 

Melody, Thank you so much for your support to me as a new author. It has been a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate you helping me along. Best wishes! C.R. Everett

Melody Anne how do you say THANK YOU to someone who has given you so much and continues to give, you are a truly amazing woman, you not only give me these wonderful books to read you have become my friend and through you I have met some other amazing authors who have become friends. I have met amazing friends who have become my book family, I would name them but this would be way way to long then. When I got the first book in each series The Billionaire Bachelors, The Tycoons and The Midnight Fire I thought wow this is wonderful this author is letting us try her books, and let me tell you I was hooked after the first page and I had to buy the rest of the series, then I found you one Facebook and I was like woo hoo now I really can get to know her, and I realized just how generous and giving you are and I looked at your Facebook page so much I felt like a stalker LOL. You share your family with us and you inspire us your readers to help others, and I know you have encouraged a few to write their own stories, on top of all of this you are always giving back to us through contest and teasers from upcoming books. I am honored to be part of your Street Team and help to introduce your books to my friends and yes I have been known to walk up to strangers in WalMart who are looking at Kindles and telling them about your books and my other author friends. I look forward to every book coming out and as you know sometimes not so patiently LOL . So in closing THANK YOU somehow doesn’t seem enough for all that you have given me because I am truly BLESSED to have met you and to be able to read your books. Ginny LaMere xxx

Words can't describe how thankful I am to find you as a friend even if it is just over the internet. Your books have done wonders for my love life but they also showed me to always go for what I want in life! I also am so incredibly thankful for your amazing contests because I won a couple and they helped me with my x-mas shopping for my kids last year and we both know it was a hard time for me and my family. You also sent me and my kids x-mas presents yourself and my kids absolutely loved them:) you are truly an amazing person with a huge heart and an amazing author with so much talent!!! I so can't wait for the day when I hear that they want to start making movies about your book's! They would be perfect lifetime movies that I would watch over an over again:) so all in all I just want to say thank you for everything you do and did for me. It means more than you know and I can't wait for all your upcoming books to come out because you are seriously my all time favorite author:)
Thanks for being you Mel:)
~Megan Nichole

 To say a few words about Melody Anne is hard to do. I have known her for 12 years now when I first met her sister who has been my wife for 10 years now. Melody has a huge heart always wanting to help anyone out whenever she could.
  Since publishing her books and gaining such wonderful fans she now has the means to help her community and family as well as giveaway back to her fans and it shows how sincerely thankful she is for her friends family and fans. I'm glad to be a part of her life as her brother in law.
Jeffrey xx

Dear Melody Anne,
Thank you for making me believe in love again. In the pages of your books I lose myself and become every heroine and fall in love with each hero - even when they are slightly villainous ones. Your books offer me escape, love and a place where I can forget all the cares weighing me down and live vicariously for a little while in a world that is beyond imagination with dreamy hunks I can only hope to meet in real life. You make me dream and for that I love you and I give you heartfelt thanks.

 I wish I could have found better words to capture the way the books make me feel, but I wanted you to know how very important your books are, That they are not just "romances" but hope, and dreams and escapes and a chance to believe in love again.
Tracy Riva xx

Melody Anne, I just want to thank for everything you do for us, your fans.. you were the first person I friended on here that writes the books I like to read. since becoming your friend, through you, I have friended many more authors.. Plus, I have many friends that i know call my "Book Family". I have a new family to love, and to share the books i like to read and its all because of you. Thank you for all you have done for me and all of your fans.. You are a very important part of my family. You are the one who started it.. I have to say this because you are family. I LOVE YOU, Sis.. Thank you for all you do and thank you for giving me my family.
Keep on doing what you do best.. Keep on being You and writing..
Love Ya Sis..

l want to thank you for giving me another 2 families - My Fictional Family of the Andersons - l never thought l could get so involved with a fictional family - but when l get into your books about them it takes me to another place that makes me so happy - they are such a wonderful happy loving family - a family committed to each other - a family that all of us would love to be a part of.
Then My New Book Friends that l have meet through you and Ruth on Facebook, they are wonderful friends and we all care about each other even though we have never meet - but we all have something in common - our love for you and the Andersons - thank you so much.
love - dot symons
Dearest Melody,
Through your words we've met and fallen in love with so many amazing men from the loving and meddling Joseph and George to the broken Damian and the recalcitrant Rafe, you've yet to write a character that us ladies can resist! But who would want to? We wait impatiently for each new book then rush to our favorite e-tailers to snap it up and devour it.

 Reading an entire series in a matter of days (or hours if we're free) is not uncommon when the hero's (or heroine's) story is told by thee. You keep us hanging on by a thread waiting on the next book to be read. 
Melody we Surrender to your Billionaire Bachelors, and wish we could all have a Baby for your Billionaire's, we'd happily be the Tycoon's Secret love if only for the taste of an hour in their arms.
Thank you for all of your amazing books of which we fill our Kindles and Nooks! 
Without your stories, my life would be...well, boring.
Much love and devotion from one of your many faithful fans,


For just over 20 years I have had one favourite author with no others coming close, that was until I was introduced to your books by Rebecca Lockhart.

From the minute I started reading the first book in the Anderson series I was hooked and read all books in quick succession, then moving to the Titan series and now Surrender. You very quickly pull us readers into your books and make us feel like we are very much involved, loving characters very quickly.

Thank you Melody Anne for your fantastic imagination you bring into your books. I look forward to every new book you bring out. 
As for favourite authors, I now have two.
Debbie Mason

Dear Melody, You rock! I'm so happy to know you here on FB, and I look forward to meeting you this summer at RWA. 
You are a kind, generous, giving person and your readers are lucky to have you.  
Here's to many more stories! 
 Best in everything you do, Lynn Raye Harris


Some of the Crazy things we got up to planning this:
The Crazy Ladies you have made a book family!

Alicia Taylor
Its from all of us remember, not just island lovelies. You will all be doing the work as much as us. Me and Nat just get to put everything together!

Natalie Townson
you were mentioned in surrender rebecca not by name but we all knew it was you

Alicia Taylor
Happy Birthday Layla-cakes!! 

Tracy Riva
I hate to run, having just arrived, but I have to pick my daughter up from work. Happy birthday Layla.

Rebecca Lockhart
I know about that blooming she's not ever going to let me forget him

Natalie Townson
bye tracy

Alicia Taylor
Bye Tracy

Rebecca Lockhart
Bye tracy

Natalie Townson
right girls im off to sleep im DRAINED night lovers xx

Rebecca Lockhart
Night Natalie x

Tracy Riva
I'll leave the window open in my browser on my phone in case I have to wait for her so I can join in again. Bye all. Night Natalie.

Alicia Taylor
night I'm off to read in the quiet before the snore Sargent comes to bed and creates me to attack him casualty but discretely mwahahaha quick thump to his face lol
Stupid auto correct. Right*
Night Nat xx

Rebecca Lockhart
Night Alicia

Natalie Townson
night guys xx

Ginny LaMere
night guys going to check a few more things then off so the kiddo can do her homework

Alicia Taylor
Night Rebecca

Rebecca Lockhart

Alicia Taylor
night Ginny 
Mwhaha is there a hand covering the mouth there... Could only see eyes Rebecca lol

Natalie Townson
lol we sound like the waltons night john boy x

Alicia Taylor
Hahahaha night Jim-bob!! Lol

Rebecca Lockhart
I know lol

Natalie Townson
night mary lou

Rebecca Lockhart
Don't forget Ma and Pa lol

Alicia Taylor

Natalie Townson

Rebecca Lockhart
I'm going to leave this conversation now bye

Ginny LaMere
Night Alicia-Ellen, Rebecca-Jo and Natalie-Ann and anyone else I forgot from Ginny-Sue

Natalie Townson
Ha ha ginny x

 Before we close i would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took a little time to show Mel how much she means to us all,  also a massive thank you to Jane Aschtgen Bowen who helped me put some of your messages into pictures,  they all look fab so thank you Jane.
Lastly Melody Anne, thank you so much for your kindness, generosity and for welcoming us all into your hearts,  you are very special to a lot of people and we will continue to read all your superb books and look forward to meeting all the handsome men you have planned for us in the future.  (although for Alicia it must be like the Princess and the Pea for all her book boyfriends she has chained to her bed) 

Thank you Melody Anne
All Your Friends
X x X x X

P.P.S. Rafe is still MINE ;) (Alicia x)
 Melody Anne's Books On Sale Now 
Coming Soon... Book two in the Surrender series - Submit 

Book One in The Lost Andersons Series 


  1. Good job Island Lovelies for putting this all together. Loved it need tissues a few times, but remember I cry at Hallmark Commercials

    Thanks guys for doing such a great job

  2. Oh this was excellent...I love Melody Anne and her books and y'all are great...y'all make me laugh everytime even though I did need a tissue this time...but this was a great Post! Allyson Brann

  3. Wow!! What a great tribute To Melody!! She is very much loved. I love her for many reasons.. The first being that she is an amazing writer and has me hooked on all of her books. Second she listens to her readers and keeps them updated on all of her adventures. Third she gives back. Fourth she makes me want to be a better person and give back too. ( I hope she does the secret santa again this year) It has been a pleasure to get to know her from her street team and get to know some of her fans as well. I wish her continued success. Now for the Island Lovelies Book Club.. You ROCK!!