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Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire Review.

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Set in the same time-frame as Beautiful Disaster, now we hear the story from Travis' point of view. Travis lost his mother at a very young age, but before she died she taught him two important rules...Love hard. Fight harder. Growing up in a family of men who like to gamble and fight, Travis Maddox is a tough guy. Known for his bad reputation with women, and feared for his incredible fighting skills, all the boys want to be him, while the girls simply want him...Abby Abernathy is the first girl to treat him the way he feels he should be treated, with dislike and disinterest. It is her lack of interest that sparks his determination to win her round. Will the invincible Travis 'Mad Dog' Maddox be defeated by a girl?

Alicia's Review.

Every story has two sides. Walking Disaster is Travis Maddox’s POV of Beautiful Disaster.
Abby tells her side of their journey in Beautiful Disaster and now Travis gets to tell his side in Walking Disaster.
Do NOT read Walking Disaster until you read Beautiful Disaster first. So if you haven’t already read Beautiful Disaster… Go get it! 
You need to read these amazing books and if you have read Beautiful Disaster then you need to read Walking Disaster – not that I’ll need to tell you that! If you have read Beautiful Disaster then you will on count down to get your hands on some more Travis Maddox!!  

Let me start by telling you that I was crying in the first chapter. I mean real heart wrenching sobs! 
Walking Disaster starts when Travis is three years old. Travis mom’s last words to him before she died were LOVE HARD and FIGHT HARDER. We all know Travis fights hard he just doesn’t love!
Why love when the only love you gave got taken from you at such a young age? Travis won’t put his heart through that again – that is until her meets Abby Albernathy. 
In Beautiful Disaster, Travis sometimes came across as over bearing but in Walking Disaster you get the thoughts behind that behaviour. 
In Walking Disaster, Abby comes across as cruel and uncaring but this is why you NEED to read Beautiful Disaster first to understand her actions!
Getting both sides of the story helps explain all the crazy behaviour of both Abby and Travis.

When I first read Beautiful Disaster last year I fell in love with Travis and Abby and didn’t think a book boyfriend could be anymore beautiful… that was until I read Walking Disaster. Wow I didn’t think I could love Travis Maddox more. I was incorrect! I do love him a million times more after reading Walking Disaster.

What I love about Walking Disaster most is you know what to expect coming up in the book and you know the questions you had in Beautiful Disaster is going to be answered.
If you’re like me then you wanted to know what was going through Travis’s head when he got drunk and brought the two females back whilst Abby was asleep in his bed, what went through his head the morning Abby’s month was over and he woke to her being gone and of course what happened in Vegas! Well you’re going to get all them answers and more!

Travis is a bad boy who fights to let his emotions out. He uses women to prevent his heart ever getting hurt again… that is until Abby walks into his life at a fight! She is the Dove his mother told him about, his very own Pigeon. When Abby shows no interest in him whatsoever, he finds it refreshing. She makes him laugh and is beautiful to him no matter what she’s wearing… even if she decides to wear an outfit resembling PJ’s! She is a breath of fresh air.

Jamie McGuire takes us on a beautiful journey – again, only it’s more stunning in Walking Disaster than it was in Beautiful Disaster. This is not your typical love story. There is no boy meets girl, fall in love and live happily ever after. They have to Love Hard and Fight Harder!

Being in Travis’s head is hilarious, annoying, sad but most of all AMAZEBALLS! I’ve belly laughed so hard; I’ve had tears streaming down my cheeks and rib ache. I’ve sobbed until I couldn’t catch my breath and I’ve been on the edge of my seat even though I knew what was coming.

I have to say I’m so sad for Travis and Abby’s story to be at an end but the Epilogue is epic! I’m looking forward to still catching up with them in the Maddox brother books. Well I hope we do! 

Favourite quote is still the same as it was in Beautiful Disaster. Only this time it is for different reasons. 

“A toast” I yelled, climbing onto a chair. On my way to the top, I stole someone’s beer and held it out in front of me. “To douche bags!” I said gesturing to Brad. “And to girls that break your heart.” I bowed to Abby. My throat tightened. “And to the absolute fucking horror of losing your best friend because you were stupid enough to fall in love with her. ” 

Wow. It gets me every time. My throat is tight and tears are swimming in my eyes! 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports, College 18+.

Release Date: April 2, 2013

Length: 432 pages

I give this book ★★★★★ 

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Enjoy this book as much as I have!! 
The Lovelies.

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