Saturday, 16 March 2013

Life By Design (Design Series)

Review Of Life By Design - Elizabeth James

I cannot tell you how much i loved this book, i finished the whole story in about 3hrs as i couldn't put it down,  every page was exciting and funny and romantic and sad,  i love the characters especially Jay and Jane and little Jolene,  the story pretty much continues from where the first book left off, and the way the relationship develops between Jay and Jane was so lovely to read,  I think that you instantly feel connected to Jane because she seems so down to earth and friendly,  i love how they fall in love before our eyes,  it makes you feel like your falling in love with them. 

The plot is well written,  and moves along quite quickly as the story develops.  it has quite a few laugh out loud moments I absolutely loved reading this book and was smiling pretty much all the way through.

I cant believe how the story was left on a cliff hanger,  i finished the book wanting to scream as i couldn't read any further i just wanted to read on and on,  i cannot wait for Forever By Design which cannot come soon enough.

If you have not read this book you are missing out,  Remeber Love, Life, Forever...

i give this book 5*

Natalie x


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