Thursday, 7 March 2013

BOOK REVIEW - Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert.

 Suicide Note
I had never read anything from this author before, but when a message popped up on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to read her new book Suicide Note and leave a review, i jumped at the chance,  i had been seeing a lot of posts on the book recently and to be honest i wanted to see what the hype was,  firstly all i want to saw is WOW what and amazing heartfelt story,  the characters are so likable and from the moment you meet Jenn and Shane you are instantly rooting for them.

I find it hard to review a book that is not yet released because i want to shout about everything i loved about it,  so i will just start with the plot line and give the gist of the story.

The story starts with Jenn who up until recently had it all but now she is feeling lost and alone and isn't sure she has anyone to turn to, she doesn't get along with her family and the man she trusted has left her and betrayed her in the worst possible way,  she works in a office where she feels she doesn't fit in and her boss hates her.

 "I know you think I am selfish and I just don’t understand, but I do. It takes an incredibly strong woman to be a soldier’s wife. I’m not that strong"

Then we meet Shane who is stationed in Iraq and is fighting for his country, he has been given two weeks of leave which he plans to spend with his girlfriend,  however events change and Shane finds himself going to stay with his cousin Jake and wife May.  It is here that the two characters meet as it turns out Jake is Jenn's Boss.

 He smiled politely and deep dimples settled into his sun-kissed face. He stretched out his hand for mine. I let my fingers slide across his palm as he gripped on to me tightly.

Tho story is told in a diary format and shows how when two people are lost they can guide each other through pain. its a beautiful love story and when it ended i wanted to pick it back up and see what happened in their lives. when they are in pain you feel like you are crying for them.

I don't have anything else to say without giving more of the story away but what i will say is on March 15th if you have to do anything it will be, to buy this book, You will not be disappointed

I give this book 5*

Natalie x

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