Friday, 8 March 2013

Book Review - Love By Design by Elizabeth James.

Love By Design (Design series)

Callie Brandon wasn't looking for love; it always ended up at the feet of someone else. But when a sexy architect sets his determined, baby blue eyes on her, she starts to believe maybe life has designed her very own "happily ever after"

Love by design is a must for any romance fans,  it was fun to read and the characters were likable and you were drawn into the book,  it was filled with humour and i loved it. 

The story starts with Callie, she works for a Architecture firm and is at the dreaded annual training session,  where she meets the irresistible Justin, they click instantly and she is under his spell as soon as she sets eyes on him,  the story continues with ups and downs and a few friends thrown in along the way (jay is a firm favorite), you will laugh out loud and drool over the pages.

The man sitting next to me eluded so much sex appeal i felt i were on fire.

I was drawn into the story right from the start,  there wasn't any waiting for it to kick in, i didn't want to put it down and was so sad when i finished,  the first thing i did was find out if there would be a book two (yes there is, its out 15th march 2013).  I have recommended this book to all of my friends and now i am recommending it you.  I cant wait for more of this story and i know i will be first in line to download book two.

you can find the book Love By Design - Amazon UK i give this book 5* as it really was great.

The kiss was breathtaking and i felt myself go weak at the knees.  I heard him growl and it made me dizzy.  He held me tighter and i honestly didn't think i would survive.

well there you go folks 

Happy reading 

Natalie xx

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