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Christina Tetreault - Author Interview

For the launch of The Billionaire Princess (The Sherbrookes of Newport) we caught up with the lovely Christina Tetreault for a author interview,  I love all of Christina's Books and constantly demand to know when there will be another onewell you can imagine how happy i was to wake and find book Three had been released today,  hope you enjoy the interview.

Q.  If you could work with any author who would it be?
A.  If I could work with any writer, I think it might be Julia Quinn.  I think she is a wonderful writer.  I love her books. I was lucky enough to meet her once and she seemed very nice.  Plus I have always wanted to write a historical and who better to do it with.

Q. Who is your favorite author and is you writing style similar to theirs?
A. Who is my favorite author?  Oh, man I don't think I can pick just one.  I love all the following Julia Quinn, Johanna Lindsey, Jessica Andersen, Barbara Wallace, Julie Garwood.  Of all of them I think my writing style might be closest to Barbara Wallace.

Q. What's your favorite part of a book?
A. One of my favorite parts is when the hero realizes he is falling in love and doesn't know what to do.  I love to watch them squirm a little.

Q. When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?
A.  I have never thought about the meaning behind the names, however, when picking a name for a character I think about what I associate with that name.  For example I will never name one of my heroes Michael.  I have an ex boyfriend named Michael that is an ex for a reason.  And as a teacher the Michael's in my classes were always very difficult students.

Q. Who Are your target readers?
A.  My target readers are those who enjoy a contemporary romance, that focuses on the couple rather than any suspension or high fueled action.  At the same time my books are more for those readers who either do not want in-depth love scenes like those found in erotic novels or who like to take a break from those more intense bedroom scenes.

Q. What are the major themes of your work?
A. I think the major themes in my current series are family and looking beyond what everyone sees.

Q. Any recent works that you admire?
A. I love Jessica Andersen's NightKeepers Series.  I find the world she developed to be amazing. The books suck me in every time I pick one up.

Q. What do you think people search for in a book?
A. I know I search for escape and entertainment in a book.  I think most people that read fiction are looking for the same.  A book lets you escape to a new place while at the same being entertained and using your brain unlike with television.

Q. How have your personal experiences affected your writing?
A. My family life, outside of my husband and children, has had a fair amount of turmoil.  I think this is why I often write about families.

Q. What genre of books do you like to read? do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?
A.  I love to read several genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspension and historical romance.  Really I will try almost anything.

Q. Were you always good at writing?
A.  I'd like to say yes, but the truth is I have some manuscripts on my computer that I cringe at now. I think everyone, even NY Times bestsellers, learn and develop over time.  In another few years I hope to have improved even more.

Q. How do you get started with writing a story (as in, how do you start developing the story, how do you get inspired for it)
A.  I first think of the characters I want to write about.  What are they like?  Then I flush out how they will meet and what problems they will face.  After that I just start writing.  Sometimes I have to scrap what I have and start over, which really stinks but I am not much of a plotter.

Q.  What advice would you give to people who "run out of creativity" when writing?
A.  Take a day or two off, but not much more.  If you need to, think about what you loved about your favorite books or movies.  What emotions did those things create.  Can you create those emotions in your work.  Most important is to try to write everyday, even if you scrap it later.  It keeps you engaged in the story and you can always fix it later.

Thank you Christina for your fantastic answers,  dont forget to check out our review on all of Christina's books that are available,  im off to start reading book Three

Thank you 
The Lovelies (Natalie & Alicia) x


  1. Wow! Thanks so much Christina! I love finding out about my favourite authors. Have just downloaded your new book and look forward to reading in all in one sitting this Easter weekend! Cheers! Emma