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Here you go as promised,  this sneak peek is amazing and i cant wait until i can get the book tomorrow now,  Happy reading everyone

      The tension started leaving Phoenix’s shoulders as she sat in the rocking chair and tried to focus on nothing other than the warm wind blowing across the deck. It had been a long day, a seemingly even longer night, and she was enjoying the quiet. She could feel the storm rising, the wind picking up speed, starting to blow the low hanging branches toward the ground.
      She wasn’t worried – not about the storm at least. She’d watched many storms in the years since the war had started, always enjoying the fury of Mother Nature.
      Without warning, something shifted. She couldn’t really say what it was, but a subtle change had her trembling in her seat. The frenzy of the wind was no longer soothing, the rejuvenation of the warm night air, now lost. She was frozen in fear as she watched the bamboo screen attached to the porches eave fluctuate, casting shadows in the bright moonlight.
      “Hello?” she called out, trying to sound more courageous than she felt to the feeling of an unknown presence. Maybe she was just misinterpreting the storm – a natural side effect from her stressful day.
      A snapping limb caused goosebumps to appear on her flesh. What was wrong with her? She didn’t fear the night; she certainly didn’t fear Mother Nature inflicting her wrath.
      A presence.
      Something… or someone was out there. Please don’t let it be Vyco or one of his many followers...
      “What’s the matter, Phoenix? Are you afraid?” whispered an eerie voice, barely audible above the sound of the wind. Squeezing her eyes tightly closed, she could almost believe she’d imagined the voice.
      Grazing intently at the bamboo screen, she strained to see what, if anything, was behind it. Her heart thundered when the screen was suddenly ripped free and sent soaring through the air. The woven fabric floated downward, hovering about six feet above the ground for several seconds before blowing away with forced energy. Soon, the small barrier of protection was out of her vision and she felt exposed and vulnerable to the unseen eye that she knew was upon her.
      The light streaming from the moon’s reflection made visibility easy, but in a less than comforting way. In the blink of an eye, the storm clouds shifted and the wind howled –then, she was blanketed in pure blackness – pushing her arms against the chair. She struggled to rise on her paralyzed legs. She wanted to go inside – needed to be in the safety of the house.
      No matter how hard she pushed, she couldn’t move. Frantically, her movements became more urgent as dampness broke out on her brow, and chills ran down her spine.
      “It’s just your fear holding you locked down. You can, and will, rise,” she told herself, pushing for all she was worth.
      She wasn’t going anywhere.
      “Troubles, Phoenix?” a voice asked – closer than before.
      With a knowing dread she realized she knew that voice. She should as it often came to her in her nightmares. Its pleasantness was only deceit – she'd learned that quickly. The demon behind that voice wanted nothing less than her soul.
      “I’m not afraid of you, Vyco. You can stop your games and come out of the dark!” Phoenix challenged.
      The slight wobble in her voice betrayed her words. She was afraid – terrified in fact. After everything she’d already been through, she was fragile, an easy target for the leader of the underworld.
      Making her situation even more catastrophic, John, Chastity and Jayden were gone. It was just her – her and a roomful of innocent children. Why couldn’t Jayden feel her fear and come back to her?
      “Our time has come, Phoenix. It’s just you and I, now – how it has always been meant to be,” Vyco said as he materialized, walking from the mist that now covered the cold ground – a light appearing out of the dark, marking his entrance.
      He was in his human form, dressed as black as the night, his eyes glowing red, shooting sparks as anticipation stared back at her through their evil depths. This could be her end. Was she ready?
      “Take my hand and you’ll be saved,” Vyco offered, abruptly only two feet away from her, his hand within reach of her own.
      Desire filled her.
      A desire to do as he asked – to take his hand and it would all be over. She looked behind him and watched as the moon reappeared, showing her the clouds siphoning down, creating a perfect funnel.
      “Save yourself, Phoenix. Aren’t you tired of this war? Don’t you want it to all just be over? Jayden is gone – he won’t return. Take my hand, child – and you’ll be free.”
      Phoenix looked into his eyes as she listened to the rumble of the tornado hitting the ground. She knew what he was saying. Taking his hand meant that she’d live. Refuse him again and the twister would consume her, along with all the children on the other side of the wall.
      The house couldn’t offer them protection.
      It was the end of the road with nowhere else to hide, nothing left to fight for. She reached out her hand…

Midnight Storm Out Tomorrow

The Lovelies x

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