Monday, 11 February 2013

My Valentines "Date" with Sable Hunter

This month Facebook are bringing Authors and Readers together to help promote an author whose work you love by being their Valentine – get to know them, spend time together on Facebook and the author will give you a cameo spot in the next agreed novel.  I was lucky enough that my "Date" is with Sable Hunter.

I have only very recently found Sable through Facebook and i have to say I'm so glad i did, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her books and cannot recommend them enough to my friends, and its through her books that i now consider her to be a friend, i love our chats.

When you speak to her she is so open and lovely and really makes you feel like your opinion on her books really matter and from the number of likes on her Facebook Page is strong becoming a true fan favourite, i am going to review a couple of her books below.

Cowboy Heat

Cowboy Heat, was the first book that I read by Sable and it was a very lovely Introduction to the amazing men the McCoy's, this is Aron and Libby's story and all i can say is, Hot Hot Hot it was so hot you needed a water tank in close proximity just so you could cool down,  it also introduces you to the rest of the brothers, and every person who reads the Hell Yeah Series Has their own Favourite

Cowboy Heat Amazon UK

Hot On Her Trail

Hot On Her Trail, Is my favourite of the books, I LOVE Jacob, I don't know why or what it is but there is something about this McCoy that had me blushing with every page turned,  he is sensitive and caring and has more of a gentle giant approach.  this is a must read and at the moment is free between 10th and 14th Feb 2013  

Hot On Her Trail Amazon UK

All That's left for me to say is Thank You Sable for being my date,  and i cant wait to read my Cameo in the future, I'm so looking forward to continuing being your friend



  1. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think the world of you.

    1. ah thank you, you know i think your pretty great too xx

  2. I hope it's ok if I post this here (if not the you can delete it and it won't hurt my feelings). Sable and I have paired up as Valentines too Ok don't have a blog but I want Sable and everyone else there is to know that Sable is a great person, great writer, and hopefully a long term friend. She is caring and very generous I look forward to our next chat and I'm telling everyone I know about you! Much Luv ~Christy Hilton-Hall~… Natalie thank you in advance for letting me post here <3

    1. Christy, of course you can post here thats what the blog is for you can leave messages here anytime you like you can also catch us over at island lovelies book club on facebook, we will be having a Sable spotlight in march, thank you for viewing our blog Natalie x

  3. We all know Sable writes from the heart and leaves a little of herself in all of her stories and I personally love that she does this, it allows us to know her that little bit more. Those who have had the pleasure of chatting to Sable come away feeling they have just made a friend for life. Besides the amazing books we have the privilege of reading I believe Sable's fan base grows because she cares about her supporters and makes us all feel special. Here's to another great year of good health and good writing.