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Have you ever wondered what you would say if you ever met the wonderful Anderson's,  well me and Alicia decided we would write out what would happen if WE ever did,  i can tell you its not pretty, although very funny.  hope you all enjoy.

Alicia: “I can’t believe Melody managed to set this us for us Nat. I wonder if they’re as hot as she says they are?”
Natalie: “I know. I’m super excited! Just look at this house… well mansion!”
We both turn to look at the grand Anderson mansion in front of us. It’s a magical home!
Natalie: “Are you ready for this?”
Alicia: “I think so, I’m so excited. I feel like a school girl about to see her crush!” 
 I squeal a little with the excitement bubbling inside me. “I need to get this excitement out first Nat.”

Natalie grins at me and we both jump up and down silently screaming whilst stood in front of the massive front doors. After a while the jumping turns into dancing - flicking out our hips from side to side in sync. The front doors suddenly swings wide open and there stood is Joseph Anderson… or is it George? Whoever he is, he is a gorgeous older looking man with a gentle face. A blush heats up my face at being caught dancing. His lips twitch slightly trying to hold in his amusement. Natalie burst into giggles setting me off with a round of giggles.
Once we gather ourselves we’re pulled into a hug.

Joseph: Hello Ladies. Are you The Lovelies Melody sent? I’m Joseph Anderson. Welcome to my home”
Natalie: “Yes Sir, Thank you for accepting our request for this interview. We know the Island Lovelies Book Club are going to be very happy to learn a little more about your family.”
He waves us off with a flick of his wrist.
Joseph: “It’s the least I could do for Melody” He ushers us inside his fortress.
Alicia: “You have a beautiful home sir.” I smile at him.
Joseph: “Thank you. Please call me Joseph not sir.” He leads us down the large hallway to a room with the door closed. “My boys are in here. They can be a little naughty at times. Just give me a shout if there is any problem’s. I’m going to find my Katherine. Would you like a drink?”
Natalie: “Just a water please”
Alicia: “I’ll take a wine if you have any? I need a little courage”

He nods the opens the door for us to walk in. A quick look at Nat wagging my eyebrows at the thought of them being naughty causes her to laugh, covering it up as coughing.
HO-LY-SHIT! They’re all here by the looks of it. There doesn’t seem to be room to fit anyone else in. The hulks of men fill the room. I know my eyes are wide and my jaw is somewhere near the floor but my brain doesn’t seem to be in a rush to pull itself together.

Joseph: “Boy’s these are the Lovelies Melody has sent to do an interview with you all. Behave! Come and introduce yourselves” with that he turns to leave closing the door silently behind him.
A look passes as they all turn to look at each other. Suddenly we’re in an Anderson sandwich. OH.MY.FREAKING.GOD!!

Natalie clears her throat and gives me a quick nudge with her elbow to my ribs. OUCH! I pull myself together and glare at her.
Natalie: “Hi. This shouldn’t take long. We just have a few question to ask then we’ll be on our way”
Alicia: “Melody has been holding out on us!” I think, before realising I’ve just said it out loud. Stupid!
They all chuckle causing me to flush once again.
Lucas: “Hi, I’m Lucas. This is Alex, Trenton, Max, Mark, Chad and Austin,” He gestures to them in order from his left to the end of gorgeous men.
They aren’t just hot like melody said. They’re freaking sex gods! They’re the-surface-of-the-sun, molten-lava and the-world’s-hottest-curry all rolled into one H.O.T!
I can’t even look them in their eyes, I think I may pass out!
Natalie: “Hello. I’m Natalie, this is Alicia.”
Alicia: “Lets start shall we? We know you’re all busy!”
Trenton leads us to the couches to take a seat. They all stay standing in front of us and they’re an intimidating bunch together like this.
Trenton: “Please do. I only have 20 minutes before I have to go collect Molly from school.” He smiles.
Shit, that smile!
* Sigh * its getting HOT in here. So take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot, I’m gonna take my clothes off I sing in head.
They all burst out laughing! Fuck I guess I didn’t sing in my head! Oh god this is going bad!

Natalie: “Right, when Alicia has finished being daft” she glares at me “We’ll start.”
Alicia: “Sorry. It’s all the testosterone in here. I think its affecting my brain. See there I go again. Sorry!”
Lucas Chuckles. “No problem. We’re used to how the females react to us.”
Joseph enters the room again to bring us our drinks.
Joseph: “Now son, don’t let that big head of yours start answering these questions. Melody would want us to do a good job!” Joseph’s loud voice booms. We thank Joseph for our drinks and he retreats out of the room again.
Natalie: “So you all got your happily ever after. Some of you realised your feeling a lot sooner than other’s. Do your wives ever remind you of the troubles you all faced when you first met them?”
Lucas, Alex & Max: “All the time” they say at the same time.
Mark: “I knew as soon as I saw Emily, she was going to be mine. I’m not stupid like these clowns!”
I giggle.
Alicia: “Yes Mark, you was quite taken with Emily when you saw her in the pool with Trevor. What went through your head?”
Mark: “She was like a angel in that pool with the cutest little dude ever. I think I fell in love with them both right there and then!”
Natalie: “You all had some pretty HOT interactions with the ladies but Alex, what was going through your head when you realised Jessica wasn’t instantly interested in you?”
Alex: “She was instantly interested. She just tried to fight it!”
Alicia: “Yeah the elevator moment was really hot. Did you mean for that to happen or was it just a case of comforting her turned into desire?”
Alex: “It was on my mind the minute I followed her into the lift. I didn’t realise how scared someone could get from being in a dark enclosed space until that moment. She was petrified. Worked out well for me though” His eyebrows wag suggestively. “Best thing that ever happened. I got my wife and son from that moment” He smiles.
Natalie: “Some of you had so pretty horrific times in the beginning. With Jessica’s accident, Emily being kidnapped, Molly being snatched, Bree being taken and shot. What went through your heads at them moments?” Growls erupted from several of them.
“Murder!” was simply all they said together!
Alicia: “Yeah there was some really intense situations! Chad how did you feel when Bree lost her memory?”
Chad: “I was gutted. I knew I had strong feelings for her, I’d just found out I was going to be a dad. All these wanted to rip my head off” He gestures around the other men “but she couldn’t remember a thing. I managed to convince he we lived together though so it worked out in the end I suppose. I just wanted to keep her protected”
Trenton “Yeah. That worked out to didn’t it? Your house got shot up… with my sister there.”
Chad: “Yeah organised by your fucking friend!” he growls.
Ok this is getting a little tense. Time to change tactics but what to do?
Alicia: “ Would any of you become bigamists?” WHAT? PLEASE DON’T HAVE JUST ASKED THAT!
I think this wine has gone to my head.
I groan in frustration. Natalie giggles.
Natalie: “What she meant was, we have a lot of your fans in the Lovelies group. May of them would love to know if there would ever be a time when you’d be on the market again?”
Great save Nat! Jesus what is wrong with me?
Alicia: “Yeah that’s what I meant! Any trouble in paradise? You can tell us”
They all laugh at me again. Way to humiliate yourself again Alicia. Get a grip!
Max: “Nah. We’ve all got what we need. Sorry to disappoint you, Alicia!”
Mark: “Our hearts have been claimed ladies.” He looks delicious in his Stetson hat, faded jeans and shirt. I could lick him from head to toe.
Natalie: “Is there any dirt any of you want to dish on the others? It will be our secret!” We giggle.
Alex: “I could tell yo…”
Trenton “No definitely not. We know how things can get changed!”
Alicia: “I’m sure if your wives was here they would share something.”
Natalie: “Speaking of which, where are your lovely wife’s?”
Chad: “Girl day again. Spa treatments, shopping, eating out. Whatever it is girls do on when gathered together!”

The door bursts open and enters four more sex gods. Hmmm maybe these are available? Natalie gasps at my side.
Lucas: “Hey, you’re here.” He turns towards me and Nat. “This here is Damien, Drew, Ryan and Derek. Sorry to cut this short but we have plans.” He smiles guiltily.
Alicia: “Oh man! All taken too. Do you have any friends as hot but free and single?” My face heats. I really just need to shut the hell up!
A feminine laugh reaches my ears and I realise the men aren’t alone. My face may as well just be constantly red.
Jasmine: “Hi I’m Jasmine. I know how these guys muddle a lady brain.” She moves gracefully across the room to hug both Natalie and myself. “I hope there guys haven’t terrorised you today. I know how intimidating they can be.”
Natalie: “No they’ve been brilliant. We got through some planned question. Also some unplanned questions.” She smirks at me. “Thank you for you time today.” She looks at all the Anderson’s.
Alicia: “Yes. Thank you. It’s been interesting and heart breaking.” I smile.
Jasmine: “I’ll see you out.” She smiles easily at us.
We say our goodbyes and Jasmine leads us out. Once outside Natalie turns to me.
Natalie: “OMG Alicia. What happened in there?”
Alicia: “I have no idea. They just muddled my brain! Have you even seen men as hot as them?”
Natalie: “No and I don’t think we’ll get to again after the questions that fell out your mouth!” she laughs.

Note from Alicia: I’m sorry Lovelies. We didn’t get many good questions in but you have to understand, these men are the sexiest men alive!! It was difficult to get my brain to function properly around such hunks. My heart is thoroughly broken that these men found the perfect women before I could get my hands on them 

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