Monday, 18 February 2013

Author CC Mackenzie

If like me,  when you find an author who makes you belly laugh, you are on edge until a new release comes out.  I have only recently become acquainted with her books and I love each one of them,  The Ludlow series is fantastic and everyone i have spoken to, Loves Nico.

I decided that i wanted to write my little blog today on CC Mackenzie and give you little review on the first of her books in both series and tell you why I loved each one.

Reckless Nights In Rome:  I loved the introduction to the characters in this book as you get to meet ones that are in future books,  i had a few laugh out loud moments throughout the book and fell in love with the characters - Especially Nico. This is a lovely Introduction into CC MacKenzie's book and is Free on Amazon at the moment so I highly recommend you get it

Reckless Nights In Rome - Amazon UK

A Stormy Spring: is book two in the series and is the story of Lucas and Becca,  the story is just as hot as the first one, CC MacKenzie doesn't disappoint.  The story is not completely based at Ludlow Hall but does tie in quite nicely. As with all her stories it is exciting and fun.

Stormy Spring - Amazon UK

Run Rosie Run is probably my favourite out of the ludlow hall series,  this book is about Bronte's best friend Rosie who has harboured a secret - She is madly in love with Alexander - Bronte's Brother, and is heartbroken that he doesn't feel the same way and will always see her as Bronte's annoying little friend,  The sparks in this book were flying the wit was fantastic and had me again laughing out loud,  I didn't want this book to end and was disappointed when i had to put it down!!

Run Rosie Run - Amazon UK
Book 4 Coco's Story will be coming soon 

The next series of books is the Vampyre Chronicles and if like me you are somewhat obsessed ( my favorite ever is a certain sparkly vampire) with vampires you will not be dissapointed by this series it is hot and steamy and i loved reading the books,  i have a feeling they are leading to bigger things to come in the future.

Big Trouble In China is the first book in the series and introduces you nicely to the vampyre that is Marcus,  With his brooding good looks and deep scottish accent he has all the makings to become a favorite with vampire fans. After six months of mentoring Anais, the time has come to move her from the boardroom to the bedroom. And when Anais makes a costly mistake, Marcus has the gorgeous lawyer just where he wants her…
I really did love this book it was hot and steamy and even made me belly laugh in a few places but we wont go into that.

Big Trouble In China - Amazon UK

Dirty Little Secrets is the second of the books and is just as good as the first one with a few more witches thrown in,  this is James's Story about how he loves his wife so much, he refuses to take her vein and make her a vampyre.  Little does he know Charlotte has a few secrets of her own when she joins the woman's only group Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets - Amazon UK

Book 3 Gia's Story is coming soon

Thank you for reading my blog on CC Mackenzie,  I hope i have encouraged you to go and purchase her books because they really are amazing,  i would like to say a massive THANK YOU to CC for allowing me to read these amazing books and for our hilarious chats that we have on Facebook

The Lovelies - Natalie & Alicia x


  1. Wow! Thank you very much for having me, Natalie. Thrilled to bits you enjoyed the stories!

    This looks a fabulous blog! Great job, girls!

  2. I have all the books in the Ludlow series and Book one in the vamp series already on my Kindle. Love this lady and love her books! Well done CC and Natalie. xx

  3. I have Big Trouble in China open on my Kindle right now...and am looking forward to reading it. I want to get to Dirty Little Secrets though. I'll enjoy reading a book while imagining the guy on that cover. :)

  4. As we have hit 200 likes the amazing author C C MacKenzie Has given us Book's 2 & 3 In the Ludlow hall series as a giveaway, all you have to do to win is download and LIKE book 1 on Amazon (its free at the moment) and comment with what number like you were on our facebook page island lovelies book club under the giveaway post and i will draw a winner tomorrow. It couldnt be easier!! Good Luck Everyone Natalie x

  5. Christine is one of my favorite authors. Whether she's writing a blog post, or another novel, it is a sure thing. She could bang her head on her keyboard, and the jumble of random characters would Awesome!