Monday, 11 February 2013

Alicia's Date with Sable Hunter.

This month Facebook are bringing Authors and Readers together to help promote an author whose work you love by being their Valentine – get to know them, spend time together on Facebook and the author will give you a cameo spot in the next agreed novel.  I was lucky enough that my "Date" is with Sable Hunter.

I first found Sable when I saw a post to get Hot On Her Trail for free on Amazon on the 22nd November 2012 (I just checked purchase date lol) I didn't realise what order the Hell Yeah series goes in so I read Hot On Her Trail first. Oh my.... I fell in live with Jacob straight away!! I stayed up all night until I finished the book and it turned out to be my favourite book I'd EVER read! Talk about HOT sex scene's - Hubba Hubba.

Hot On Her Trail " Hell Yeah"

As soon as I finished the book I had to purchase the rest of the Hell Yeah series. I found Sables Author page on Amazon and read the Hell Yeah series in the order it said. I put everything on hold to read this series.... I even neglected my poor hubby but the way I see it, I see his mug every day. It's not every day I'll find hunks like the McCoys lol sorry baby, love ya really ;) Once I'd finished Badass (I'll See You In My Dreams hadn't been released yet) I was completely smitten with the whole gang! Isaac.... Hmmmm mmmm he is one badass I'd like to mess with!!

 Badass "Hell Yeah" Amazon UK

I found Sable on facebook as I HAD to tell her how much I LOVE the Hell Yeah series. After talking with Sable for a little while and I was moaning about needing the next book.... Sorry Sable I must have drove you crazy lol she told me it was about to be released, 28th November 2012. I guess I was one of the lucky ones as I wasn't waiting for the next book to come out. It got released a couple of days after I finished reading the series. YAY for me!! 

I purchased I'll see you in my dreams and a part that (spoiler alert for anyone not yet read I'll see you in my dreams....) happened in the book made me sad. I didn't like Aron going missing so I messaged Sable and told her I couldn't cope not knowing what happened lol. I was really really sad! Sable replied to me and happened to mention Aron's disappearance first got mentioned in Forget Me Never.... I didn't even realise the Cajun Spice  books was part of the series (this was before the Cajun books was renamed as Hell Yeah Cajun Spice!!) As soon as Sable told me this I HAD to purchased Burning Love and Forget Me Never. Sable pre-warned me that Forget Me Never is a sad book.
Burning Love - Cajun Spice Amazon UK
Hmmm Beau.... Give me some of him, what is it about these characters, they make you soooo HOT!! If I'm honest I really wanted Beau to do some of his Cajun chat, you know like when we first meet him in Her Magic Touch. The first time Cady meets him. HOT DAMN he is one hot hunk. 

                                                   Forget Me Never - Cajun Spice Amazon UK

I went straight on to Forget Me Never. :( I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.... In fact I had to keep putting the book down for 5 minutes to calm myself down. I've never read a book that has taken my breath away and broken my heart! I could cry now just thinking about my Patrick!! I think I must have messaged Sable a million times whilst reading that book just to keep telling her her breath-taking the book is. WOW talk about heart ache. I really felt the pain Savannah's pain! It pierced my heart almost the whole way through the book.... Even with the happy ending! Needless to say once I'd finished reading Forget Me Never, I hadn't had my fill of these characters so I decided to read the two series together in the order Sable told me to. It was one million times better and it's not very often you can better perfection but reading it in the right order did!

Once I'd finished re reading this series I went on to the rest of her book starting with Hill Country Heart series. I found more Mr's to love.... Sable you have given us all so many book boyfriends!! Well Bobby Stewart from Bobby Does Dallas became my favourite of that series, Young, Hot, Caring, Hard working, A family man.... You get my drift!

Well after our many interactions through Facebook I felt like I could chat for hours to Sable about her books and often did. I recommended her books to everyone I know. I got quite a few people just as hooked as i am which worked out good for me.... I had a lot more people I could chat to about her books for hours on end! Sable is one of the BEST writers in my opinion. Her writing makes me laugh, cry, sob - when I said I sobbed in Forget Me Never I actually meant heart wrenching sobs tearing through me!! - giggle, fall in love, hate (the mean characters) and feel everything Sable made the characters feel. I felt like I was part of the books, not just seeing it like a movie in my head.

Well I've waffled on long enough now but I want Sable to know I will always continue to get excited for her upcoming books, books I've already read and probably annoy the crap out of her with my messages but I can't help tell her how amazing she and her books are. She's one of the most generous, down to earth, caring people I've ever had the pleasure to get to know! So Sable THANK YOU for being you! THANK YOU for my many book boyfriends and just THANK YOU for always taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply to my many, many post's. You are truly a Diamond and have brightened many people's lives! I know you really appreciate what your readers opinions are but I really appreciate you for just being the friend I see you to be! :)

P.S Libby is probably my favourite female character.... I hate snakes too and I laugh out loud just thinking about the snake scene's in Cowboy Heat!!

P.P.S I wanted to add more picture's and links but can't do it from this freaking iPad! :)

P.P.P.S Natalie has saved the day and added more pictures in for me haha ;)

Thanks for reading. 

Alicia xx


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  2. What a lovely journey you have had so far with sable and her books, alicia. She is also my author valentine. I only wish i knew how to create a blog to honor such a talented, down to earth and approachable author.