Thursday, 14 February 2013


Ok to enter the contest, first you all have to share the contest post. Once shared you need to answer the below questions and email them to  we will draw a winner on Tuesday and there is two prizes up for grabs. Good Luck Everyone!!

 1.       Melody Anne has a new book being released on Friday 15th February. What is the title of the book?

2.       What date is Rose day?

3.       In Tycoons Secret, What is Sierra’s fathers name?

4.       What day is Perfume day?

5.       In the Billionaire Bachelors series, what is Trenton, Max, Bree and Austin’s mother’s name?

6.       In Melody’s Rise of the Dark Angel series, What is the name of the dark angel?

7.       In the Tycoons Proposal, what is Nicole’s sister’s name?

8.       What date is Kiss day?

9.       Melody has a new series coming out in April. What is the title of the first book?

10.    In Rise of the Dark Angel series, Phoenix has a best friend. What is her name?

11.    Bree and Chad have a child in the Billionaire Bachelors series. What is the name of their child?

12.    What date is Confession day?

13.    How did St. Valentine die?

14.   What is the name of Alex and Jessica’s children in the Billionaire Bachelors series?

15.    Juno was known to the Romans as the Goddess of what?
16.    What Author would Melody Anne like to write with?

17.   Which scene in Midnight Storm is based on a personal experience for melody Anne?

18.  Who can Melody see playing Lucas Anderson if the Billionaire Bachelors series was ever made into a movie?

19.   Who can melody see playing Amy Harper?

20.  What does Melody Anne have a Bachelors Degree in?

      You can find all these answers by searching google, Melody Anne’s interview posted on our Island Lovelies Book Club page and by reading Melody’s Book

Cant wait to get all your answers

The Lovelies x


  1. thanks natalie and alicia, great questions

  2. I have absolutely loved all of Melody's Billionaire Bachelors series and every one of the Tycoon series so far. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt! Had to google the specific days, enjoyed reading her interview, and I also listened to her radio blog interview. Really hoping to win this scavenger hunt (as Melody Anne is definately one of my top favorite authors). I am getting ready to start Midnight fire (eventhough I am 38). I emailed all the correct answers to the scavenger hunt last night. Want to win this sooooo bad!!!!

  3. who made up this questions?????????????

    1. Alicia, Denise. are you going to enter hon x Natalie